Diya Aur Baati Hum 27th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Diya Aur Baati Hum 27th May 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 27th May 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with chavi getting shocked to see a different set of questions. Chavi remembers sandy’s words of asking her to work hard or else she will get cheated once. Chavi cries to sandy telling that it is different. The invigilator asks them to keep quiet. Sandy turns back. Chavi is worried. Sandy starts to write.

Here suraj in his shop gets a call from rajarani Photostudio & asks him to collect those wedding photos. Suraj informs that he will get it & asks abt the bill. The person replies that it is 5000 rs. (Wow a new employer in suraj’s shop other than pappuda). Suraj leaves for the photoshop.

Examination going on full swing. SAndy gets up to get additional sheets chavi tries to signal her but sandy fails to notice her. The invigilator puts seal

on those answer sheets. SAndy’s paper fall down accidently. Chavi tries to pick & feels that this is the best time to copy & picks it up by her foot which is band aided.

Chavi starts copying those answer fast. The invigilator goes on rounds.

In photoshop.
Suraj looks at those photos & videos & also notices bhabho picking up chocs & feeding sandy. He asks the shop keeper to close & tells that he will see the remaining at home later. The person gives him the cd.

Chavi is copying. (wow what an acting by sherish perfectly looks like a person who copies). The invigilator finds her copying & asks her abt the same & also taunts her for copying . She calls out the roll no. Sandy gets up & also investigates sandy regarding the same. Chavi tells that sandy didn’t give (wow telling truth for the first time). Chavi pleads her for forgiveness. The invigilator rusticates her. Chavi fears of bhabho. Chavi tells that she will write again. Sandy tries to interfere but gets stopped by the invigilator. She snatches chavi’s paper & sends her out after getting sign from her. Chavi signs with no option left & leaves. Sandy gets worried. The invi tells that only 30 mins left.

Aangan. Meena thinks that once her son gets married she will dominate her DIL same like Bhabho. Ems calls meena as choti jethaniji & tells her that her cloth is getting torn but meena mocks her saying that ems might no tknow stitching & all. Ems stitches the cloth & both meena & bhabho shocked & surprised.

Break: Sandy asks chavi abt her exams meena interrupts by telling how can she ask chavi so innocently when she herself asked chavi to copy her papers. Sandy gets shocked & turns to chavi.

Choti jethanji is asked to get back her cloth by ems. Meena asks her whether she knows & exclaims that she was not like sandy.. Ems replies that her mom knows & taught her too. Meanwhile someone knocks the door. Ems goes on to open the door. Chavi comes in crying. Bhabho asks her what happened.

Sandy calls dillu the new man in suraj’s shop abt suraj. He replies that he has gone out. Chavi tells vik that she doesn’t do anything & asks everyone to believe. Sandy enters meena receives her saying why is she taking revenge on them. Sandy gets confused. Chavi tells vik that she doesn’t do anything. Sandy asks chavi abt her exams meena interrupts by telling how can she ask chavi so innocently when she herself asked chavi to copy her papers. Sandy gets shocked & turns to chavi.

Break: Bhabho asks chavi whether she is saying the truth atleast this time. Bhabho adds that she has told many lies so far. Chavi gulps.

Meena asks sandy whether she gave the paper to copy. sandy asks chavi whether she gave. Meanwhile suraj comesin. Chavi runs to him & hugs him & adds that she doesn’t do anything wrong & she is not lying this time.
Bhabho asks chavi whether she is telling the truth as she had lied many times in the past. Adds that whether sandy made her copy those answer sheets. Chavi gulps. Bhabho asks her to speak out the truth & throws the vessel. Suraj tells that chavi is scared & asks bhabho tocalm down. Bhabho asks him to ask her. Suraj asks her & tell the truth. Chavi tells that she is tellng the truth. She adds that she is not an enemy of sandy. She tells that sandy has helped her many times like she filled the form for her when she was in ajmer & made her study. Chavi adds that today too sandy’s intention was pure to help her as she was unable to answer those questions. Sandy tells that she is lying. Epi ends on the face of shocked bhabho.

Precap: Meena tells bhabho that sandy has done a big mistake today as bhabh can’t forgive her for this. Adds that will it be considered the first mistake of sandy??

Update Credit to: shobhana_dabh

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