Diya Aur Baati Hum 26th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 26th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sajni saying she can do anything for Sandhya/Sagarika. Sajni says she can’t help him directly, but there is some way. She tells about Garjana taking some men inside the village and asks Sooraj to come inside village, then maybe she can help him. Bhabho asks Babasa to take laddoos to hospital for Lalima, she will be strong having these laddoos. Meenakshi sees this and says what did Lokesh say that Bhabho is making dry fruits laddoos. Meenakshi sits and asks about laddoos for Lalima. She says Lalima did a lot for Soorja, what did Lokesh say. Babasa asks Bhabho to give laddoos. Bhabho says she will come along and meet Lalima. Meenakshi offers help. Bhabho says no need. Bharat and Sooraj are on the way. Bharat reads the message that Garjana changed the date of their

masterplan, and says Garjana has sent this to misguide us, it can’t be Sandhya’s message, we have to take some action. Sooraj asks him to permit for going there.

Bharat says you are ordinary man, Sandhya is trained officer, I can’t allow you. Sooraj says love has strength, I can go there. Sooraj asks him to think being in Sooraj’s place. He says sorry, I will go there for my Sandhya. Bharat says I understand, but I can’t send you, I will get force by talking to home minister, don’t worry, Sandhya is not just your wife, but also a great officer of this country, we can’t lose her, I promise I will get her back. Sooraj says even then let me go, even I love my country, I will enter that village with that men, they will need a halwai for their celebrations, Lord has made a way for me, I will go as halwai. Bharat says you are not understanding, its not easy. Sooraj says I have given wedding vow to Sandhya, let me go please, I won’t move back now. I know you are worried for mission, my wife has given big sacrifice for it, I will become her strength, not weakness, is the country’s security just a police officer’s duty, doesn’t a common man have any duty for his country.

Bharat says I have always decided by mind in my 25 years of duty, I will take this decision by heart to send you in Garjana village, don’t let me be ashamed of this decision. Sooraj thanks him and says in heart that Sandhya I m coming. Sandhya is shown in a terrible state. She recalls her family. She recalls Sooraj.

Sajni follows the commander in the jungle and thinks to find where did Garjana men keep Sandhya. She sees Shekhar with the men and says Shekhar is also in Garjana…. Commander asks how is Sandhya. Shekhar says she liked to run, now I have locked her, she can’t even stand on her feet, we have broken her legs, now she would be just crawling. Commander says you did this right, we will be becoming reason for her family’s ruin. Sajni thinks Sandhya will meet her family for sure. Bharat explains Sooraj about mission mahabali, Sandhya has sent info risking her life many times, I m so proud of her, Sooraj think again, its inviting death to go in Garjana area, don’t trust anyone, you won’t know who is Garjana soldier there, one wrong move can become danger for Sandhya and this country’s security, be careful.

He shows Shekhar/Chandu, this is head of Garjana, for villagers he is a play organizer, and shows the spy camera to him, asking him to always keep it, they can see his location. He says they will also see the way to enter Garjana area, keep this on. He gives him a mobile and says call me if you need me. We will attack Garjana with any special army commandos, you find Sandhya there without taking her name, its first time a common man is taken for a special mission.

Bharat says Sandhya’s hardwork and sacrifices can get waste, promise me. Sooraj says I promise, I won’t do any mistake, thanks for trusting me. Sajni looks for Sandhya and thinks Sandhya saved my son’s life, its time to return her favor, I have to make her reach her husband, else Garjana will kill her. Sandhya is tied to metal chains, and lying on the ground. Its morning, Bharat and Sooraj wait for Garjana men to come. Sooraj says those people have come.

Bharat says don’t know who is halwai in them. Sooraj says no one is halwai there. Bharat says you go there as halwai, if their halwai comes, I will manage. Garjana men come to take that group and Sooraj goes to join, saying he is halwai. He leaves with them in the jeep. Bharat signs Sooraj and thinks now mission mahabali’s success is in Sooraj’s hand, I hope we succeed.

Sooraj reaches the village. Sandhya is seen tied to cross pole as a punishment. Sooraj steps in the village and looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Jeyam

    There are certain types of doubts to be cleared by th director. First of all nuclear weapons need enriched uranium or plutonium. 1kg of atomic mass is equivqlent of 10 million kg of TNT. And they are not easily availble to nations. How did Garjana obtain this amount of nuclear elements.It tells upon how Indian defence is so poor. Next a common man like Suraj is appointed to save the country from the terrorists. The terrorists are delineated as overwhelming and overpwered people than Indian police . Sorry to say this.

  2. aaaaaa

    pls writers dnt make suraj die…..if anas rashid wants go quit d show thn bring another new lead by plastic surgery method pls dnt let the character suraj to die…..pls writers

  3. Sindhana Vittoba

    Thanks for updating fast. I don’t know Hindi, only by seeing ur update I understand the story. I have a doubt did shekar broke sandhya’s leg. Because I didn’t see that episode.

  4. seema

    if sooraj dies no one wil watch this show…n also it is against the original theme of this serial “women empowerment”….it gives a wrong msg that a women poliice officer should sacrifice her loved ones for the sake of her nation…it discourages some orthodox people to take this service……hello mr.strorywriter n mr.director why r making like this, gone mad….helo mr.producer if u have enough money pls help our poor people to getrid of poverty n hunger….why are u wasting ur money by these kind of misleading thingss……..i beg u……why this kolaveri???????? irritating…………ponga pa ponga !!!!!

  5. Priti

    Guys! I have one doubt that how garjana caught sandhya?
    @ Jayem they managed nuclear elements with the help of foreigners.
    And suraj is a common man but he has mind and will do job as hijack…and sometimes brain is more powerful than physical strength.
    Hope you will be satisfied now. =D

  6. AS

    plz end this serial with a proper storyline . that selfish bhabho and her daughter in laws rest in peace. plz when wwill u shut it whenno viewers will be left due to low trp. plz end it it is 4years now . end it dont die suraj then end it. good =sad , selfish bhabo, meena leave it. end it leap and leap . coma

    • Idiot

      shurrup what ever theyre doing is for our entertainment and dont tell it to close down its like everyone’s favourite drama

  7. mathan

    sooraj leave this show dabh? anyone clarify my doubts. suraj will die in this show diya aur baati hum? or this fake news?

  8. NS4

    Omg!!!!! I can’t believe this… no comments from… richa, Anu, varsha, romi, luvdabh, dharini,
    Wat happen guys…..
    Missing ur comments… Come soon…

    I got free today…and u guys r gone busy…so sad ??

    • NS4

      May be all are disappointed with the spoiler…. and no comments…
      Chill guys…it may be true R not.
      until spoiler news come on screen…..don’t worry abt that…

  9. NS4

    Wat the hell going in rathi house… Wat bhabo doing….
    Wat was the suspense b/w bhaboo-babasa-lokesh and lalima??

    I was worrying….. Again wat stupid ideas r created by director

  10. Richa

    Nothing like so busy ns4 bt m nt willing to cmnt on this hrbl trak & nwdayz horibl nws roking d shw u chk old pages & i m a bit upset from these nws anywayz nyc to c u bak cmnting

    • NS4

      Yeah….u r right… i’m reading all u guys comments daily…
      Don’t understand what creativity makers are doing…
      I think.. makers gone mad of dragging this track like rubber…

  11. anu

    Hey @ns4 nice to u comments…nothing busy …..i am upset abt these horrible news abt main characters nd present track…..i wish total dabh team will give clarification abt this news bt they r not giving any clarification????? really i upset a lot…. ;-( ;-(

    • NS4

      Oh….so my guess was right… All r worried abt that horrible news…

      Anyway leave it ….abt that news…it will spoil our mood
      May be this is y…I got free from work today….to correct my frnds mood..
      So just chill guys…
      Just discuss abt on going track…and forget abt bad news…

  12. NS4

    One thing I don’t understand….. makers showed too much creativity and started “Plan B” in mahabali…showed secret place made by Sandhya to hide from garjana…and then immediately spoiled it by Sandhya again caught by garjana

    It’s a strong mad habit by drag..the track
    If Sandhya was not caught by garjana then she can give all details at nuclear bomb blast… so that it’s gone end easily…makers don’t accept this type of short end… so they used their stupid brain to drag…

  13. NS4

    @Anu, richa, Varsha…Actually I was out of this news…anyone clarify.. abt this news….
    where did u people got this news….I mean from SBS or SBB or from any site…

  14. Richa

    Well sab bakwaas h maine kha tha kh fishy h lalhma aur ruraj akele anywayz all rubbish in d shw nw i dnt feel like cmnting also waise jitendra kya tum news source ka link share kar sakte ho?

    • anu


    • anu

      Richa news real ho bhi saktha kyu khi these spoilers only released that news from the starting of mission mahabali after sandhyas death suraj will go to turma….mere maan me bhi tension hai is baath khe liye….

      comments karne khe maan bhi nahi hora i am very upset

  15. anu

    IF THIS CAN HAPPEN I AM VERY HAPPY…..mera manna e hai khi itna asani se main character kho nikala nahi ja saktha …….may be isme bhi koyi twist ho……

  16. anu

    Guys my comment r edited…in fans face book page some one replied that anas is not quiting dabh prod team and anas has conformed that its fake news……if this can happen i am very happy…

  17. jitendra

    richaji me dabh bahut din se dekh rha hu ! bhabho laddu bana rhi kis liye lalima keep sehat keep liye aur babasha bhi dono ko itane dino bad khush deha hai!

    • Romi

      Aur vo b classical dance ? Boring news hai ? Pls amena and TU team tell our Loving ANAS RASHED not to quit the show ? Your fans are really worried about it ??

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