Diya Aur Baati Hum 27th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 27th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya asking Sooraj not to worry, they did not do any crime, and they are not old like Daisa that they can’t plan a baby. She says I will tell Bhabho, I will go alone, I m not worried. Sooraj asks shall I come along. Sandhya says I will go and tell Bhabho. She goes and sees Bhabho telling Daisa that these things don’t look good in this age, children are planned within 10 years of marriage. Sandhya hears them and says my marriage completed 12 years, what will I tell Bhabho. Arzoo gets Ved’s toys. Bhabho says we don’t need this now, take this Daisa.

Sandhya worries and says we need this. She goes to stop Bhabho and says its Ved’s baby bed, it was in storeroom, its dirty, I will clean it and give you. Bhabho says no need, Daisa will do herself. Sandhya says

no, new baby is coming and giving old things is not good. Bhabho asks Daisa not to worry, we will send all items to your home, how will you go to market and shop, what will people say. Daisa asks Bhabho not to taunt her more. Bhabho says if things are done on time, it looks good, else its shameful. Daisa says fine, I will go now. Bhabhi gives her laddoo. Daisa goes.

Sandhya thinks I could not show any bravery, I could not say anything, I felt Bhabho is taunting me. Sandhya sits to teach Misri. Meenakshi gets ready and comes there. She says I m going on Golu’s function, I will take video and show everyone, am I looking good. Sandhya says yes. Meenakshi goes and hears Golu telling his friends that he asked his mum not to come in school function, she gets overdressed for the occasions, but you guys don’t make fun of it, I m also ashamed to go out with her anywhere. She gets hurt. His friend says Golu your mum heard everything. Golu runs away.

Meenakshi goes inside the house and tells Bhabho that I was so excited to go in Golu’s function, but he feels shame to take me to his school, am I so bad? Meenakshi cries. Bhabho consoles her and asks her to stop crying. Sandhya sends Misri. Vikram scolds Golu. Meenakshi says leave it. Misri plays her school function video. Misri gives her award credit to Meenakshi, and says I have seen her since childhood, she is very beautiful by face and heart. She says I won this beauty crown because of my mum, I m proud that I m Meenakshi Rathi’s daughter. Meenakshi happily cries and claps. Sandhya calls Misri there. Everyone get teary eyed. Meenakshi opens her arms for Misri. Misri comes running and hugs Meenakshi. Meenakshi asks are you really proud of me, am I your inspiration, where is your crown, show me. Sandhya gets the crown. Misri thanks Sandhya. Misri tells Meenakshi that she got this by her blessings, so she wants to gift this to her. She makes Meenakshi wear the crown. Meenakshi cries and hugs her.

Meenakshi says I always felt Golu will make my name shine and had no hopes from Misri, as she will go to her inlaws some day, but Golu did not lived up to my expectations and Misra called me her inspiration, Misri forgive me, I m proud of your thinking I salute you. Misri asks her not to cry. Sandhya tells Golu that no one can think of his good more than his mother, go and say sorry to your mother.

Emily asks Chandni where is Purvi. Chandni says I don’t know anything and runs. Emily asks her to say, did anyone stop her from saying. Chandni runs away. Emily sees red soil on Maasa’s slipper. She goes to see there and gets shocked seeing some hand coming out of the soil. Emily gets shocked and screams. Om and Maasa hear her. Emily runs to save Purvi and pulls her out of the pit. Om and Maasa get shocked. Emily and Om pull Purvi out. Emily asks are you fine Purvi, who did this with you, don’t cry, tell me who did this with you. Purvi cries. Maasa gets worried. Purvi looks at Om….. Emily says tell me Purvi, who did this with you, don’t be scared of anyone. Purvi gets scared seeing Maasa and cries. Emily keeps asking. Purvi points to Maasa. Emily gets shocked. Emily hugs Purvi and angrily stares Maasa.

Golu says sorry mumma and hugs Meenakshi. Meenakshi says I m sorry too and hugs Golu and Misri. She tells Sandhya that I understand your talk late, you say right, girls always make parents name shine, I m proud of my daughter, you said right, there is nothing that girls can’t do, don’t know why mothers love son more, you don’t have a daughter, so you won’t understand, its late now and you can’t have baby now. Sandhya thinks how to tell them that I m pregnant.

Chotu tells everyone that Sandhya is getting her posting in Kashmir for two years. Everyone ask Sandhya to go. Sooraj asks them to listen, and says Sandhya is pregnant. They all get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Awesome Emotional Episode.
    Can’t stop tears in MEENAKSHI-MISRI-GOLU parts.
    Superb Precap.
    Except some happy fun filled episodes.
    Eagerly awaiting for upcoming episodes.
    But I beg DABH team to give us only some happy & funny episodes.Plz don’t drag this track for more than 30-40 episodes.Plzzzzz.
    End that Purvi bakwas stupid track too.Fed up by that bakwas stupid irritating track.

  2. Hats off 2 dabh…..its the one n only serial in india that tells valuable msgs 2 ppl sply women of rajasthan think that having girl child is a sin n atleast by seeing this serial those women will change ……really we girls can do anything n there is nothing that we cant do……respect girls n all those who r having girl child feel proud of it….understand that without women there is no men in this world… ur mom she is the best in this world no1 can love u more yhan ur mom… u mummy❤❤❤

    1. Oh stop this..

      1. It seems that u r not a girly girl?

    2. Superb d. I am proud to be a girl and I too love my mother

      1. Enakku athu theryum d

  3. richa (titli)

    waiting forr neww mystery LOL thank u for the answers that day u r vet=ry sweet guyss thanxxx 🙂 c u soonnnnnnn m just a bit busyy

    1. Hey titli !! I’m great fan of ur cmnts !!! Where is varsha , romi ??
      It seems that Emily is coping sandy , she’s investigating a lot ?

      1. I dont need you telling me what i am- mind your own business ✌

      2. U r right kitties i 2 have d same dbt

      3. Shut up hema- who cares about wht you think?

      4. Preeti I think u r neither a girl nor a boy ?? U r an alien ????????

      5. For your information im a girl.. so shut your crap

      6. I know Preeeti is a girl name, boys can’t be Preeeti !! But u don’t like girls that’s why I told u !! In future when ull become mum then I’m afraid ull not love love ur daughters and daughter in laws just bcoz of ur this attitude !! U are a lovely girl so love urself and other girls !! That’s it , from now onward I won’t tell u anything else !! Bye

      7. Kittie i have a daughter and she is only 5 months and im sorry about what i have said.. what i was angry about is that why people think that boys have more value than girls- yes you are right we should be proud of the fact that we are girls..

      8. Anf ofcourse i love my daughter very much- she is the best thing that has ever happened to me and i cant be more thankful that i have her in my life

  4. One more story going to start between sandhya and her upcoming daughter! ? Same story like yhm and yrkkh!!! Plz change such a sadela kind of track. Daughter and mother relationship…

  5. Nice epi <3<3 it

  6. A girl child is a boon to a family. It’s clearly delineated in this episofe. I thank the episode director for bringing in such a noble cause in an effective manner. Send in order to extend the story the pregnancy of Sandy is introduced so that they could drag the story for further 6 months.

  7. Nice-emotional-teary ..episode….. well said dear @hema……Love u so much my mom….. thanks for being mom to me….

  8. Guys…..i have a small doubt…..was it the pregnancy drama for the show …..OR actress Deepika singh going to have a baby????

    as in previous hijack track DABH team Showed Meenakshi as pregnant and after that she give birth to a baby in real life….

    1. Yeah could be !! Let’s investigate from deepika’s Facebook page or his hubby’s profil !! It’s a greet news in case of suraj – sandya Or deepika- Raj case ! I’m happy in either case ??????????????

      1. I too think d same coz they recently celeb their wedding anni on may2 n went on a quick trip….kitties if u r in fb just ask deeps abt tat….she will surely rly u n do tell us

  9. Kitties lets dont bother abt mads? ok ,b cool!

    1. Yeah dear u r right ! These guys are only attention seekers!

  10. I want it to change its STORYLINE.

    1. Try ur FF story on this page !! With lots of suraj sandya romance and nothing else !! I too don’t want any mission now !?Feeling tired of it !! May be directer get some ideas from ur storyline !!and also bring back zakir in the show only as a best friend of surya!!

  11. Meenakshi’s performance is superb.


    What a episode?? Awesome…brilliant…beautiful..superbbbb….can’t able to control my tears…hat’s off to dabh team….congratulations ?….my favourite evergreen serial I am proud to say that is my DIYA AUR BAATI HUM…

  13. Superb emotional episode…meenakshi acts so well asual…

  14. All this is totaly bakwas because i think you guys are fools to believe in all this..

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