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Diya Aur Baati Hum 27th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the man receiving Sandhya and Sooraj. Meenakshi and Vikram come in the five star hotel. She is glad and asks him to see the bed tv and other things. She says there are fruits also and asks Vikram to have it. she checks cupboards and asks him to see the Jacuzzi. The room service guy gets the bags and asks Vikram to get massage by staff if he is feeling tired. Meenakshi says see my Maayka people are so good. She says thanks for telling us about this service, Vikram will go for massage. She gives him 100rs as tip.

The man thanks them and goes. Sandhya thinks Meenakshi and Vikram would have met Resham and Arzoo. The man tells them about the place. Sandhya and Sooraj smile seeing the market. He says its same like our country. She says yes people will be same too.

Resham and Arzoo come there. Arzoo smiles. A man sharpens a knife. Resham asks Arzoo to come. Arzoo likes a friend cap and wears it telling about Maine Pyaar Kiya movie. She makes Resham wear it and turns her. Sooraj says yes, you said write Sandhya, same people, love and brotherhood.

Resham says Chotu will look good wearing this, he is not less than Salman. A man goes to dargah. Resham asks Arzoo to see the suits. Arzoo goes to have rabdi and eats it. She tells Resham that this rabdi is so tasty. Resham asks her to have it. Sooraj asks the man to stop the car and takes Sandhya. He says there was a sweet shop, can you take us there. The man says its famous shop and rabdi is very famous here, everyone who comes here eats the rabdi. Sandhya says we have work now. Sooraj says come. The man says you are our guest, come. Arzoo asks the man to pack rabdi for her Dadi too. Resham says Sooraj has his own sweet shop and you can have enough sweets. Arzoo says really, then I will sit there all day. Sooraj shows the shop to Sandhya.

Resham and Arzoo are also there. Sooraj and Sandhya walk towards them. Resham and Arzoo leave. Sooraj and Sandhya have rabdi.

Someone prays at the dargah. Sooraj likes the rabdi and say this taste can’t be by sugar, it has love in it, thanks, you said it right, I should have eaten this rabdi being a sweetmaker. Resham and Arzoo continue their shopping for Sandhya and Sooraj. Sandhya likes the rabdi. She sees the dresses and shows Sooraj. She says we will buy dresses for Arzoo from here. Sooraj asks him to have rabdi.

The person comes out of dargah. Arzoo talks to the man and says her inlaws are in india, she is getting married there. That person hears this and takes the knife. He asks why marriage in india, are there no guys in Pakistan. Sandhya sees the crowd. The man says some people does not know meaning of Pakistan and create issues, else all people are common.

Arzoo asks why, its my wish, I marry in India or Pakistan, why do you care. Resham worries. The man says Dadijaan, India is the country where brother stabs a brother for selfish motive, we can just have hatred relation with them, you are giving your daughter there, they will keep her at her feet’s tip, I will not even give them charity. Sandhya and Sooraj hear them from far. The man informs commandos to come in main market fast.

Resham asks Arzoo to come and takes her. The man asks Resham to think well, if she wants to mourn for her daughter’s loss, then give her to them. Resham and Arzoo leave. Sandhya asks do you regard every Indian as revenge, showing others down won’t make you great. The man asks who are you. She says an Indian.

Sandhya says I can just one thing for sure, that Pakistan daughter will get so much love there in India. Resham and Arzoo hear her while leaving. The man argue with Sandhya.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Yesterday I commented on Sandya’s mission as a comedy and further details about this have been elaborated by DG in yesterdays postings in comments page. This is a ridiculous display of foolhardiness of the producers.

  2. A bit drag.But not bad. OK episode. Sandhya rocked @ the end.

  3. Hate is serial is sandhya only responsible person in Indian ?? What is the need of involving PAKISTAN in this they r showing Pakistani people terrorist bullshit writers just wash your face

  4. richa (titli)

    alll illogical rubbish pls stop it and show atleast something that is 50% logical veiwers are not fools the bcoz of these illogical tracks is the TRP nowdays is min 😛

  5. Alassss …. Fazolllll … ?
    Jo situation hai aisa main yeh track sirf ek mzaq hai … behuda mzaq … in reality all knows very well

  6. I just hope they don’t do anything to sandhya n sooraj

  7. Hi Richa, What are jacussi and rabdi?

  8. Diya aur/Yrkkh fan

    Hi guy’ses ! … Hate this how can you be so biase and say Pakistani’s are terrorist not all pk are terri look at raj kumar track now that was Terri ,are you racist or some thing . And richa I agree with ya the writer should show some thing positive and sandy said right arzoo will get all the love in another country ESP in Rathi family .ie hate this I am a Muslim and I am proud of my religion and Islam.
    Reply richa and others .

    1. Yes you are absolutely right!!! Everyone should be proud of their religion and nationality; everyone should respect others religion and ethnicity too!
      The writer is doing too much nonsense, sandya is becoming more like a puppet now in writers hand . How can she accept every mission in a jiffy; isn’t there any other responsible officer in Indian police squad ?
      Its just ridiculous! Indian and Pakistani people know each other more than sandya as I have seen them both the communities here in England! Wake up Mr Writer /Directer
      And show something real ??

  9. all the serials are on the bandwagon showing terrorists within the family etc such
    crap. as for sandya she is getting all the juicy storylines as she is the wife of the producer .

  10. O hello guys I am not saying Pakistanis r terrorists I am saying this serial is showing Pakistanis as terrorist okk so first understand this so those who r saying Pakistan is a terrorist country r terrorists themselseves okkkk now read this carefully

  11. N hello koi bhi Pakistani terrorist nahii hai n for your kind information I am also I Muslim n I am proud to be a muslim

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