Diya Aur Baati Hum 27th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 27th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya learning Bengali by a teacher. Zakir looks on. She says she loves Sooraj in Bengali and he asks her not to do mistake. She says yes, he is my strength. He says he is keeping an eye on Himanshu, so this time they will trap him in his plan, he is not scaring her, but warning her as the one who has gone to him did not come back to their loved ones, I trust you who did impossible possible, you have to do this mission complete, so we have chosen you. She says this time it will complete. She plays a word game with him and asks who is in his mind right now. He says Emily. She gets stunned and he leaves.

Bhabho gives the bangles to Chavi sent by Zakir’s mum. Chavi says its not opening. Bhabho opens the hook and helps her. Meenakshi says it looks heavy. Emily says

pandit ji is coming to get mahurat. Chavi asks will she not miss her. Emily asks what about you getting Zakir’s name tattooed. Bhabho looks on. Meenakshi says the bangles are good, Chavi’s fate is good, you are marrying twice and getting everything double. She says sorry Bhabho, I m happy for Chavi.

Pari asks Bhabho about Emily’s second marriage. Bhabho says she will also remarry. Chavi says she will pray for her, that she gets someone like Zakir. Sandhya comes to her locality and the kids give her flowers. Soraj meets her and says he will do whatever she says. She asks really, then spend time with me, let me do shopping. He agrees for everything. She asks for a daughter and he says he agrees if she wants. She laughs. He asks did he get any gift for his lover. He says he has done all the arrangements and shows her gold bangles.

He says wherever she goes, his sign will be with him, she can get annoyed but the bangles will get her back to him. Zakir comes to Dargah and prays. He asks Lord to help him come out of this confusion. He ties the thread to the thread wall. He sees Emily on the either side and thinks whats happening with him, why is he seeing Emily again and again.

Everyone at home talk about Sooraj’s marriage. Ved says my pic is not there, I did not dance in his marriage. They all laugh. He says this is cheating and asks Sooraj to marry again. Meenakshi says now Sooraj will marry to agree Ved, and asks will he get new one or not. Vikram says if Sandhya hears this, she will not leave her. Sandhya hears them and gets sad. Vikram says when a man gets a chance to remarry, the bride should be new, whats there is old one. Meenakshi says I will call Prema for you. Vikram says she scared me by Prema’s name.

Meenakshi says Sooraj’s night passes while waiting for Sandhya, this time bring someone who wait for you. Sooraj says Sandhya. Sandhya goes to kitchen and cries. Sooraj talks to Sandhya and she asks him to promise he will not marry anyone. He says the family can’t be without her. She says promise me. Bhabho calls her and he goes. She says I will come back to him. Zakir calls her and asks where is she. She says she is at home, where is he, everyone is waiting, pandit is coming to get engagement mahurat. He says he has to talk to her, its very imp. Zakir comes home and sees the pandit. Sandhya asks him what happened. He says I don’t know how to tell you everything, you will understand my heart. She asks whats the matter. He says he can’t marry Chavi, it will be wrong with Chavi and Emily. He says he does not have feelings for Chavi and said yes for Chavi’s happiness, he felt he will get feelings for her, but today I felt it can never happen, I realized I have feelings for Emily. She gets shocked.

Sandhya talks to Bharat and says she will learn everything in 8 days. Bharat says unfortunately we don’t have time, Himanshu is coming tomorrow to see you. She gets shocked and asks tomorrow……?

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. nia

    Guys I heard a news tat sandhya wil b playing a role of bengali for the next six months
    So it means we cant see surya scenes

  2. Romi

    What kind of girl is this pari who is adamant to get her mum remarried??she is an other pagal bulbul!
    Zakir is also gone mad?bhabo is gonna hit him hard in his sss
    Bhai ghar ki bahu beti ka mazak banaya hua hai?????????????????????????????????????????????

  3. Richa (titli)

    Nyc epi and hope for sm action and if sandhya goes mising wil zakir care for rathi family and forcfuly mary chavi as under emotional drift

  4. NS4

    Wat my dear Bharat kapur… not even two days completed… how will bengali sagarika das(sandhya) will meet Himanshu ???????????????

  5. NS4

    This time it’s a challenge for chavi to prove…that she has changed completely by accepting Zakir and Emily..

  6. NS4

    After watching Precap… I think bharat kapur was angry on sandhya…becoz will learning Bengali or song.. she would be made a mistake on think abt sooraj

  7. raji

    very nice episode. DABH always different from other serials. dabh story is very best. I like suraj sandhya jodi very much.

  8. Richa (titli)

    Sandhya failed to take promise from suraj i think this indicates towards surajs 2nd marig or affair with dat kabbadi team ownr girl

  9. And this is IPS sandhya rathi she always win. She never give up.she always do her home and job duties very well??????????????????

  10. shabbu

    We are not saying abt separation Varsha.. Just was discussing the upcoming track after sandy goes for mission..
    Don’t worry this serial is all abt sanraj!! So they will never separate!!

  11. Romi

    Life mai kuch b ho sakta hai
    Union b, separation b aur reunion b ?aur yeh to phir TV show hai to yahan to yeh Sab hota hi hai
    So let’s enjoy the show ?????

  12. Times Of India

    A source said, “The focus is now back on Sandhya and her work as a police officer in the show. Since she is given a secret mission, Deepika will transform into a Bengali woman on the show.”

    Apparently, the production house is trying many different looks for Deepika to portray the Bengali woman but they aren’t getting it right yet. Viewers won’t be able to see the demure bahu Sandhya in the show for few months. Deepika said, “Yes, I will be playing a Bengali woman and we are trying to get the perfect look for that.”

  13. Romi

    Our bhabu used to be like a lioness
    But our dear sandy turned her into a a “bheegi billi”??????

  14. Romi

    When a male soldier leaves for a mission he doesn’t cry but they show a female soldier is crying ?????
    It’s not fair ?soldiers are soldiers
    They’re above their gender ???
    Plz makers don’t show a woman as a weak person
    Or else Hunter wali (sandy’s ips training boss)will taunt her again for her weakness which we fans don’t like!?????????????????????

    • NS4

      @Romi: Don’t feel that they showing a female soldier as weak….. They are just showing a women who loves her Husband and her family, and that women has suddenly made to leave her Loving husband and Family for long time…… that’s what Sandhya’s character showing

      and u said that male soldiers won’t worry when going for mission…. it’s not like that… they don’t show there feelings outside that’s it.

      **soldiers are always soldiers….. But Remember they are also Human’s

      • shabbu

        I agree with u NS4!!!

        N abt the mission!! Ya of course they drag almost 6months!!!!vafter all its a serial !!!

      • I totally agree with u .male soldiers have also felling .after all they r human beings.BT one difference in male and females soldiers that males soldiers can’t express there filling?????????????

      • Romi

        Male soldiers have also their beloved wives and children and other relatives ?‍?‍???‍?‍?????????????
        But they leave them 4the sake of country without crying ????????
        Anyways its my personal opinion and you guys need not to agree with that ????????????

      • Romi

        Male soldiers don’t show their feelings bcoz they are strong
        But females are more stronger than male emotionally ??
        You guys are not getting my point ?

  15. shaurya

    most of bengali woman are light heavy body structure. I think sandhy is not matched well as ‘BENGALI WOMAN’.
    bengali woman is perfectly matched another sashi mittal show
    “BADI DEVRANI”. “Reeti” character is perfect matched as bengali woman.

  16. RANJOY

    Lol Reeti character are played by megha chakroboty , who are real bengali woman.
    why he isn’t match???

  17. I m Waitinggggggggggggggggggg for what kind of sandhya give replay to zakir after he said that he love emli????????????

  18. Romi

    I know a Bengali friend of mine even she and her sisters are slim and short build ?
    So it doesn’t matter if sandya is not having strong body structure ??
    With her delicate body she’s still “thunderstorm ” 4 the enemy ????????????????????????????

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