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Diya Aur Baati Hum 27th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Emily and Meenakshi confronting each other. Everyone look on. They both argue and blame each other. Meenakshi tells Emily that she will tell her truth. Emily scolds her and holds her hand tightly to hurt her, and Meenakshi reminds she is pregnant. Emily says pregnant, great, I was in coma for 6 years and she is doing family planning again, is she not ashamed, how can this do this. Meenakshi calls her liar, and says you went 6 days before. Emily is shocked and says 6 days, no I was there for 6 years.

They see everyone standing and smiling. Emily asks whats this year. Meenakshi calls her greedy and says she got mad, its 2015. Emily says but Sooraj and Bhabho told me that I m in coma since 6 years, it means they lied to me that its 2021, why did they say this.

Meenakshi says how did they meet you there in Delhi. Emily says about her accident, and when she got conscious, they told this to her. She says they told me Mohit married your sister Sudha as you forced him.

Meenakshi says are you mad, Sudha is getting better proposals. She asks why did you ask for house on your name. Emily says no, I can’t even tell this, I was in hospital, see how I m hurt, my phone broke in accident. Emily says it means they have lied to us, but why, Sooraj scared me, I felt everything is over. Meenakshi says Sandhya played this game with me, knowing I m pregnant. Everyone come to them.

Sandhya says you got worried for your baby and Emily worried for her family, then did they think once about Bhabho, you have put her in fire of regret, she was crying, and got unwell. She asks them did they think before playing such cheap game, we all got worried. She says Emily did not tell her parents too and calls them selfish. Emily’s mum says if we get such news, think what we go through.

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She says what you both did was wrong, Sandhya is right, so I supported her in this drama. Emily says we did not wish to cheat them, but wanted to come back in family. Sooraj says its good way to repent, Mohit was madly thinking about you and crying, did you think of your daughter, she cried a lot. He says my Bhabho, what did she do, she was blaming herself all the while, when she did not do anything.

Sandhya explains them that to forgive, they have to bend, not make others bend to you. Sooraj says running from family and hurting yourself, blackmailing family to get forgiveness is being coward, such forgiveness is by force. They both explain them what they did, and they have done this to make them value what they were losing. Sooraj says Emily would have really lost her family if we did not come to Delhi and saw her accident.

Meenakshi and Emily apologize to Babasa and Bhabho, and say we are ashamed, we want out family, nothing else. They say we will not be separated now. Bhabho forgives them. She asks them to see what their mistake did. Meenakshi and Emily smile and apologize to everyone. Bhabho says like every color in holi is incomplete without all, our family is also like that. They all promise to be together. Bhabho does tilak to all.

The holi function starts and they all celebrate Holi together. Chavi sits alone and sad. Sandhya sees her. Chavi recalls Dilip. Sandhya asks her to play holi and gets a call. She gets glad by a good news and thanks. She says she has to tell this to Sooraj, he will go mad hearing this news. She goes to him and he says he knows she wants to apply him color, and goes away.

She says listen to me once. Taisa gives her laddoos and asks her not to give anyone, its special laddoos for them. Sandhya starts eating the laddoos and like it. She says Sooraj ji thinks I m joking, and sees him. She sees three Sooraj by her changed vision under Bhaang effect and laughs. She counts 1,2,3 Sooraj ji and laughs.

Sandhya tells Sooraj that she is pregnant in Bhaang state, and the family looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. How can Sandhya get pregnant?

    She was away from sooraj since long, and when she came back she didn’t had any such relation with sooraj due to her operation. Then how can she get pregnant?

    And now this? Are we stupid?

    1. What u said is absolutely right.
      But we have to accept it………… becoz reyality is always different from imagination.
      in imagination we can act,dance,sing(no reason’s, no nothing,anything can happen). but it is not real.
      So sandhya can get pregnancy without any reasons.
      *******Note:In real we can’t even imagine a couple like S&S.

      1. i think director has a good experience in having a child, without any realation with his wife.
        that is what he used in his direction

  2. So chuweeettt…..really sandhya’s expression was so lovely

  3. Sandhya become carrying as something might happened on the day which she consult the doctor

  4. Ultimate now the best Bahu the best wife is ready to become the best Mother.Best of luck Sandhya for your up coming task i.e the main part of a woman’s life to become a Mother.,:-*

  5. Rupali Bhosle

    Waw… romantic turn …………bt i thnk sandhyas pregnancy ill complecatedd

  6. its only serial not life
    its only imagination not true
    anything happen any days….

    1. imagination is good.
      But it’s not like imagination. it is like imagination’s imagination.
      that is what we call “Over Action”

  7. nice episode…

  8. Excellent episode.
    But Director didn’t used his common sense,. just directed as a stupid.
    How can sandhya get pregnant??? without any relation with sooraj after kidney drama.
    He can use the situation of holi…………… it will be much reasonable.

  9. nice…very happy to see all the members of rathis family…..sandhya expressions are so cute…

  10. Superbbbbbb episode.Finally the day came for Rathi family.

  11. very nice episode. very very happy about sandhyas pregnancy. sandhyas acting is so cute.

  12. When Sandya donated her kidney she must be using heavy antibiotics which are very unsafe for the baby, how come the director missed this point

    1. Director made a miracle of kidney drama. he forgot all the things in kidney how can he use his brain about this small small things of medicine’s,consulting doctor after major operation… e.t.c
      Director’s main aim is to give a gift to sandhya and his family.

  13. Breaking News:
    Guyzzz………Plz Don’t get exited, now the things are fine.there is no problems in Rathi family. except Chavi’s re-unite.
    So this good news of sandhya will going to be a major role.there will be many twists,many struggles………to continue the show.

  14. Nice episode.

  15. I think sandhya is pregnant in real life which is why they brought in the pregnancy story

  16. Nice episode. All old tracks are completed.
    So,I think Director had planned many new tracks.
    New challenges and new twists are getting ready for sandhya and viewers.

    DABH 2nd innings are going to start from Monday.

  17. If there is a leap from Monday then will they show Meenakshi as pregnant with 3rd kid because in real life also Kanika is still pregnant

    1. Till yesterday we thought that there will be a leap the in show.
      but it seems no leap. Y becoz sandhya pregnancy is main track now. So I feel director continue with sandhya pregnant episodes.

      1. they just want to drag the serial long so they will drag the track long and they will take long for a leap

  18. there will be too much dragging from monday……… dragging dragging nly draging.
    there is no other tracks except sandhya’s pregnancy.

  19. during pregnancy she will have health issues that will reveal kidney secret to the family.

  20. chod do yaar director is her husband may be she is pregnant in real

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