Diya Aur Baati Hum 27th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 27th February 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 27th February 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Sandhya telling Swami Ji that he being the sincere devotee of Lord Shiv should be doing the puja for Shiv-ratri first before thinking of punishment and all. Swami Ji says okay then, puja will be done first, and gets busy doing puja.

Others are busy with puja, and first Chotu, followed by SurYa sneaked out through the maze of devotees and gets to an enclosed area

SurYa busy dressing up as saadhus, and Chotu, and Chaturi were giving them necessary items.

Sandhya says they will have to complete this work before the puja gets completed, and says they will have to hurry up and do the work as fast as possible.

The puja (maha-abhishek) is on full swing, and a devotee suddenly notices the disappearance of SurYa, and conveys that to Swami


And Swami Ji tells others to search for SurYa, and two of his supporters goes out in search of SurYa

Chotu and Chaturi were out to bring something, the cow suddenly pokes out its face from the enclosed area, and it shows Sandhya feet of approaching people, and she alerts Suraj, Suraj sits straight as if he is busy performing Yajnas, and Sandhya prays with him.

The devotees felt some people are there in the area and decides to enter

When they came Sandhya asks them to maintain silence as baba Ji (Suraj) is busy with his prayers, the devotees says they don’t recognize this new saadhu, but Sandhya says they are ignorant and aren’t aware of the new saadhus

they were going away, but suddenly one of them says he noticed sindoor on the saadvis (Sandhya’s) forehead, and so again comes back for rechecking

Sandhya overheard the conversation of the devotees, and she, as if praying, touches Suraj’s feet with her forehead (as his feet contained marks of kumkum) and the devotees thought maybe kumkum got into Sandhya’s forehead and finally leaves

SurYa completes their work along with Chotu and Chaturi and comes back to the prayer spot dressed in their normal clothes.

Prayer got finished and Swami Ji looks at the devotees, with a hint of smile at Rathis.

He declares that he got some kind of signal from Maa Parvati.

Swami Ji says he got signal that jewellery is in SurYa house

Sandhya now says to Swami Ji–> 1 minute
and acts as if she is fainting.

Suraj holds her, and Sandhya finally regains senses and says Maa Paarvati gave her darshan (showed up to her ) in her dreams, and says the jewellery is neither stolen by them and it is not in their house.

Others refuse to believe her, including Meena and Bhabo.

But Sandhya holds her ground. Chaturi counters Sandhya’s words and asks her to show some magical thing so that people will believe her, other people also join i chorus with Chaturi’s demand and asks Sandhya to show some proof that Maa Parvati indeed gave her signal.

Sandhya now goes up to the area where coconuts are kept and takes a coconut from there.

Swami Ji says her not to give her blame to others and says soon everything will be clear.

Sandhya says Maa Parvati will punish those who act as biggest follower of Lord Shiv but actually creates nuisance for others and fools people.

Sandhya says she will be able to show some signal where the fake followers and devotees will get detected automatically and asks permission for sitting in dhyan (meditation) to properly convey Maa Parvati’s signal.

Bhabasa says they are normal people they cannot perform such feat, but Sandhya looks determined.

Episode ends

Precap–> 3 devotees took that coconut (their hands are shaking along with coconut itself) and Sandhya declares a 4th person is also there and he is Swami Ji

Update Credit to: SAIBALROUTH

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