Diya Aur Baati Hum 27th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Diya Aur Baati Hum 27th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya and Ved seeing the man. Ved gets scared and hugs Sandhya. Binny takes them. Ved asks what disease does that man has. Binny says nothing, come. Sandhya gets thinking about the disease, and why is Binny not saying anything. They leave from there.

Vikram says its four days and we have to eat raw vegetables. Babasa tells Sooraj that its same like it happens in women rule. Sooraj says yes, there is something incomplete without them, Bhabho is right, house is jungle when there is no Laxmi/women. He tells that women deserve the rights, they are the house runners. Babasa says one man of the house got weak and praising wife. Vikram asks Sooraj to say that he is missing Sandhya. Sooraj says yes, I m missing Sandhya a lot, I m incomplete without Sandhya.


tells Bhabho about her son and bahu. She asks what do they want to have. Sandhya thinks about the diseased person. Binny sees Sandhya thinking. Sandhya asks what happened to that man, his body turned blue. Binny says leave it, what will you drink. Sandhya asks what disease he has that you are hesitant to talk, tell me. Bhabho asks Sandhya what is Sandhya saying. A lady comes and says that disease is Neelvish. Meenakshi asks who is she. Sandhya says we did not see and hear about this disease. The lady says everyone does not know about it, its unique and dangerous, person’s body gets blue, he gets weak and then he dies. They all get shocked. Lady says doctors and scientists could not find any cure, but here people think there is one cure, that’s…. Binny says leave it, and introduces her bahu Kirti to them. Sandhya thinks Binny stopped Kirti from telling about disease. She asks maid to make lemon water. Sandhya says I will help her and goes. Ved leaves from there.

Om is at clinic. Ved calls him. Om asks how are you. Ved says I m fine, I have to ask something, we came out on holidays, we saw strange thing, person had Neelvish disease where body turns blue, you are doctor, do you know. Om says I did not hear about this disease, I will call you in evening once I get free. Ved says fine and ends call.

Sandhya sees the maid’s head stuck in the flour box and helps her by applying ghee. The maid is jolly and tells Sandhya that face is everything. She shows her photo id card for examination and says face is imp. The maid introduces herself and I m Riddhi, I love books, its just breath for me. Sandhya smiles. Riddhi says my parents passed away in my childhood, I worked hard and earned to get admission in college. Sandhya says your dream will really complete. Riddhi asks how did you like my small city. Sandhya asks are you from this city, can you tell me about Neelvish disease. Riddhi asks are you Nastik/non believer. Sandhya says no, I believe Lord. Riddhi says then understand that Neelvish is blessing hidden in Lord’s curse.

Maasa tries to take taxi. Dadusa says wait, bus will come. She says I have to reach home soon, if Emily reaches the secret, everything will end. He asks her to listen. Emily opens cupboard and something falls. She keeps it on the cupboard’s top and sees a sindoor box. She thinks it may belong to Purvi. She takes the silver plates and hears some sound. She hears some beep from the cupboard and looks there. Sandhya asks Binny to tell her. Binny says there is some reason that I m not saying, when I say, you won’t believe, I m afraid your family member can have it. Sandhya asks how can this disease if believed, what is this about.

Sandhya says I really want to know about this disease. Binny says I will tell you. Riddhi screams and shows them Ved fallen on the ground. Sandhya shouts Ved.

Sandhya shows Ved to Bhabho and everyone. Sooraj comes there. Binny says that’s why I asked you not to ask me, he also got Neelvish.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. How the writers dare to make Ved ill , another stupid track coming ….

  2. Hoo…?????????.its boring.whats this dabh team?total mokkai.seema mokka!pls there r lots of track pending .what abt chavi ,dileep,sandys bro family,vansh reunion wit the rathis,zakir.oh…….are they realy planning the show correctly?All artists in dahh r vry talented?,pls make use of them in the right way!!!?????but always my love is there for anas deepika❤❤❤❤❤???????????

  3. Hoo….its boring.whats this dabh team?total mokkai.seema mokka!pls there r lots of track pending .what abt chavi ,dileep,sandys bro family,vansh reunion wit the rathis,zakir.oh…….are they realy planning the show correctly?All artists in dahh r vry talented?,pls make use of them in the right way!!!??but always my love is there for anas deepika❤❤

  4. its boring start

    if u dont have story plese close tham

  5. a slight deviation but interesting an keeps me glued. The cast rocks.

  6. Again comes the stupid mystery…. :3 I’m fed up of these tracks… now I’m sure sandhaya will be blamed for ved getting that disease… uhhhh disgusting -_-

  7. I totally agree with u hema. There are so many issues to be treated rather than deviating pls. Emily’s issue is also there

  8. How did ved get the disease n how did sooraj reach there

  9. The serial has now become a fictional thriller with diseases like neelwis unknown to medical science and sudden appearance of sooraj from nowhere. Very informative and interesting!!!

  10. What’s DABH team up to.
    Nonsense. Stupid. Illogical. Irritating.
    Again started another nonsense f**king track.
    Unnecessary characters are brought in to drag the show.
    Few episodes were good.With single episode they made it worst.
    Hate u DABH Writers & Director.Bastard.

  11. No ved wont die.he is just playing prank just to threaden the rathis.To conform my info you can search for dabh future plot in google.

  12. thank you Hema , glad to know this

  13. Happy to know from DABH future plot Ved is acting like suffering from neelvish.
    Sorry to badmouth DABH writers & director.
    Please give us some funny happy sensible episodes. We hate this Emily-Om track. End this ongoing track soon. Plzzzzz……..

  14. Hahaha this track is really vry similar to the case in agent alice(game) and here mahaan dsp sandhya rathi will solve this case…..huhh height of stupidity really nt likng the track at all……

  15. can any body tell me please which catagory award Sandhya won the SPA award show. but this yea.rr 2016 star parivaar award show is very very worst. Star plus channel cheating allthe artists of the serials All the award goes to YHM. How it possible, definately it is not possible, this all cheating, cheating. I request all production unit you all are please dont give or show your valuable serials, stories to Star plus channels. Judgement are worst, parshiality I hate this channel.

    1. if it was a cheating na then there was a chota sadasy category OK coz ruhi didn’t get any one n everyone knows that she is best

  16. How did ved get the disease

  17. Where is yesterday’s update.

    1. Ameena was not available

  18. Can anyone able to give a short analysis for yesterdays epi?

  19. April 28th written update.

    Everyone gets shocked seeing Ved fallen down. Sooraj reach there.Ved’s face got blue colour. Binny(Santosh’s friend) scolds Sandhya for asking about neelvish & says Ved got neelvish. She says no doctor can cure Ved but they have to take Ved to Duimukheshwari Temple.Ved says he was just playing a prank.Sandhya gets angry. Binny scolds Sandhya and says to see what Ved did.Sandhya,Bhabho & Meenakshi scolds Ved for frightening them.Ved asks Sorry to them and says he spoke to Om.He says there is no disease called neelvish.Everyone who got neelvish is playing prank. Binny says everything is not joke.Binny asks Riddhi(Bunny’s servant) to take Ved & clean his face.Binny’s son comes there and they both argue about neelvish. Binny gets angry & leaves. Riddhi takes Ved to clean his face. Binny’s son greets everyone.
    Emily hears some beep sound from cupboard.She gets shocked seeing something in cupboard. Maasa comes to her home & gets shocked seeing the plates which was kept in cupboard there outside Emily room.Maasa gets tensed.Maasa start leaving & just then Emily stops her.She asks why Maasa did this. She says it’s not a matter to be hidden.Maasa gets relieved as Emily didn’t came to know her secret.She asks Emily for cupboard keys.Emily give the keys & leave. Maasa thinks to do something.
    Sandhya & Sooraj talk about neelvish. Sooraj asks Sandhya to check in net & says he will talk to some doctors. Sandhya sits and check net.
    Bhabho & Binny talk.Bhabho says soorry to Binny for Ved’s prank.She says he is a child.If some doubts comes to their mind, they can’t stay peacefully. She says Sandhya taught her not to believe eyes every time. Binny says first she even don’t believe this. But she sees something & then believe it.Meenakshi & Vikram talk on phone. Meenakshi taunts Vikram on Sooraj’s arrival.Vikram taunts Meenakshi & says Arzoo reached home back to meet Chotu.
    Chotu & Arzoo have a sweet talk. Arzoo gives Sandhya’s gift for Chotu to him.Arzoo says she wants to meet Chulbul when Chotu asks hr about her return.
    Riddhi gives milk to Ved.Ved asks so many questions about Neelvish. Riddhi gets angry & asks him to drink milk.Just then some light comes far upwards. Riddhi folds hands & pray.Ved talks about rocket launch which is similar to the way that light came.
    Sooraj & Sandhya says thee is nothing about neelvish in net & no doctors don’t know about this disease.Sooraj says he don’t want Ved to undergo over mental strain.He says it’s their duty to clear Ved’s doubt.They too see the light.
    Binny folds hands & asks Bhabho to fold hands & pray.Sooraj & Sandhya comes THERE.Binny asks Bhabho whether your Sandhya have any answer for this. Sandhya tells Sooraj that he is right.She says they should give answers to Ved’s question.

    PRECAP::-Sooraj & Sandhya comes to the place where the person who got neelvish was brought in ambulance.They see people gathered there.Sandhya comes & says Ved.

    In this written update some scenes are not updated in the correct order.Forgive me for any inconvenience.
    I don’t know Hindi well as I’m a keralite.
    So I couldn’t translate all dialogues.

    Msg from Team: Thank you.

  20. Okay Episode. Hope this track ends soon. Plzzz end this track soon.It’s not much interesting.End both ongoing tracks. Both are nonsense and irritating.

  21. Thank you so much for the update AD

  22. Thanks AD

  23. Welcome Eva & Akshaya.

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