Diya Aur Baati Hum 27th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 27th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Lokesh accepting that he has killed Mohit. Satya asks him to answer well, what happened that day. Lokesh says I did not have intention to kill him, I was getting Lalima’s jewelry and got Mohit’s call. FB shows Mohit calling Lokesh. Mohit asks for his help. Lokesh asks is everything fine. Mohit asks him to come to the fields, he is sitting near the well. Lokesh says I will call Sooraj. Mohit says I don’t want to trouble Sooraj, come here fast please. Lokesh says fine and ends call.

Lokesh goes to the fields and meets Mohit. He realizes Mohit is drunk. He asks what happened. Mohit says Lalima and you increased my troubles. He sees jewelry with him and says you got smart, you got instalment for me. Lokesh says no please, its for Lalima. He pushes Mohit. Mohit’s

head gets hurt. Mohit beats him and takes the bag. Lokesh snatches the bag and beats Mohit. He pushes down Mohit in the well angrily. FB ends.

Satya says you went to attend Lalima’s engagement after killing Mohit, does Lalima know this, did you tell anyone. Lokesh says no, I did not tell anyone, I attended engagement silently. Sandhya thinks Lokesh is the murderer. Satya asks Awasthi to note Lokesh’s statement and be careful that Lokesh does not lie. Satya asks Sandhya to come. Lokesh asks Sandhya not to tell this to Lalima, she can’t bear this shock. They leave.

Sooraj comes home. Meenakshi says she will bring saunf juice. Sooraj looks for Bhabho. She says if Sooraj tells Bhabho, Bhabho will take Misri. He calls out Bhabho. She says Bhabho went out. He shouts on her asking how did she let Bhabho go. She says you also scold me, I went to stop her, Bhabho scolded me and said she will not tell me and Sooraj. Sooraj rushes out to find Bhabho. Meenakshi asks him to wear slippers. He leaves from home.

Satya says we got Lokesh, case closed but Komal wrote about a lady, she became a mystery, don’t know its lie or true, if its true then we have to find her, maybe that lady went when Komal was there. She asks where do we have proof to say Lokesh killed Mohit, he did not say Mohit has hurt on his head as per post mortem report, he said Mohit died by falling in well. He says maybe Mohit was hurt in their fight. She says we have to correct this story with proof, accepting crime does not prove crime. If Lokesh changes his statement, we will be at same point. He says great technical view, why, Lokesh is not from your family, we will keep his statement confidential and investigate, we have clue that Mohit last dialed Lokesh. She says come, we will tell Lokesh.

They go to Lokesh. Satya says you can go home as of now, but don’t mistake to leave this city, remember you will be in police sight 24 hours, don’t do anything that your freedom is snatched, you have to come here when you are called. Lokesh says yes, shall I go. Satya nods. She says your statement should be not known to anyone, keep this a secret. She gets a call and says I will reach there. She leaves.

Sooraj is finding Bhabho and thinks where can she go. It means Bhabho has gone to Sandhya, did she… He calls Sandhya and asks is Bhabho there. Sandhya says yes, Bhabho is here with me. He asks did Bhabho tell you everything. She says yes. He gets shocked. Sandhya says Bhabho and I are at Pramod’s place, Bhabho wants Lalima’s marriage to happen before her operation, I also feel same, but Pramod’s parents said some relative died, so… He says fine, I was afraid. She asks afraid? He says no, I was afraid as I did not know where did Bhabho go, fine, bring her home. She says don’t worry, Bhabho is fine. She ends call.

Sooraj waits for Bhabho. Sandhya and Bhabho come home. Meenakshi asks where did she go, Sooraj has gone barefoot, he scolded me, he was worried for you. Bhabho says I m fine. Meenakshi goes to get saunf water for them. Sandhya asks Emily about Pari, did she start talking. Emily signs no and goes. A constable comes asking Sandhya for her signs on papers. Sandhya asks what happened to his foot. The man says he went to fields to investigate Mohit murder case, there are short plants with thorns, my foot got hurt. Emily drops the water pot and gets tensed. Sandhya looks on and thinks of Emily telling about her foot getting hurt by thorn. She thinks did Emily got hurt in that fields, why is she tensed, she is hiding something.

Its night, Sandhya says getting divorce papers in fields, did Emily go there and get hurt by thorn, it means Emily got hurt by thorns there, so is she also involved in Mohit’s murder. Emily is hiding something, else why would she run like this. Someone brings a shawl around Sandhya.

Satya tightens the security in Pushkar. He asks officers to rush. He makes calls and turns to see someone.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. The story of Lokesh is simply concocted and fictitious. The real killer seems to be Bhabhu herself. Am I correct?

    1. I don’t think so. Well,I think Emily is the killer bcuz many clues r leading towards her and many proofs r too against her.
      Jeyam sir there is a request to u that whenever u write comments I never miss to read urs so can u plz the meaning of the difficult words u use in ur comments at the bottom of ur comment section plz in this way I can even get to know some words meaning plz plz that’s a request
      Tnx alot???

      1. …plz wite the meaning of the difficult words… ***

  2. I hate satya…

  3. he is so dramatic

  4. Sridevi Vittoba

    Lots of confusion writers making viewers mental

    1. I agree with u

  5. Real killer is a big suspense. I m enjoying this suspense. Is it bhabho, Emily or…???????

  6. Next turn is for baboo ko confess the murder ?Then suraj will protect baboo and will take the blame! Sandya will protect surajjjj ? And will take the blame on herself !!!
    Knowing to this Emily will take the blame to return sandya’s favoures which she bestowed on her and pari!!!
    This’ll make Sathya PAGAL??? And will leave the case!!!? And finally that’ll be very good ???????????

  7. Where is suraj hotel?

    1. Bhai!!?? we also don’t know exactly but probably that idiot mohit could have stolen it like the money from cookery contest stolen by meenakshi and mohit/chavi ?
      Next track will be about suraj hotel project ?

  8. I guess pari is responsible for mohit’s death and all are trying to save her

  9. I think that the killer is pari But pari mistaken killed mohit because if anybody else killed then they would surrender like bhabo,Emily,suraj lalima

  10. sooraj Ji you know something about mohit murder u can save some one may be bhaboo/pari at list tell sandhya she will help u and solve the problem or find solution

  11. I guess d killer is Chhavi… she is neither seen anywhere nor talked about even when her own brother died..
    Pari might nt b d killer coz then the case verdict would b all into juvenile n minor age stuff.. directors might nt want to go tht deep n bring in confusing scenario

    1. I feel so too…

  12. The real killer is bhabo, in order to save bhabo, sooraj, emli and lokesh are accepted that they are killed mohit

  13. I guess show is misleading viewers that sandhya’s family is involved in this case but actually not. When komal and mohit are ralking , Emily goes there and gives diverse papers and discussion goes on like fighting. After she left, mohit called lokesh and what lokesh revealed today may be that happen. Baboo knows this and trying to save emily

  14. I know the real murdered is non other than mohit’s daughter PARI .

    BCOZ..emly can save her daughter only ….

  15. Nyc episode. I feel zakir ji should have killed mohit itz just a guess!!!.i love this suspense track .

  16. Killer is either Pari or Bhabho…Mostly it should be Pari…she didnt come to give finger prints…thats y everyone is protecting her…if it is Bhabo or emily or sooraj, they would have accepted it on their own…

  17. Real murderer is babho.everyone are making up stories to save her.sooraj,Emily and lokesh all are hiding something.

  18. Sooraj hotel won’t come because it was sold for sooraj treatment.

  19. Who’s brings a shawl
    around Sandhya? but I think is he sooraj?

  20. Actually Lokesh,Emily and Sooraj will accept that they killed Mohit . But, the truth is that thethree wants to save Bhabho as its she who killed mohit and sandhya will eventually get to know this

  21. Real Culprit is Pariii … EmiLy Sooraj and Bhabo also there to witness it … MoHiT beating EmiLy and pari tried to save her Mother and Danda On the back of MoHiT’s Head … That is ALL

  22. When Emily came home that day after the scene … she acted as kanta laga girl … bhabo said jub kanta takleef dene lage to usse nikal phainko and all … and when sandhya hit her head from front and sooraj held her from back of her head … thinking of MoHiT’s Head …

  23. Guys spoiler says pari is the real culprit it seems

  24. this case is so unclear but the episode was nice though and i do not believe lokesh is the killer and i am also shocked that bhabho is thinking of lalima shadi she must have something to do with the murder.anyhow i think sandhya will be able to find culprit hopefully without satya the egoistic inspectors help

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