Diya Aur Baati Hum 26th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 26th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya going to the statue and crying. She sits there and recalls telling Sooraj her dream. He promised her to fulfill her dream. He says its not your dream, its mine too. Sooraj calls her and says I just called you like this, I was missing you, Ved and I were seeing your old photos, we have seen your training pics and old memories got revived, I did not have pride before, but I feel much pride to be your husband, you are a brave IPS officer, I wish to salute you, I was telling Ved the importance of person’s dream, dream is one which shows you a path, encourages you and makes you work hard to achieve it. She cries.

He looks at his shop from the window, and says if anyone has to see determination towards dream, they should see you, your work is like your life,

I did not ask you how are you and where, once you come here, we will take Ved to that Gandhi statue, where we talked about dreams, Sandhya got her Sooraj there. She ends the call and cries. She says I could not tell you I have left my dream behind, I will fulfill your dreams, I will get your lost respect back. When you have made my dream yours, fought with the world for me, I can sacrifice my life for such a person, dream is too short to sacrifice, this is be my life’s biggest Tapasya, I dedicate myself to your dream, I will fulfill your dreams, your dreams and mine now.

Sandhya and Bhabho walk to home. A silence follows. Sandhya asks Bhabho to promise, she won’t tell this to anyone at home, when Sooraj knows this, he will break down, he can’t bear this. Bhabho says yes, I will not tell anyone. Sandhya thanks her. Bhabho cries and blesses her. They enter the house. Meenakshi says I was waiting for you, where did you two go. Bhabho says I went to temple, Sandhya dropped me and went to duty, she then picked me. Meenakshi asks about the plate. Bhabho fools her saying we went to have chaat. Meenakshi says you also turned like me, I also like chaat. Bhabho asks are you saas or I m your saas, why are you spying on me, go and work, I will talk to Sooraj. She asks Sandhya to go to her room.

Emily sees Om sitting outside her parlor. She says you here. He says I was just passing by and thought to meet you. He puts shutter down and says I just came 15 mins back. The tea vendor says what are you saying, you had 8 teas since one hour, take your change. Emily smiles. Om signs the man whats was the need to say. A cycle rider passes by and Emily falls in Om’s arms. Music plays…….

Sandhya comes to her room. She opens the cupboard. Sooraj sees her. Sooraj asks her when did you come. She says just now. He asks why does she look upset, why is she scared, as if he caught a thief red handed.

He asks her where is her smile, why did she not ask about his day, she just silently entered the room. She says sorry, tell me how was your day. He says I have a surprise, you guess it, you know we read each other’s face, I don’t want to read my face, so turn away. She turns and cries.

He says how to tell you that I wrote something in my heart for you, I want to read out to you. He tells about the innocent, simple and shy life partner he got, she used to run wearing anklet and she became a part of my life. She smiles hearing his poetry. He says you are very special for me, as you had passion and courage to fulfill dreams, you made me proud, I found myself great by linking to her, such a wife who manages the country, not just a house, my salute to such a wife. Diya aur baati……….plays………. She gets tearful eyes. He asks her how did she like his shayari. She says great, and thinks when I left my dream, you supported me, and today I did not include you in my big decision, forgive me, I had no other way.

Bhabho gives the Karchi/large spoon to Sandhya. Sooraj calls her and asks her to come fast. He asks her about her uniform, where are her stars and badge. She gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Devga

    Wat is the jist of current track….???? y sandhya is crying….???? For a second i thought suraj is dead… But thank god therr was a phn convo with him….
    Sry for asking if anyone has no issue thn plz reply me… Coz i am watching dabh aftr a long tym….

    1. Richa

      i dont know much as half of the episode is eaten by karan then no use to watch only update why just why!!!!!?? theyyyy started SUP at same tym 🙁

    2. Suraj became paralysed and his dream shop got spoiled by chavi ( his sister) as she was making unhygienic sweets. Sandya decided to leave her ips job and take over suraj’s shop to bring it’s good reputation back! Cuz suraj is very heartbroken !

    3. SOORAJ got hurt as a huge board falls down and hit his back while he was trying to save BHABHO during a riot.He got paralyzed.
      Later Chavi took responsibility of SOORAJ’s shop.But insects found in sweets @ SOORAJ’s shop.People got angry and SOORAJ lost reputation
      SANDHYA quit IPS & decided to take care of SOORAJ’s shop

    4. There was a riot and Suraj got an injury to his back while trying to save Arzoo and bahbo. This back injury left paralyzed from his neck down.
      Due to this has not been able to manage his shop so Chavi suddenly appears and offers to take care of the shop but as usual Chavi always has motive as she’s rather selfish.
      Chavi manages the shop for one week and everything is going well. Then there comes another sweet shop owner who wants to ruin Suraj business. Chavi helps him for money by selling spoiled sweets to suraj customers.
      Customers all came back to complain, and almost wrecked Suraj shop in his presence.
      He sat crying on his wheelchair while all the customers left.
      He lost all his customers so Bhabo decides to ask the priest at the temple to give Suraj a chance to make the prasad as he did when he was 14.
      Priest refused bhabo and Sandhya saying there is no one in Suraj family who can do prasad like suraj so he decides to give contract to shop owner who Chavi is helping.

      Later Sandhya went back to bed priest saying she will take Suraj place to prepare prasad. He agrees and gives 15 days to her and other shop owner to prepare prasad and the best one will be offered.

      Sandhya then resigns from her job to run Suraj shop.

  2. Richa


    1. Richa


  3. Richa


  4. sandhya resigned her job for sooraj’s shop as sooraj became paralysed

  5. Too Emotional Episode
    OM-EMILY scene was so cute
    SOORAJ-SANDHYA scene was also simply superb.
    Touching Episode.
    Eagerly awaiting for upcoming episodes.
    Hope this track ends soon
    Hope SOORAJ won’t be annoyed with SANDHYA for too long.
    End this track soon without any drag

  6. hai, anyone plz tell whats the meaning of “tapasya” & “chaat” ??

    1. Devga

      Chaat means snack like pani puri and other snack of tht kind…
      Tapasya means meditation …

  7. devga actually sooraj was hit by riots which effects his spinal cord and below the neck part of his body doesnt function.To make him happy there is only one way for the family members i.e to make sweet shop run as usual ….so sandhya takes that responsibility and resigns her she sits crying there.

    1. Devga

      Thnk u soooooooooo muuchh ramya…

      I am really overwhelmed by so many replies….

  8. Devga

    @Kitties @ad @rana thank u guys soooooooooo muuchh….. Just for One of my comment u guys replied thts so nice of u all….

    And u creature dint bother to continue ur ff nor msg me through private chat… Vry angry ????

  9. Devga

    @naveen so lovly thank u….. And feeling sry tht u had to typ so much for my One comment…. Really thank u….

  10. The hero of the story once fell mentally ill. Now physically disabled thereby disabling the tone of the story. They did not give any opportunity for Aarzoo to do some performance. Very sorry state of affairs. Its high time to put an end to the serial.

  11. thank u devga for giving meanings. and i don’t know hindi.

  12. Happy to see diya aur baati hum in 7 place of ratings

  13. it is good that they want to show Sandhya respecting Sooraj’s dream, but why cant they be little sensible by making Chotu run the shop and Arzoo helping him And Sandhya taking a long leave for time being and over looking the entire thing and also extending her help.

  14. Right Chotu was right person to run Surajs shop,

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