Diya Aur Baati Hum 27th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 27th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sooraj asking the man when will the work be done. The man says till 1 pm, and asks what name to write here. Sooraj says same, Rathi Mishtaan Bhandaar. He smiles. Ved tells Sandhya about Misri not going to dance classes, as Bhabho did not allow her, as she was angry with you, now you have come and everything will be fine. She hugs him and says yes, your Papa said right, we have to try again to win their love. Ved asks how will she do this. She asks him to call Misri and he goes.

Misri comes. Sandhya shows her online dance classes. Misri gets glad and asks can I learn online. Sandhya says yes, I will do your registration, then you can learn anytime. Misri thanks her and hugs her. Sandhya blesses her. Sooraj calls out everyone. Everyone come and ask what happened.

Sooraj says he wants to show them something. Sandhya says she is waiting for the moment, when Bhabho gets a smile seeing you work. Bhabho asks for Lalima.

Sooraj brings everyone outside. They all wait to see. Sooraj says I will just come. Sooraj brings the movable stall. Meenakshi asks Vikram why is Sooraj coming with this movable stall. Sandhya, Sooraj and Ved happily present the stall. Sooraj shows Bhabho their new Rathi Mishtaan bhandaar. They all look on shocked. Bhabho worries and asks how can you work on the road in such heat. Sooraj asks him not to worry, as his hand has good sweets taste, which will make his work prosper and fruitful.

Lalima thinks Bhabho is not happy seeing this stall, I have a good chance to get higher in Bhabho’s eyes. Sandhya tells Sooraj that Bhabho is worried for you. Sooraj says she is mum, when she sees me succeed, she will see my efforts and be proud of me. Sandhya wishes this happens. Meenakshi says if I knew Sooraj is bringing stall, I would have not worn this new saree. Lalima says Sooraj used to have pride in his shop and now….. Bhabho recalls Sooraj showing her the shop.

Lalima thinks she will see how to win Bhabho’s love more and get place in Sooraj’s life. Sandhya goes to get umbrella to provide shade to Sooraj. Sooraj starts working. Sandhya and Lalima come to him. Lalima says Bhabho, I had problem in running my dad’s shop alone, if Sooraj helps me in that, maybe she will learn something, it was his shop, his dream, his hardwork. She says shop mine, work yours, we will divide profits into half.

Lalima gives the papers to him. Meenakshi says great, no one can do this. Bhabho looks at Sandhya and says one got an umbrella to give shade, and other got a roof, Lalima has felt same pain like me, this is called true love. Lalima thinks if Sooraj takes papers, this will be Sandhya’s first defeat and my first victory. Sooraj says I respect your emotions Lalima, its true that shop used to be my identity, Bhabho taught me to be independent, I want to make a new start, my wife has given me strength, sorry, I can’t accept this. He returns the papers to her. He says don’t feel you are alone, I m there to help you in your shop. Meenakshi thinks Sooraj has slapped Lalima. Lalima goes. Sandhya smiles and happily holds the umbrella for Sooraj. Bhabho looks on. Lalima thinks Sandhya’s happiness will not long much, I will get Sooraj, I will not lose, Sandhya has to get away.

Bhabho returns Sandhya the money she has paid for kids. Sandhya cries and says she will win Bhabho’s love on this Karwachauth.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. All the tricks and games will not succeed as Sandya is a super woman. And there is nothing to specify in this episode.

    1. True… Sandhya always do everything with love… Nt any reason…???
      Thanks amena for fast updating…????

  2. what the hell is going on this showww……….sooraj won the kabaddi nd money kept as a FD but why he put stalll……upto mission mahabali i enjoyed the show but now i’m fully disapponted with this current track..from tomorrow onwards i don’t want to watch the show

  3. Plz end the lalima character

  4. Lalima ka bolti band kar diya sooraj ne……hat’s off suraj. thanks amena

    1. True… Suraj is independent… And this lalima want break suraj this independent… Nice suraj… Well done suraj…????????

  5. where is salary of ips officer going??

  6. Well said @ssssssss. We can definitely start watching after Diwali.

  7. wt a tactics!!!!!!!! loooolima jii… u never get sooraj’s love….hhaaahaa……u mad bhabho hw did u compare this small girl wit sandy…bcos f sandy u r here , first giv her kidney n then giv money this n thatttt……… loolimaa u will never win over sandy ….its very interesting to watch hw sandy wil win over bhabho’s heart….waitingggg to see thisss

  8. As usual nice episode… In my style ek dam zakaassssssssss… Mind blowing… Only Sandhya’s part…nt bhaboo…????

    1. Superb episode… Yeipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee my thought come true… Which I say yesterday…?????

    2. That suraj open his small sweet shop…. See that happened… So happy to see sandhya and suraj like this…???????

    3. Wow so many days back we see ved and sandhya together scene… ?????

    4. So sweet that scene when sandhya give big happiness to mishri….????

      1. She registered mishri’s name on online learning dance… Site… That’s so sweet of u…. ??????

      2. Bcoz of that Sandhya’s decision… We smile on ved as well as on mishri’s face… It’s only bcoz of Sandhya…????

      3. That part was superb… Heart touching… Ek dam zakaassssssssss….most I like sandhya’s smile when she see smile on ved and on mishri’s face… Heart touching scene that was….?????

      4. Thats why I like sandhya’s character… She always see first others pain… ?????

      5. She always give first others happiness….how sweet of u sandhya… U always win our hearts… Love you Sandhya aka deepika didi…??????

  9. Wow now definitely lalima spoiled her own life… Bcoz of to impress bhaboo… ???

    1. Now i m wating for that scene when lalima did some big mistake… ???

    2. How dare to lalima… How can she give partnership to suraj…. She wants that suraj do her work… It’s stupid….???

    3. She never see suraj happiness when suraj do his work… She only do good things to impress bhaboo as idol daughter in low… She is ….?????

    4. Bt our sandhya is so nice…. She only see suraj happiness in his eye… That’s why she support suraj…. ?????

    5. So sweet of u sandhya dat u bring umbrella to protect suraj frm sun….so nice that scene…??????

  10. Wating for tomorrow rocking episodes… Bcoz now bhaboo think sandhya’s love with price… ???

    1. Now sandhya give challenge to bhaboo… On this karva chot she get bhaboo’s love for her…?????

    2. Wating for that…. Bcoz now definitely lalima do something mistake…. Wating for that….?????

    3. Now upcoming episodes will rock on the floor… Wating for upcoming episodes…. How lalima do mistake… And how bhaboo react on that lalima’s mistake…???????

    4. As well as I m wating for sandhya’s police duty scene… Hope we see that police duty scene in upcoming episodes also…??????

      1. Ya varsha deepika instagram she has posted up coming scene pic in police uniform

    5. Actually I have also one thought that hope they show sandhya is helping bhaboo without knowing bhaboo… ???

      1. Means in yesterday they show that pain in bhaboo’s leg… Bcoz of cold water… So hope they show sandhya care bhaboo means she boil water for bhaboo or she make some medicine for bhaboo…??? hope m this thought come true….??????

      2. Spoilers already told this @varsha. ?
        I’m eager to see what is going to happen on karawachauth.

  11. WTH is thiss yyy many things are being ignoreddd????
    anyways lovd sooraj’s trust in sandy nd bbooo was xpectingtooo muchhhhhh it was bttr if s&S stayed bak in garjana village thn bbbbbooooo torturee 😛 gn frndsSSSsSsSs……

  12. Nice Episode.
    SANDHYA & SOORAJ rocks.
    Sooooooooooooo Happy to see 1st failure of LALIMA.
    LALIMA’s failure is BHABHO’s failure too.SO HAPPY.
    But MOVABLE STALL idea is bad.
    I would have felt happy if SOORAJ bought a land for his hotel.

    1. Yes, even I didn’t feel happy that sooraj starting with movable stall instead he should have rent a shop. Sandhya can help to pay rent.

  13. Well said AA .. The salary of an IPS officer is not even fit for renting a shop ah ..?? Getting irritated by this episode ..

    1. no actually he wants to be independent. so he bought a movable stall. I think that kabbadi money went to the expenses of building that vedansh hotel.

    2. …if she uses her salary n earn profit , this wil treated as that an officer s having profit from outside with her own salary..this is considered offence , she may b lose her job as a result of this….so no govt servant uses their salary to invest… my point???????? she cant even take a loan to help sooraj f his business…

      1. i think while dances online misri wil use mohit’s phone…and by mistake she will open that lalima’s videooo…i think soooooooooooo….any guessess??………..

      2. sorry typing mistake while learning dance online

      3. sandhya as a civil servant could not do like this if she does like that( i.e using her salary) an enquiry commission will b setup against her, if she found guilty she wud b dismissed from the service…thats y she s not giving her salary…

      4. sooraj can a start a business with his own…he cant start with the help of sandy’s earnings…

      5. Yes seema, she may see in mohit laptop instead of mobile.

  14. Bhabho is very selfish. We don’t want to see Laleema.

  15. Waiting for tomm episode…good night frnz.

  16. Lalima wants to use sooraj for her business but now he became a competitor ?
    Indirectly SS gave big slap to her.

  17. I too think will have to stop watching this show.. Mission Mahabali was going on great but ended illogically… It could have been more realistic end.. N now what is the point in changing Lalima character from Good to Bad… Director could have shown Suraj n Sandhya settling Lalima’s life happily

    1. actually lalima doesnt want to marry sooraj. as bahabo convinced her by saying about lord shiva, she got convinced. then she thought of curing him and get him. but sooraj went to find his wife though she threw her life in risk to save him. so her love towards sooraj turned into a rage to get back her love. and she finds obstacle as sandhya to get his love towards her.
      so we find that lalima is a BADMASH between sandy and sooraj(OFCOURSE!!! HA Ha HA…)
      but she has no grudge or personal vengeance towards rathi family in getting sooraj…

  18. Doesn’t Lalima consider Sooraj as her husband? Then how does she think of dividing the earnings from the shop? Husband and wife is one. There is no division. Lalima is selfish
    I hope Ved finds out that Lalima has torn the photo of his papa and mama and tells them in front of Lalima

    1. ha ha…that is the difference between sandy and lali!!!
      There should be some peculiarity in heroine character right??? to get the audience hearts!!!
      ofcourse, that pecularity is real in real heroines heart in every family.

  19. nice this episode remembered old episodes. keep it up sundhya and sooraj bhaboo defiantly change her opinion. bhaboo don’t like sundhya first then she changed her opinion so all the best to sundhya and sooraj for u r parikha/exam given by bhaboo

  20. Bhabo is disgusting ! She is good 4 nothing except taunting! S&s give slap to lalima but it was a direct slap on bhabo’s face ???

  21. hi frnds will u guys accept me as ur frnd??????

    1. Yes! U r welcome dear friend !!!

    2. Yes u r welcome dr

  22. Worst Lalima!!

  23. The end of this family mission will be very simple. Every one thinking that Lalima did selflessly and the day when family came to know her intention then they realize their mistake. As usual they feel Sandhya is selfless.
    Even I agree that makers ended mission mahabali illogical.

  24. Today we came to know Lalima intention. She wants sooraj for her business otherwise she could have told that as a husband he have rights in my shop and can do business. She would not say profit sharing.

  25. Bhabo is repaying sandy her money !? Why don’t she think to give sandy her kidney back? Answer is then she will die! So coward you are bhabo ! Itna gamund hai to money ke saath kidney b lota do ! Then we will realise that bhabo is a selfless and true egoistic woman! Lol

  26. Ved have less scenes.But his each & every scenes are simply awesome & will stay in our heart.
    Sandhya,Sooraj & Ved scenes are superb.
    Sandhya challenging Bhabho in precap.Superb.
    Hats Off DABH team.

  27. nalla nalla character ellam poivittathu naan sollvathu chaturi, chottu. aanaal intha lalima character sari illai ithuvum poitta nalla irukkum current track diya aur baati hum

  28. wat a emotional and nice episode…wat a confidence having our suraj and sandhya…the way sandy supports suraj wow very nice…even she is an ips officer frm starting itself she does nt show any power r ego…tat is our sandhya…both r rocks..lalima is very worst…watever she plan its all going 2 b waste…hate u lalima…meenakshi acting and her expressions r super…asual…


  30. Richu send the fb req i had created new id in the name pabbu any way waiting for today episode..i want to see sandhya challenge

    1. sooo manyy p[abbu dr plsss tell the pic

      1. pabbu packs

  31. Waiting for Episod ….Good

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