Diya Aur Baati Hum 26th November 2014 Written Episode Update


Diya Aur Baati Hum 26th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya telling her plan to Arjun and Vadeja about replacing Zakir in RK’s place to fool the terrorists. The people in plane find it hard to breath in the bad smell of Ashu’s dead body. Disha says she wants to kill Shalu too. Prema says no, you just see, they all will throw the dead body. Shalu tells Ashu that she will get treatment for him, as govt is freeing them soon. The people ask her to throw out Ashu’s body. Gautam says Ashu is in shock, this won’t be right to do. Sooraj asks Bhabhi to go to her and explain her. He says she is like Chavi. Bhabho says no, I can’t do this. Sooraj insists and takes Bhabho. Sooraj tells Vadeja that Zakir and she has done much research and she can have the last move in their hands in this, and if they disagree to us, we

will have real RK. She says we will win without losing RK, to save our country’s respect.

Vadeja asks is she serious. He says two intelligent IPS officers made this plan, it’s a nonsense hindi film story, not a plan. Sandhya says I know its filmi. He says no, its kiddish and foolish. Arjun says he agrees with Vadeja, its like playing with Zakir’s life and they can lose the passengers life too. Zakir says he knows this very well what is at stake, but if they can ask for 75 lives for one live, we can try to save them for my life, its not a costly deal. Vadeja says he respects his sentiments but he can’t give orders for suicide, if govt has decided to leave RK, then just erase this plan.

Bhabho tells Shalu that Ashu is dead now. Shalu does not believe her and cries. Sooraj and Gautam take Ashu’s body out. Bhabho hugs Shalu and pacifies her. Sandhya tries to convince Vadeja again, and says its not guaranteed that we can get RK back again. She says we can catch all members of RK’s gang. Arjun says she is forgetting the risk, if they have identified Zakir, all passengers can die in this plan. Zakir says if this happens, then we will still have RK to make the deal. He says he is sure that they won’t kill anyone to get RK.

Arjun says fine, but you need time to do this, you need a makeup artist. Sandhya says she has done arrangements, and she spoke to best mask specialist. She says time is less, so they have planned everything. She says our thinking is different, but our motive is same. Zakir asks Vadeja to give him one chance. Vadeja asks does he think he is fool and he is oversmart. He says can he master RK’s voice, walk and behavior. Zakir says he has seen RK from close and knows everything about him, they are handling his case since long.

Sandhya says Zakir will get ready to become RK, please give us one chance. Vadeja says govt won’t agree. He says he will try, as Sandhya has pointed on him earlier. Arjun says he will try his best too. Sandhya thanks him. Vadeja says we have less time. Sandhya says Jai hind and goes with Zakir.

Prema tells Maya that they should demand govt to send RK and Sandhya in a chopper. Maya says yes, I will kill Sooraj then, and Sandhya will be like living dead then. Arjun connects to Maya. He says there are some conditions, if she leaves 20 passengers fine, then he will take the talk ahead. She says she won’t listen to his condition, and she wants RK and they are not enemies of the passengers. She says they will leave them all. Arjun says you have killed Ashu and he was innocent, we don’t trust you now, give 20 people then we will think for your demand. Maya says she does not accept it. He says then forget the demand, if she kills anyone else, RK’s release will stop. She throws the mic. Arjun tries connecting again. Vadeja gets worried. He says you did you work well, good job.

Arjun says we are playing smart game, if they know this, it will be risky. Vadeja says they have to take risk, to buy time from them. He asks him to buy more time. Arjun says they can kill anyone else too. Vadeja says the risk should be for good work and says he does not feel Sandhya and Zakir’s plan is not so bad, maybe it can be successful. Sandhya waits and sees Zakir and RK’s face match examination. The doctor says good news, its 88% match. Sandhya is glad.

Sandhya gives RK’s videos to Zakir to know more about him. She asks him is he ready. He says yes. She asks is he fully ready. He says he said yes just now. She looks at him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. now its too long .this hijack episode should be finished soon

  2. Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re…….. Jaane Kya hoga Moula Re……

    Copy Cats……… This time english movie Face/Off…

    1. It’s a copy of tamil movie

  3. Finally Zakir die….Finish this hijack as soon as possible

  4. Indian govt is shown irresponsible. We are not like this. I no mor see this soap. All good lines finished.

  5. its d copy of TELUGU movie GAGANAM…what eva might it be from it shldnt be draging atleast nt like dis 4 past X daz i gues…??its realy very boringggggg…its gud 2 c dat people dont wanna c dis crap nymore…!gud people,stop watchng all d crap shws vch only knw hw 2 drag d story 4 ages…!!!

  6. Bullshit………………..
    How this can be possible. They said that is the plane is out of radar and can’t get it location. Then how can Arjun contact terrorists? Atleast show something sensible………..

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