Diya Aur Baati Hum 26th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 26th March 2014 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 26th March 2014 Written Update

Babhsa was checking news paper and wonders whom to vote and whom not to , while bhaboo who was washing dishes is lost in her own thoughts where she remembers dilips mom telling her everything abut who stole the dress and saying chavi broke her trust and all, bhaboo was pre occupied when meena accidentally drops a new case of glassware, and she along with emily are worried that bhaboo will bash her and meena asks for forgiveness when bhaboo asks her to be careful in a calm tone babasa, emily and meena think bhaboo is calm as she just got chavi married off and so on, while bhabhoo thank self that sandhya managed everything and wants to go and talk to chavi when babasa stops her saying he knows she is going to call chavi as she is missing her, but chavi must be busy and all, while

suraj enters happily thinking bhaboo and babasa will be happy when they get to know what sandya did.

Bhaboo was hesitating to call , when suraj comes and convience her to call chavi and calls her up, chavi tells them she is happy and when bhaboo asks her if dilips mom said anything , she says nothing other than saying she is their best DIl and all, and then chavi is busy in making meena feel jealous of the things she got and says she is going to singapore for honeymoon, bhaboo decides to talk to chavi when she comes back

Sandhya is sleeping in her room when the siren rings and every one checks on it and hears a announcement asking them to come to trophy area, and rahul , roma and sandya along with others go there. Singh comes in and then tells them that their final tasks begin at this moment for which they have to be away from academy for a week and asks them to get ready in 10mins and all late ppl will be not joining and then tells them they will be analysed on their tasks and all

Sandhya is packing and is hesitating to call suraj while suraj feels he should call her and then calls her up and she tells him about the test and then later on, as usual shows her low confidence where he boosts her to have faith in self.

Zakit hopes the thing his elder brother could not do it , he should be able to do it and win the best candidate contest. Rahul and roma are chatting away while waiting for sandhya and rahul informs roma that his parents are coming to meet her and this scares her a lot . they all arrive in hall and singh scolds them for brining so much luggage,

precap: all cadets come out of a truck which lands in the jungle and they will have to start this task in this jungle

Update Credit to: ChillMaarYaar

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