Diya Aur Baati Hum 27th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 27th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhabho telling Sandhya that she made Arzoo stay in that house. Sandhya asks what do you mean. Bhabho says Arzoo wanted to celebrate her first holi with Chotu, my heart melt, I gave her tickets, arranged house and gave new phone, I used to meet her daily by excuse of satsang, the methi-matar dish you ate was prepared by Arzoo, one day when I met Arzoo and was leaving, I have seen some sound, maybe they were Arzoo’s supporting men, I was shocked, I did not know what to do. FB shows those moments. Bhabho says I did not understand anything, I don’t know that Arzoo’s truth. She cries and says I know I did wrong by hiding this from you, I m your culprit, if possible, then forgive your Bhabho, I really did not know anything. She goes. Sandhya gets thinking…….


checks the charges she wrote against Arzoo. She reads Arzoo’s house was arranged by Bhabho, not Arzoo, according to this, Arzoo was staying in that house coincidentally, she came back because of Bhabho, Bhabho called her back, then……

Resham comes to Rathi house. She shouts IPS Sandhya Rathi, come downstairs, meet my eyes and tell me that Arzoo is a terrorist. Sandhya hears her and rushes to her. Resham gets angry on seeing her. The people cheer for Sandhya, and protest against Arzoo. Resham cries and slaps Sandhya hard. Sandhya’s duty cap falls. Resham says you did this for your name, appraisal…. Sooraj comes there and looks on. Resham says Sandhya you can go to this extent, I could not think this, where did your promise go, to get Arzoo her rights, you kept promise by shooting her, I was taking Arzoo, why did you stop her that time, I raised her, but not for this day that you blame her with terrorist name and shoot her, you gave her enough respect and changed her identity, if Arzoo is terrorist, then no one can be called human in the world, everyone told me that India and Pakistan can never be one, the country’s borders can meet, but hearts can’t meet. She says the people at border can’t see each other with trust because of you, Arzoo is bearing your mistake, punishing anyone without reason is a crime, I will ask for justice from my Lord, the crowd who is cheering for your name… this crowd will raise question and spoil your name tomorrow, you did injustice with my granddaughter, and that burden will not let you live, your head will bow down with shame, you can’t meet your own eyes. Sandhya cries.

Resham curses Sandhya that Sandhya will be ruined. Sooraj folds hands. Resham cries… standing at the door. Sandhya’s name plate falls by her hand. Meenakshi comes home and looks on. Resham leaves. Meenakshi picks the name plate and enters home. She picks Sandhya’s cap and says see Resham’s courage, her Arzoo is terrorist and she is scolding you, she cheated us, why did you not tell her anything, we always celebrate holi happily, everything ruined because of Arzoo, she is coming to scold us. She cries.

Ved comes there and Sandhya wipes her tears. He asks why is everyone calling Arzoo bad, she is not bad, she is not terrorist. Meenakshi asks him to be away from all this, you don’t do anything, you won’t understand. Ved asks her to make him understand. He says if Arzoo is bad, why did she save me from fire. Sooraj asks what, I did not understand. Ved says I got away during fire incident, there was crowd running. FB shows Arzoo running and seeing Ved crying at some corner. She kisses and hugs Ved. She rescues him and takes him to Rathi family. He puts Ved near Sooraj and goes. Sooraj sees Ved and hugs him. FB ends. Sooraj says I remember, someone gave your hand in my hand, it means it was Arzoo. He asks Sandhya to think if Arzoo came there to kill everyone, why did she save Ved’s life….. Sandhya gets shocked.

Sooraj says we have always thought Arzoo is terrorist, we have seen terrorist taking away people’s lives, but giving life, I m sure Arzoo is not a terrorist, she is out house’s bahu, she saved Ved’s life. Ved asks Sandhya to find out once again, why did Arzoo save me. Sooraj says yes, Sandhya will find out. Sandhya cries and says I promise you Ved, I will find answer for your question. Meenakshi gives the police duty cap to Sandhya. Sandhya wears her cap and leaves.

Sandhya reaches townhall and recalls the statue igniting spark. She goes on terrace and recalls her fight with Arzoo. She says Arzoo and I were here, what hit me after which I fainted. She looks around and sees something.

Sandhya gets a drone camera. The man says I have transferred drone camera footage into your laptop, you can see. She checks the video and gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. ARZOO is not a terrorist. But why she behaved mysterious is still a mystery. Hope all confusion ends soon. Okay Episode. Emotional too.
    Hope at least SOORAJ don’t blame SANDHYA after ARZOO’s innocence comes out.
    End this track sooooooon……
    It’s already dragged a lot.Please end this track.
    Hope everything will be fine soon.

    1. But you idiot stupid writers please end this bakwas track before the end of April.
      This is a f**king track.End this. This is the worst track of DABH till date

  2. Yes please end this track and I really hope Resham’s curse does not come true. Arzoo’s truth will only come out when she tells Sandhya why she never spoke anything between the fight, or did she do it to show Gul that she’s on his side.

    1. I think Resham’s curse will affect SANDHYA badly, but after Resham understands SANDHYA, she will regret for what she said.

  3. Gud episode now upcoming episodes more interesting

  4. Arrow hid her knowledge of Hindi language from sandhya. She attacked sandhya with an axe and signalled Gul with her eyes. Pl don’t make sandhya bad and that irritating Arzoo who is so stupid and secretive a heroine at the cost of making Sandhya bad.

  5. sandya is a shit bag ,shit ips

    1. Not SANDHYA a shit, She is great woman.
      But the real shit is writers of this show.

  6. If arzoo turns out to be innocent then this soap will turn out to be another dry one

  7. I don’t seem to understand this writer,if arzoo is not a terrorist,why then did she obstruct sandya in doing her duty. Why did she attack sandya and even escape from prison.

  8. If a person attacked a policeofficer he is booked under various sections of the IPC including sections 353 (assault of public servant from discharge of his duty. 323 (punishment for voluntarily causing hurt) and504 (intentional insult to provoke breach of peace). And Resham simply slapped Sandya which is a great disgrace to Indian police. But why did Aarzoo save Vedas? Who is really Aarzoo?

  9. For beating Sandhya she came from Pak..why arzoo escaped from prison and beated sandhya…how she get connected with gul for Tiffan packs?..

  10. If ARZOO is innocent, why she gave laak to GUL?
    I thought the writers are just brainless. But now I understand the don’t even have commonsense. If ARZOO is innocent what was the need to create this much mystery & suspense.

    I think after knowing ARZOO’s truth, SANDHYA will go through deep guilt feeling. She will resign her job & asks forgiveness from ARZOO in front of world publicly (similar to the way how SOORAJ asked forgiveness from SANDHYA after he kicked her out from the house after that hijack drama). Then she go away from RATHI family forever. Then this story will take another leap.As SANDHYA resigned her job SOORAJ will be angry on SANDHYA during this period.

  11. I stopped watching this show since last 2 days and am watching some other show on & TV.

    I wish this nonsense show ends once for all.

  12. Hey everyone, here is a piece of sound advice: instead of repeatedly being infuriated by these pathetic writers of the show but continuously supporting the disgrace, how about boycott it all together and watch gangaa on &tv instead?

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