Diya Aur Baati Hum 26th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 26th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mahendra talking to everyone. He says tomorrow will be final round, 10 players will be chosen tomorrow. Avinash’s mum comes and says Avinash will not be one of the 10 and slaps him. Mahendra asks who is she to come like this. She says I m his mum, no one can come in between us and takes him. Prem says Avinash said he does not have mum. Avinash asks his mum why did he come.

She says his brother Prakash and she has looked for him everywhere, she worries for him and takes his bag. He says stop it. She says she will pull his ear and take him home. He says he won’t come, he is here to play kabaddi tournament. She takes his bag and he throws it, saying he wrong with her. Sooraj holds her. Avinash says he will return home when he wins the kabaddi tournament and becomes

something. He leaves angrily.

His mum cries and Sooraj pacifies her. He says he will come home to you. She says I know him, I have seen hatred in his eyes, I think I lost my son. Sooraj says how can a son hate a mum. She says he can, if he thinks his mum does not love him, the misunderstanding has hurt him, he feels I m partial between him and Prakash, the truth is Prakash also loves him a lot. He says he is also a son and knows son and mum’s relation is unbreakable, he is sure that Avinash will value her love one day and tell you that he trusts his relations again.

Bhabho asks Zakir to come inside. He greets Bhabho and Babasa. She asks whats this bags. Zakir says sorry, you can think I m shameless that I came to stay here for few days….. Mohit looks at Emily. Zakir says the police quarter has other officer there and I had to adjust for 10 days, I thought I m bachelor and can take rented home, I did not get any and came here. Bhabho thanks him for coming, he does not need invitation, he can stay here till he gets home, if Sandhya told her, she would have kept his room ready. He says Sandhya does not know and she will be shocked seeing me. He asks Emily to make ginger tea. Mohit gets angry.

Chavi greets Zakir and talks to him. Zakir says she does not look fine, he can see white hair. She says one sec and asks Bhabho to see. Bhabho asks where. Zakir laughs. Chavi asks Emily is there any remedy. Zakir says I was joking, Sandhya said you changed and became matured, I was seeing, you are still immature. Chavi says I was scared. Emily says home will look good after you came. Mohit murmurs. Bhabho asks him to keep Zakir’s luggage. Mohit does not get up. Zakir says he will take it himself. Emily says I will show you your room. Bhabho looks on.

Mohit scolds Emily for being good to Zakir. She calls him selfish and says she is not like him, and lives for family. He taunts her about Zakir. She cries and asks him to think what is he saying. He asks her to be away from Zakir, else it won’t be good. Sandhya comes and asks what what won’t be good. Mohit says nothing, I was just explaining Emily, she works so much and does not take care, she should take rest, it won’t be good for her health. Emily says yes. Sandhya goes. Emily says she did not hide the truth to save him, but because Pari would hate him more after knowing this.

Sandhya and Zakir talk to Ved. Zakir says Sandhya used to say the one who lost to heart, lost, and one who wins by heart, wins. Ved asks him how did mum manage in police training. Sandhya asks him to go and sleep, Zakir will tell tomorrow. Zakir leaves. Sandhya recalls Zakir’s words. She opens the window and sees Chander standing outside. Sandhya tells Zakir about Chander. Zakir goes out and warns Chander. Sandhya says is she puts him in jail, no one can bail him. Chander says she can do it, but what is his crime, he is standing here, not on her plot.

Zakir says its crime to see any woman like this, don’t teach me laws. Chander says he is not seeing any woman and says this shop has hired me for security. Zakir says he can’t do anything, we have police protection here, if he does something, he will go jail. Chander says he is glad that she got scared, he will be here daily and warns her about her family. She goes and he smiles.

Its morning, Sooraj talks on phone to Ved and says its final round today, and says best of luck to Lakhan. Babban prays. Prem thinks he will be chosen. Avinash hears Sooraj talking to Bhabho and says he will be chosen in top 10 by her blessings. Avinash asks is he mistaken, will he win by mum’s blessings. Sooraj says he can win over anything by mum’s blessings. He says you are lucky too to have a mum and an elder brother, their blessings.

Avinash says he will need by his talent and does not need anyone’s blessings. Sooraj says blessings become strength. Prem smiles seeing them argue. Sooraj says you can’t change this truth. They are called by the coach. Mahendra says this is final selection round where 10 players wil make the new team, to take part in Kabaddi mahasangram, its do or die situation for you all.

Sooraj plays in the final round. Aditi says we will announce the top 10 names and they are….

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. NS4

    Daily wasting 5 to 10 mints in show timing. .by showing the last 10 mints of previous day…

    One thing I can’t understand that why in movies and serials. .. lead roles wait for villan’s attack. Why can’t leading role attack On goons. Lead role actor’s always wait till they loose one of family member

  2. Pari Emily Rathi






  5. Sahira

    y) In Diya Aur Baati Hum ,
    Sooraj (Anas Rashid) is working hard
    for Kabaddi tournament, while his
    wife Sandhya (Deepika Singh) is
    trying hard to save Sooraj’s hotel
    plot that has been occupied illegally
    by some unknown people. In the
    meantime, Chavi, who had been to
    Mumbai for pursuing fashion
    designing course, is back home.
    Sandhya, who is with Zakir, reveals
    that her nanad Chavi is back home
    after five years. She is now a
    successful fashion designer. Zakir
    sees Chavi’s selfie picture that was
    sent to Sandhya and is surprised to
    see her changed looks. At the same
    time, he sees few men following
    her and shows the same to
    Sandhya. We will have to wait and
    watch to see how Zakir and
    Sandhya save Chavi from the
    goons. Chavi and Emily bond well
    with Zakir. Emily, who is not in good
    terms with her husband Mohit, was
    also forced for second marriage by
    Meenakshi. But Emily ignores. Now
    that Emily too is seen bonding well
    with Zakir, can we expect a love
    triangle here?

  6. Jeyam Ramachandran

    Confusion. Total confusion. An ordinary street rowdy intimidates police. They are simply answering him back without taking any drastic measures. On the otherhand Sooraj is being mauled and cheated by Prem. The coach is too foolish to find out his villainy. And the confusion continues.

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