Diya Aur Baati Hum 27th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 27th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya thinking of Vansh. Sooraj asks her are you fine. She says yes. He surprises her with Ved, Vansh and Kanak’s pic. She says its that pic you took at night, the kids did mischief. She blesses Vansh to be happy. A couple walks to Rathi house and say we don’t have any way now, just Sandhya can help us. Bhabho tells Sandhya and Sooraj that Ankur called, they reached home. She holds Sandhya’s hands. The couple comes inside the house. The man asks is this Sandhya’s house. Sandhya says yes, and meets them.

He says I m Amit Bhargav and this is my wife Neeta Bhargav. Neeta says we are in big problem, we heard a lot about you and came to take your help. Sandhya asks them to come and say. Neeta asks her to please help and shows her daughter Mansi’s pic. She

says Mansi is missing since two months, we tried every way to find her, but could not find her, Mansi was responsible girl, I think she is in problem, we don’t know what happened and how, but we know something bad happened with her, do something and find my daughter, she is young and I get bad dreams.

Sandhya says I want details about her, I will find her, don’t worry. Amit says I will give you details. He gets some call and tells Sandhya to meet them at their place, we can’t say anything to you here. He gives his address and asks her to meet them soon. They leave.

Bhabho asks Sandhya to help the parents, Lord gave you chance to make parents meet their daughter, maybe your heart will get peace, be strong, find that girl and unite her with her parents, my blessings are always with you. Sandhya says yes.

Vikram and Meenakshi are in market. He asks Meenakshi to explain Misri, world is bad. They see Misri going on some bike. Vikram shouts asking Misri to stop. He catches Misri and the guy. Misri asks Vikram to stop and leave the guy. Vikram beats the guy and removes his helmet. Vikram and Meenakshi get shocked seeing their son Kanha. Vikram says we did mistake, when did you come from hostel, are you fine. Kanha says I m fine. Meenakshi says our minds have dirt, we should have heard Misri first. Vikram says yes, I would have killed the guy if he was someone else. He asks Misri not to cry and goes with Kanha. Meenakshi says Vikram won’t change, but we have to change our view now.

Sandhya and Arpita meet the couple. The couple shows Mansi’s certificates. Arpita says her mark sheets are impressive. Sandhya says she looks full of life, don’t you have pics with her. He says she liked to take pics, she used to stay in hostel. She asks about details. Neeta says this diary has all info about her friends, we have sent her to Ajmer to get education. Arpita says maybe Mansi has hidden something from you, did you feel there was any guy in his life. Amit says no, everyone is making stories, she wanted to become mechanical engineer, her dreams were everything for her. Sandhya says we came to ask, don’t feel bad. Amit says sorry, I m hearing this since 2 months, I get angry. Sandhya says I understand, you are worried, but why did you not do police complaint till now.

Meenakshi tells Misri that Vikram did not allow you to go on picnic, but we will take you to some good place next week. They eat chaat and talk about dance academy. A lady looks at Misri takes her pics. She sends pic to some goon Makran and calls him asking him to see the pic, and say how is it. He says girl is good, she is like what need, but no one should doubt on us. She says don’t worry, I will catch her in trap.

Some men come to Amit and Neeta, and ask Sandhya to inform them when she finds Mansi. Sandhya asks who are you, behave well. The man speaks bad of Mansi, and scolds Amit for not giving good values to Mansi. They leave. Sandhya asks who were they. Amit says we did not do police complaint because of them, they are from panchayat, they come to threaten us, they think Mansi ran away with a guy, when they find her, they will kill her. Neeta says when a girl marries other caste guy, they think its crime and kill the girl and guy. She cries.

Sandhya says no one can do this. Neeta says we were scared since two months and came to you, save our daughter, if you find her, don’t say anyone, we will take Mansi and go far. Sandhya says no need to be scared, don’t worry, Arpita, I and you two will know Mansi’s info. Amit says we are parents and get scared, we will leave village when we get Mansi. Sandhya says we will find Mansi, tell anything more about her. Neeta says Mansi called three days ago, she was unable to say anything, she said she is in Pushkar. Arpita asks what else, who kidnapped her. Neeta says she was just crying. Sandhya asks the number. Amit gives the number. Amit says its PCO number, we went to find and did not know, maybe Mansi is hiding by Panchayat fear. Neeta asks Sandhya to save Mansi. Sandhya assures her that she will get Mansi to them.

Meenakshi tells the lady that she is ready to send Misri to Dubai. Sandhya thinks whats the reason behind Mansi’s disappearance. Makran burns Mansi’s pic and looks at Misri.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I understand from news media that you are going to start second series shortly but without Sandhya and Sonoran. It is fine but at the same pl don’t make them die in the 1 sty series . This will disappoint many many or all viewers. The excellent character roles they have played so far should not lead them to death. Such lovely characters should neverdie

  2. The story is somewhat boring with repetitions of same kinds of incidence without further move. We are fed up with dabh. Please do something different.

  3. Current track is seems to be like Bollywood movie “Mardaani”

  4. Nice Episode
    Emotional too
    Good Precap
    Eagerly awaiting for upcoming episodes
    Plzzz unite VANSH with RATHIS.Plz make everything fine soon
    Plzzz don’t make SOORAJ-SANDHYA die.If you want to create a new season make a fresh story.But don’t kill SOORAJ-SANDHYA for that.Give same names to characters as VED,VANSH,MISRI,KANAK,BHABHO, BABASA,PARI,GOLU,SOORAJ-SANDHYA(as VED-VANSH-KANAK parents.Just change the actors to play SOORAJ-SANDHYA if you need),etc
    But plzzz don’t kill SOORAJ-SANDHYA.Instead unite VANSH with RATHI family by solving all the problems & clearing all the misunderstandings

  5. I hope meenakshi dont send her n sandhya find mansi soon

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