Diya Aur Baati Hum 27th July 2015 Written Episode Update


Diya Aur Baati Hum 27th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Garjana questioning Sandhya about the train accident and link with Himanshu. She answers them showing she is innocent, and says she was in bathroom at the time of the blast, and away from the coach. She says she lost her father in the blast and asks them to leave her. He says its his right to question her, and asks his man to tally her answers. She thinks they have to trust her, as she has prepared everything. Meenakshi talks on phone and makes Bhabho hear her. Bhabh asks whose call is it. Meenakshi says Kakisa called us and I said Bhabho is busy, and she was asking why don’t you go to temple these days, everyone is gossiping that we are hiding something.

Bhabho says fine, I will go and come back soon, take care of Sooraj. Meenakshi says yes, take your time. The

man finds out that Sagarika is saying true, and Himanshu is not any raw player to tell her everything. The man says yes, she does not know about Mansi, but we have to know more. He asks the men to kill her. Sandhya gets worried.

Bhabho gets ready and says I m going. Meenakshi asks her to take envelop. Bhabho asks her to take care of Sooraj and leaves. Meenakshi calls the pension officer and thanks him for coming home. She says Sooraj is still depressed, don’t tell him about Sandhya’s death, his wounds will get fresh. Vikram asks Sooraj to come, and sign for hotel work. He brings Sooraj. The man talks to Sooraj and confirms details. Vikram asks Sooraj to sign. Sooraj asks when will he get permission. Meenakshi lies that he is asking about pension permission. The man says think you got it. Sooraj signs and Meenakshi gets happy that Bhabho did not know this.

Lalima to bring positivism in Sooraj’s life in Diya Aur…

Bhabho is outside in someone’s marriage. Meenakshi asks Vikram to take Sooraj. The man leaves and the fire crackers start lighting. Meenakshi is glad seeing the cheque in her hand. Sooraj sees few clothes catching fire and recalls Sandhya’s last rites done. Sandhya recalls Bharat’s words that Garjana will not care for her life, she has to be very careful, she has to use lifeline if she feels the risk, she has to do something to trap them and get a chance to save their mission.

They are about to kill Sandhya, and she stops them, saying she has something that could be of use for them, its in her purse in Manjari’s home, and asks them to leave her. They send some man. She thinks hr plan works. Sooraj says Sandhya and panics. Meenakshi says he can act mad seeing the fire. Vikram controls Sooraj. Meenakshi says get the injection from Bhabho’s room, if Bhabho knows this, she will not leave us. Bhabho comes and puts water on the fire. She says nothing happened to Sandhya, there is no fire, see. He says my sandhya….. and is restless. Meenakshi hides the cheque. Bhabho cries and gives him the injection. Sooraj gets calm.

Garjana gets the bag and get something with the number. The man says this maybe password of that account, he used to get money for us, we did not get any password after his death. He asks Chandu to try it. Sandhya hears them. Chandu enters the password and it matches. They all get happy and believe Lord is with them, and they will fulfill their mission. Sandhya thinks they don’t know its beginning of their ruining, once I win their trust, I will reach Chandu soon.

Chandu sees live feed video of Sagarika and says she is very smart, but this game will be ours now, I will have an eye on you and know your truth.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. thanx amena 4 fast update,,
    chandu suspecting sagrika ……. this is bad

    1. Thanks for fast update amena………..

    2. chandu is very clever and very sharp. saragika want to win chandu’s trust………..

      1. Thanks amena for updating.
        Ya chandu is very clever person.✌✌?

  2. who is mansi cud she b lalima??

    1. if yess itss dangerous………..??????

    2. why ur asking like that @richa

      1. @anu in update they say something about mansi ……. i was unable to see the episode so…. nd mansi is related to garjana….

  3. cudnt c sooraj like dat and bhabho how painful it might hav been for her to inject his own son and see him in such a condition…..????????

    1. I cannt see sooraj like that he is the power of that rathi family now he is very much scared of fire well meena aapni baath manva liya naa…………..

      1. Richa (titli)

        Yup as i said meena aasani se is paise ko haath se jaane nahi degi

    2. yes u r right….getting angry on sandhya….she didnt thought even about her 6 yr old child…no mother wil do like this under estimating the feelings of her husband too…if she loves him truly she shd tell the truth to sooraj n go as am in this field in sooraj place i thought about my husband ..tears in my eyes…..hw come a lady has sent alone to capture these big goonsss without any single support from anyone…ridiculous to believe……stop this irritating part……this is more irritating than hijackkkk portion…

      1. oh so u r in this profession nyc….. i respect this profession vv much and yeah its rediculous….. how cud they send an alone person for such an dangerous mission………as many of their ppl failed to do the missoin nd lost their lives….. and police despite of knowing all abt them is unable to take control over them……. anyways…. facts apart ….. stilll itss a good show and we enjoy it.. 🙂

  4. one more ques why r they giving garjana the money??? if just to lure them and make them say the truth…… they shud hav given half of the money as garjana didn’t know the exact sum……… .

    1. It is also a part of mission i think so

      1. Actually they give garjna bcoz they didn’t know the main plan of garjna that’s why they give big any to that garjna. For this morning money they first withdrew that money and take sum new items of war. And that himanshu is handle that money means he wrongly arrange that money and give garjna. ✌???

      2. This is also bharat sir plan if they dnt give money to that garjna then how can they know that what is garjna next plan.they want that they means that garjna thinks that they r succeed in there plan.BT reality is that bharat sir and sandhya r succeed in there plan and they just fool that garjna sanghtna.???????

  5. chandu could be a great hinderance in sandhya’s mission he is more cautious then himanshu………….. nd shakki also……….

    1. *** i mean suspecious………

    2. True say……….

      1. In starting they give shock to us .???????

  6. The show is going meaningless up to the core. Sooraj sandy couple was an outstanding link for today’s youngsters in many aspects such as truthfulness confidence loyalty respect towards elders relationship towards family etc… If this couple get separated that moment will be the downfall of this show. So I please request the writer to make the Bhaboo character to realize about sandy. The most important thing is sooraj might not have thrown to this stage if Bhaboo might not have cleared and washed all memories of sandhya. In fact we don’t think that we are watching a tv episode. They both have not acted rather they lived the character. I am not able to tolerate Bhaboo thinking of sooraj getting married another girl.

    1. This is the test for their unconditional love ?
      You won’t understand ?

      1. Ya.may be this lalima change bhaboo means for this girl bhaboo understand sandhya.✌???

      2. It happens i think sooooooooo. Bcoz sandy is a main person of rathi family she is a main piller how can they forget ……it never happens

        but i dont belive bhaboo also she can do any thing for sooraj

  7. interesting plot twist.
    i dont’ have much respect for Sandhya. Nevermind her husband and other family members but she let her son think she is dead. She did this why?? She has scarred him for life. And then once the mission is over she will come back and want to pick up where she left off. This is so irresponsible on her part as a mother – and she was looking to get pregnant again???? I’m not a fan of her character.

    1. She took the oath that she will keep her duty above everything even her own family at her passing out parade!
      And she has to keep her promises to wards her duty!
      Even agrima Singh told the cadets at Hyderabad that if they can’t keep their duties honestly then they should leave the training straight away and don’t waste the time!

      1. True say @romi. Bcoz if she tell family abt her mission. Then its very nt secret mission. Then this mission mahabali definitely reveal by someone rathi members by mistake…. So that’s why she didn’t tell abt this mission to family.✌????????

      2. And one thing @jk and @ seems u say that sandhya fake news abt death for this she don’t think ved so that and is
        If she told them that she is alive then for sandhya’ life will be in danger. One thing is that if sandhya is tell the family abt her alive and after mission she nt come then what happened to ved then also they all bleam sandhya. It’s better we sperad fake news.???????

    2. yes u r 100% right ik

      1. Lol but you are 100 percent wrong it’s
        Jk not ik??????


    Thanks for fastest episode amena ji.

    I am unable to see Suraj like that. He is really mad for his wife sandhya……


      1. RIP Dr.a.p.j.Abdul kalam. And thanks for whatever u did for nation. Proud of u sir.?????? India’s missile man.?????????

  9. Sooraj become helpless,worthless man. He should make suicide.

    1. Dont tell like that …. He will come out of that shock. After three months leap this is the beggining twist of sooraj deffinatly he will come out of that shock and he rocks………

      This is the beginging story of sooraj well but in today episode that is a very sad scene no body can bare it and bhaboo ka gussa jais hai……

      For anas fans i want to tell u one thing dont disappoint he always rocks……..

      1. What nonsense takling u @ravi. ??????????U first go some hospital. ?????Dnt waste ur time hear.suraj is very strong person BT after death of his lovely wife he get shock of this new that’s why he behave like this.
        And if u dnt no then plz shut ur mouth ??????????

    2. He is not a helpless man.. he is a very strong and responsible person. At present his situation is abt sandy bcoz he loved soo much….

    3. When you have the situation like his then you
      Shok se suicide kar lena vo b challo bhar pani mai ???

      1. romi dr its chullu not challo 😉 lol…..

      2. Nice badla ?? cheenti ka badla liya hai ?
        It was only typing mistake ????

  10. Oh my gosh! My heart came to my mouth ?
    I was so scared ? how can they kill sandya who is mansi? How’s she related to himanshu? What would be sandya next strategy? Keenly waiting for the twist to be unfolded this week

    1. same here whoo is mansi??? itss that she is related to garjana…………….. as garjana ppl took her name cud she be lalima?? as like sandy she cud also b on a mission for knowing police secrets…….. and ashe cud get no better location than a cop’s family to do this work……… itss soooo very ………….. tensing……………

  11. V boring ….how long this track will run.She is not only police officer mom of two sons and wife of loving husband .She can’t hurt them for her job.

  12. Did Sandya give any explanation as to how she escaped when the blast took place.?The viewers also were not offered any clue about Sandya’s escape.

    1. she said she was in the washroom and away from that coach…..

  13. I do not believe that Indian people are so rude. Dadi is very insulting

    1. Who’s DADi?? Maybe you are talking about ssil or bhabo of DABH!!?

  14. Can’t wait to see who essays the role of laalima.will it be rati or shefali.what do u think guys.whom do u vote goes to rati

    1. Vote goes to shefali.bcoz I love rati very much if she come in suraj life then I hate that rati.BT thank God rati is nt lalima. Shefali is lalima ?????????????

    2. Ya i love rati she is very cute girl but in this serial my vote goes to shefali bcoz at the end oooo sooraj ko chod ke jana tho hai naa…….

      rati ko aysa nahi dekh sakh te ………

  15. Bechara sooraj kitna upset hai BT sandhya ko koi fark hi nahi padta ,ufff

    1. Sandhya ko fark padta hai. Ager use fark nahi padta to vo us ke in 10 dino main suraj ke hotel ko lekar jod nahi karti.or uska dream bhi pura nahi karti. Sandhya love suraj very much ???????????

  16. Gud morning guys waiting for today episode how he observing Sandy….. Toooooo clever chandu issssss……. 🙂 🙁

    1. Ya chandu is so smart that’s why he is master mind of garjna. Bt be careful sandhya bcoz now bharat sir is also nt with sandhya ???????????????

    2. Actually I have a doubt…. Garjan people are in jungle… how they are using Internet…
      How can chadu open an account contain huge amount..
      An account contain heavy amount will have high security… Secure qusn
      out of reality…

  17. In yesterday episode I can’t see sooraj state plz writer change some thing I can’t see sooraj like this…. :-! :-! :-! :-!

    1. Ya today may be they show that shocking scene between suraj and bhaboo?????

  18. In yesterday episode nuxalite how they treating too horrible with Sandy… Where r u @varsha @ns4 ur comment is missing 😉 🙁 🙂 :-! :-$ B-) :O :-* 😀 :'( :-\ O:-) :-[

    1. yess these all r bad ppl and butchers they dont hav hearts,………..

    2. Yeah too horrible,
      Actually they are doing all this to hide their faces from Sandhya… So that she can’t identify them in village

      But ..again their is fault.. Sandhya can recognize their voice naaaa
      Wat u say????

      1. ya true say NS4………

  19. After all she is trained IPS officer. Also she nicley lie. That when that accident happened that time she is in washroom. And then blast and she jump in river.??????

    1. Then some one come and save her. And then she know that himanshu and bharat sir die in that train blast. And then she teach there small childrens.???????

    2. Nice story sandhya.they believe on that fake story.????

      1. actually they don’t believe it as chandu is still doubtful abt sandy………….. nd he is just showing off to believe her actually he is more clever nd cautious than himanshu……

      2. ya she told nice story already bharat and sandy prepared before only

      3. They have believe naaa
        It was preplanned story…
        Garjana people??????

      4. @Varsh: this comment is reply for fake story

  20. Hope sandhy won’t shoot laalima and sooraj when she return at the wedding.?????????

    1. Hope that lalima also one of nakshalwadi than sandhya shot her on marriage day.if this happened then story get more interesting.???????????

      1. she cud most probably be mansi @ varshu……. as like sandy she cud also b on a mission nd may b d mission that sandy nd bharat r after

      2. Actually rati confirmed that she is nt come in dabh.???????

      3. Really well said varsha

      4. Yes than suraj will get another shock ? all his life he’ll think sandya as murderer and cheater ??

    2. noo km she wont she will arrest lalima ?????? nd bhabho for doing sooraj’s 2nd marrig inspite of first wife being alive…????

      1. What right she has to arrest sooraj and babho.after all she is responsible for fake death news.I don’t think babho will accept her only option she has is to shoot laalima for coming between them.

      2. Bhaboo arrest ??????? not possible.. U forgot that police department only confirmed that Sandhya death??
        So no 1st wife

  21. How dare they want to kill sandhya???????

    1. Once again sandhya trap them in her plan ?????? well done sandhya ????????

  22. Minakshi never change she prof yesterday. and that vikram also lie. And Minakshi finally succeeded in her plan to take suraj sign on pension pepar of sandhya.??????

    1. meenu to meenu hi h uska kuchh nahi ho sakta par woh itni bhi buri nahi h……..

      1. Ya . only money she can do anything BT if family want her help then she definitely help her family.????

    2. She do anything for money.. For that she is too brilliant…

  23. What a acting by suraj and bhaboo ?????????????

    1. Today they both cry us. By there acting . just speechless. Can’t stop my tears. ??????????????????????

      1. really i cant stop my tears………….both are acting is superb

    2. That was awesome scene b/w mother and son

  24. Too good acting. Nice scene between son and mother ( suraj and bhaboo) mind blowing they show. ??????✌??

    1. No one control suraj.suraj is out of control.
      Bt only one person control suraj is injection ji ??????
      Thank you injection ji u save our suraj.if u r nt then who control our suraj. Hope suraj recover early.?????

      1. hehe yess thanku injection ji but apart from injection ji sandy can control sooraj sooo sandy is his injection nd his har marz ki dawa? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?

      2. ya true say @varsha we cant see sooraj like that come fast sooraj out of this shock deiffenatly he will come in lalima me use sandhya jo dik thi hai……..

        dekha guys sandhya juda ho ne ke badh bhi ham sab sandy aur sooraj ko ek saath dekhenge…………..

  25. As usual shocking and scared precap ??✌?

    1. Yeah…shocking precap..
      Chandu acting too smart?????.. but not smart than Sandhya????

  26. Now that shekhar do anything to find sandhya’s real identy. Bt he don’t no our sandhya. Shekhar never find sandhya’s real identy.?✌✌✌

    1. That nakshalwadi thought they suscssed in there plan.and God also with them.????

      1. Bt poor nakshalwadi they don’t now they trap in sandhya’s plan.God is also with sandhya and with truth.?✌✌??

    2. hehe shekhar aka chandu ko uski maa k naam par emotional blackmail karo kyunki uski maa ko uske garjana m hone k baare m nahi pata h………… to uski dukhti nas (nerve) pe vaar karo sandhya……. aur mission me safal ho jaooo 😉 🙂 😉

      1. Actually for nakshalwadi there is no feeling. Bcoz they can do anything to complete there mission. May be if he definitely love his mother then may be that shekhar would be in positive. Bt now can’t say anything just wait for upcoming episodes.???????????

      2. ya in the end of the mission chandu & mother the two characters we will see in positive way abt gharjana sanghatan………..

      3. yess spoilers say that chandu fight for good specially poor ppl nd has many shades of character….. hope so he turn +ve and help nation nd sandy……..

  27. Waiting for today’s interesting episode ?✌??

    1. Too excited to watch today episode?????????

  28. Laalima won’t be able to marry sooraj because Sandya returns.she will get humiliated becuz sooraj abandons
    her at she will plot against them.then next twist will be laalima vs Surya.

    1. Hope that lalima also the part of that nakshalwadi bcoz if this happened then know come between surya.???????

      1. how can u know that lalima is nakshalwadi………………

      2. You may be thing it as a twist abt lalima she was also belongs garjan man…..nice thought…

    2. Wt is it mean to say?????????????

    3. Yeah just like that political lady who left suraj at their wedding time
      Kavita ji ??
      But I think the makers will not repeat the same plot again ?
      Maybe there will be some kind of new twist ✌️

  29. suraj acting was awesome

    1. ya always anas acting was superb

      1. all dabh cast doing good job….they alweyes cry, hate,laugh us by there acting…..thank u dabh. also proud of u all dabh team…….. :):) 🙂

  30. No way laalima becoming naxalist.after all garjana people don’t know sagarika is Sandy.if laalima turn out to be naxalist I will assume India is very small.too many coincidence. I believe laalima will be the cause of the next track.

    1. actually now we cant say anythink. just we wait for upcoming episodes….

  31. The production house is making funny & dumb mistakes… like they have Electricity with high speed internet connection,camera deployment in jungle, a password must be minimum 6 characters having atleast 1 special character. Really so funny. If pension chrque comes, it is of the nane of nominee of sandhya only. That minaxi and vikram cant use that 5 lakh and 10000 rs per month. I think Dabh team shod focus only on action sequences rather lingring in stupid way

  32. actually in written update they r some priting mistake that they wrote mansi charter name bt that was himanshu babu nt manasi.. now i watch dabh 4 times and i heared that that man say , yes sagrika dont know abt himanshu babu . and himanshu babu is nt tell easyly to any body…
    so chil gyus there is no mansi…………
    tell me now guys clear ur dauts????????????????………

    1. Yeah u r right that may be.. typing mistake…..i didn’t even notice that word till now

    2. yesss i also watched it and noo mansi name……..

  33. Today they show in SBB that manjri toucher sandhya. Manjari give sandhya work to clean full house????

    1. And that manjri throw clean clothe( which cloth that we clean house) on sandhya’s dare she manjari do this.???????

      1. And that shekhar and other people watch that when sandhya clean house. ?????

      2. sandhya bear all sad.she doesn’t say any word. Really sandhya suffered how many pain.????
        If in my hands then I kill that manjri. ????????how can she toucher our sandhya. ???????

      3. sandhya bring new cloths for herself. Then that manjri see that bag and throw all sandhya’s cloths. And then break water tub( madka) and then say sandhya that clean that.?????????
        How rude that manjri ??????????????

      4. they even showed lalima’s glimpse nd sooraj imagining sandy and putting sindoor on her forehead nd makinf her wear bangles… (alll imagination) and bhabho gets sad seeing this……. :(………..

      5. Haha poor sandya
        Her original saas bhabo and provisional saas manjari both like breaking matkas ?
        Both used to tortur sandya and in next track they must show sandya taking revenge from these both vamps ??
        After all she is also a human and has feelings ??

  34. Superb episode..luved it..

    1. How cruel was that manjari????? toward sandhya ??????????

      1. Ya really how dare manjari behaving like that with sandya …. Too bad…. 🙁

    1. plss explain wats in video m unable to watch it……… nd y will she revenge bhabho

      1. The video says that lalima is pure hearted girl she looks innocent and bla bla bla…..
        And then the voice over the video says that she’ll bring dooriyaaan between suraj sandya and she’ll build a wall between them! Suraj says she looks like sandya so he followed her and nothing else ?

    2. This link is not opening too sad…. 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

      1. yess onltt site logo iss getting displayed……….

    3. i just watched the vedio link….it’s working….may be server problem…

      Anyway….i’ll explain

      There is nothing like revenge matter…. the uploader just named like that
      In this vedio the showed introduction scene of lalima(shefali sharma) and sooraj followsing lalima in temple
      Shefali sharma intreview abt charecter that’s it…nothing else….

      1. Ok thanku NS4 any way more 30 min left to see today episode………..

      2. okk thanks for info ns4

      3. butt i think lalimaa will turn negativ after sandy’s re-entry…………

  35. Half an hour left for interesting episode ?????????

  36. Still half an hour left……very excited to watch today’s episode….

    i think today nly they show the manjari-sandhya scene

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