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Diya Aur Baati Hum 27th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with PP catching Sooraj. Rocky takes phone from Arzoo and tells her that he has cut his teacher’s hands and killed the girl’s husband, the teacher used to teach us Urdu. Arzoo gets shocked and cries. He reads the message Arzoo wrote for Arpita. He aims gun at Arzoo and says you are missing your husband, lets call him here, I will kill you infront of him. She cries. Rocky hears PP and goes out. PP says this is the real traitor and gets Sooraj at gunpoint. He throws Sooraj down. Everyone get shocked.

Sandhya asks Sooraj are you fine. Sooraj says yes, nothing happened to me. The terrorist asks PP what happened. PP says he was running away. The terrorist asks PP to kill him, he can spoil our game. Ved says no, don’t kill my Papa, he will not do anything like this


The media reporters tell how Sandhya saved everyone at ghaat aarti and asks commissioner about the terrorists. Commissioner says his team is finding terrorists in the city, just call us if you find anything strange. Sooraj says no Ved, don’t beg for life from such people who don’t know meaning of life, we will fight, everyone will try, we all got scared so they got power, they know we are weak, how many people will they shoot, 10, 20, 30? They can’t kill all of us, they don’t have so many bullets, we are many, if we control fear and fight with them, they can’t do anything, brave man dies once, and scared person dies every moment, we will die by bravely fighting with them and protect our houses and country. Jimmy says I will shoot him.

The terrorist says don’t shoot. Jimmy says Sooraj is giving lecture to us, we should kill him. The terrorist says no, we will deal with peace. He tells his plan to Rocky. Meenakshi cries. Bhabho consoles her. Pari asks them to save Kanak. Rocky takes Kanak.

Sandhya says kids did not do anything, leave them. The terrorist says we will use the kids as weapons, shut kids in one room. Sandhya asks what did kids do, don’t do this. He says you should have explained this to your husband. They put all the kids inside. All the kids cry. The women ask Sandhya to save the kids. PP says all kids are crying and want to go to their parents. The terrorist says I have seen Sooraj fearless, I have to give him a dose, what can be fear for parents to make them away from children, I have to play a new game with them. They all get worried.

The terrorist acts sweet to the kids and gives them toffees, asking them to eat. Jimmy smiles. Bhabho says don’t know what they are doing with kids. Sooraj tells Sandhya to be strong. Sandhya asks how, I know they are animals, how shall I tell everyone that kids will be saved, I know they can go to any extent for their profit. She cries and hugs Sooraj. Everyone cry.

The terrorist thinks now the kids will die soon. Vansh says Kanak would be hungry, I will give chocolate to her. The terrorist thinks now the kids will pay for Sandhya and Sooraj’s mistake. Sandhya shouts what did you do with kids, their cry sound is not coming. Sandhya and Sooraj run to see the kids. The kids hold heads and feel drowsy. Sandhya and other women come there and get shocked seeing kids.

Sandhya says Sparsh is not waking up and asks terrorist to give antidote. He asks her to help them in going out, he has made the plan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Mr. Story writer just dragging the terror scenes for telecasting this serial up to sept. 11. Really frustrating.. I really wonder sandhya’s intelligence and bravery where has gone now? Sooraj and even ved is better than her now. Why she is not thinking of any plan?

  2. Go to hell u mr.storywriter….

    Blade no.1 show of 2016….we appreciate fr ur effort to irritate us…….well done….. What a fantastic storyline… Never seen such a stroy like this…atleast at the end of the show u create a better a storyline…. But ur bad luck….

  3. If they show sandhya die in the end, till now what dabh was known for, what sandhya known for, this serial’s uniqueness… Everyrhing will be spoiled..

    1. May be Kanak will take revenge for her family and deepika will play this role
      It proves Sandhya still alive to defeat the terrorists errr…. some thing like that
      I’m very sad whay they decided to kill Sandhyasooraj but that’s the only way to make a new beginning for their season 2. Do you agree with me everyone? Don’t insult them? Agree with them and give them a chance. I believe in their talent and i agree with them

  4. It irritates even while reading updates… Thank god I didn’t watch this serial…… Written updates padikave ivlo kadupu varudhe itha patha sabbbba……….mudiyala…………mr.storywriter U really degrades ur hard earned pride…………atleast show end la konjam nalla yosichu story panirukalam I think ungaluku time sari illa…….. Epada September 11 varum show mudiyum nu iruku…………… 10000000 applause to you fr irritating like this

  5. The story has become tedious and irritating. Sandya keeps mum with out even trying to do any attempts to evade from the clutches of 4 little boys. Sagikkala.

  6. OMG!
    What the blo*dy f**k is going on.Plz end this stupid Hostage drama.It’s getting bored like FLIGHT HIJACK drama.
    Plzzz end this shit drama.Plz unite VANSH with RATHIS.Plz don’t kill our SOORAJ-SANDHYA.

  7. Till now IPS Sandhya Rathi has feared no one. She has always won. She has got the better of all situations. I am sure this time also Sandhya will prevail.
    Otherwise I think the episodes are becoming morbid. Please put an end to this

  8. Writers decision is so worst the great sandhya officer ll die by tis four young boys…it is not suitable our sandy is great they decided like worst cvs..but that main terrorist acts so well..pls change the climax dnt show negative ending..

  9. Don’t kill our suraj and sandhya end the serial happily

  10. Don’t kill sandhya and suraj it will be the bad ending .please end happily.

  11. This terrorists episode is nothing but a long drawn out drama till Sept 10th when the show ends!!! Looks liike the script writers want to show that they can match Ekta Kapoor in dragging the show till viewers lose interest!!! Well done script writers!! Even the Neelvish episode was much better than the terrorists episode
    Also saw the climax scene, where they are ending Sooraj & Sandhya’s life, it is really funny!!!! She has a bomb tied to her waist, but her hands are free!!! Any sane person would remove the bomb with her hands, but Sandhya has forgotten, and she die So!!!! Was re way script writers!!! They think that viewers are buddy’s!!!!

    1. Haha yes..wer s her hand ??????

  12. Don’t kill Sandy’s and appear the effort you have taken all these days will be come waste.happy end is needed by everyone

  13. Watched Aug 27 2016 episode. What example it is giving to general public – people should continue to surrender in front of terrorist? It could have been a much better scene, if mob attacks on 4 terrorists, when their kids were being snatched away. In fact, when Dear. Sooraj was trying to motivate his fellow beings, you can see the faces of terrorists – they were shattered. If mob had fought back at this moment, it will set an example to people that they have lot more power than guns or pistols.

    I am of the opinion that the serial should be stopped immediately and re-shot from Aug 27th 2016 episode, in the interest of public morale, that this serial has been able to raise with Diya and Baati, till now.

    If you want to stop the serial, but can’t leave the people demoralized.

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