Diya Aur Baati Hum 26th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Diya Aur Baati Hum 26th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts Vansh saying you decided to give one baby to mumma, why did you choose me. He cries. Sandhya looks at him. Vansh says I heard parents love children equally, how did they decide to give Vansh, not Ved, tell me. Bhabho recalls that one baby was healthy and one was weak, and that way they decided. Vansh says I know you all loved Ved, not me. Sooraj says no, we love both of you equally, you are our child.

Vansh pushes Sooraj’s hand and says you are lying, all of you are liars, I won’t talk to anyone. Babasa says I will explain you. Vansh says I don’t need to know anything now, I got to know for what I came here, I m leaving. He runs outside and Ankur walks in. Vansh cries seeing him and hugs him. He says Papa, I don’t want to stay here, take me to mumma, I got to

know who gave me birth. Sandhya, Sooraj and everyone look on. Vansh says they made me away after birth and today I m making them away forever, take me home please. Ankur wipes his tears and says yes, we will go home.

Vikram tells Meenakshi that the way Vansh got to know truth is not right, his questions shattered Sooraj and Sandhya, they both lost to their son, sometimes parents get helpless. She says yes, children is life. He asks did Misri and Golu have food. She says yes, Misri wants to go on picnic, she will stay there at night. He says stop it, world is bad, I trust my daughter, not the boys. She says but Misri wants to go. He says we will take her with family, its not good to fulfill children’s every wish, let me sleep now.

Emily shuts parlor. A lady comes and says I want to have facial, I have to go in marriage tomorrow. Emily asks her to come tomorrow. The lady offers double money. Emily refuses saying she got very late, she has to go home. She locks the shutter and leaves. A man asks her did Om not come to take her, he comes daily and drinks many tea. He says Om has come, he has long age, I just talked of him. Om silently goes. Emily walks after him.

Sooraj tells Ankur that truth had to come out some day, but the way it came out was wrong. Ankur says Sandhya, Ankita and I feel bad that Vansh is blaming you and misunderstanding you for your big sacrifice, I m sorry, I tried to explain him, but he is not in state to understand. Sooraj says we should give Vansh some time. Ankur asks Sandhya not to worry, we will explain Vansh. She asks did you book return tickets. Ankur says yes, I m taking Vansh tomorrow.

She says I will pack his clothes and asks Sooraj to get ber for Vansh, he likes it. Sooraj says yes and leaves. Ankur sees Sandhya hiding her pain. Sooraj goes to Ved and says you were asking me about fake acting for Vansh, now you know the truth, that your parents are Vansh’s real parents, if you have any question in heart, you can ask me, as I never lie to you, do you think we love one son more and other son less. Ved says no, I know you love Vansh equally, there is no one like my parents. He hugs Sooraj.

Its morning, Ved goes to Vansh. Vansh packs his bag. Ved says sorry, I know you felt bad, think of good thing, we are twin brothers. He hugs Vansh and they cry. Ved says Kanak got two brothers now, we can stay together and play, I know you are annoyed with mumma and Papa, but they are very good and love us. Vansh says no, they don’t love me, else they would have not made me away, my mumma and Papa love me, I m going to them and won’t come here ever. Ved says but I m your brother, won’t you come to meet me. Sooraj and Sandhya cry seeing them. Vansh says you come at my house to meet me, don’t forget to get Kanak, will you come Ved. Ved hugs him.

Sooraj says Vansh is annoyed with us, he loves Ved. Sandhya says yes. Ved asks them to stop Vansh. Vansh is leaving. Sooraj and Sandhya cry and forward hands to bless Vansh. Ved keeps their hands on his head, and says don’t worry, I will make your blessings reach Vansh. Ved passes blessings to Vansh. Sandhya and Sooraj cry.

A lady tells Sandhya about her daughter Mansi, who disappeared. A lady takes Misri’s pics and sends to some man. The man says the girl is good.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thanks amena for fast updating.. nicely they show todays episode..

  2. Todays episode was so emotional… how that 2 kid act.. just awesome.. in my style ek dam zakass..?????☺

  3. Nicely they they show today that scene.. heart touching scenes.. ved understand his parents..?‍?‍?‍??‍?‍?‍??‍?‍?‍?

  4. Too Emotional Episode.
    Can’t stop tears.Very touching.Heart breaking. VED-VANSH scenes simply superb.Awesome.
    SANDHYA’s new mission gonna begin.
    But for what blo*dy f**k this DABH writers always bring anyone among the RATHIS in her every mission.Stupid brainless dumbstruck senseless fools.Idiots.
    In flight hijack drama they brought SOORAJ & BHABHO.In MISSION MAHABALI SOORAJ saved SANDHYA.How can a common man go for such a high profile mission.That was completely senseless.Track was really great but this kind of stupidities were there.
    & Now these fools are bringing MISRI in this upcoming track.
    Hope everything will get fine soon
    Hope VANSH will forgive SOORAJ-SANDHYA for their crime of separating their child from themselves.

    1. Richa

      u tooo >>>>>>@<<<<<< happy raksha bandhan broo 🙂 in advansss i'lll try to wish on dat day tooo

  5. Which i think that tgey today show… yesterday i say that they show some good scene.. and see today they shoe that..?????

    1. Means nice to see that suraj and sandhya as well as ankur scene was nice.. good they show… ?‍?‍?‍??‍?‍?‍???‍?‍?‍????

  6. Ved and vansh is good actor… hatts off them.. ????

    1. Ved and vansh scene was awesome.. in my style ek dam zakass….there scen was so cute….. as well as there conversation was to good… ???????

  7. Very sentimental episode .hope that vansh will unite with sooraj n sandhya again.

  8. Its nice to dabh team they show good thought.. vansh is only annoying with suraj and sandhya.. ?????

    1. And definitely in after some days back they show that vansh forgive suraj and sandhya… ?????

    2. Nicely they show this situation.. they nt show fight…. this is the nice part of this serial.. thats why i love this serial very much…?????☺??‍?‍?‍??‍?‍?‍?

  9. Nicely they show this situation.. they nt show fight…. this is the nice part of this serial.. thats why i love this serial very much…?????☺??‍?‍?‍??‍?‍?‍?

  10. Today’s episode end was to good.. as well as so cute …. ?‍?‍?‍?vansh and ved scen was so cute.. ???☺☺

    1. Waiting for tomorrow’s episode.. now may be sandhyas new mission to findout children kidnapping gang.. just waiting for this…???its nice that bhot dino baad main first cmt kiya hai…???☺

      1. Richa

        thiss was a spoiler lo0ng ago that misrii to b kixdnapped by trafikerzzzz ahhh so slowwww

  11. BAD PARENTS get back ,.

    Vansh is totally right,..if Ved vould be in VANSH situation, he will be react the same,i,m sure,.Everyone, like you and i and another persen,. react like this,.Boul Boul was sick,.she needed some psichological halp,not real live babe,…

  12. I heard dabh 2 sequel.. And in second part story will start after sooraj- sandhya’s death.. Its not good..
    But defnitely as i guess earliar ved will be like his father a halwai and vansh will be a police officer like sandhya

    1. Oh…it was nice………But what about Kanaka(Sandhya-Sooraj) daughter…wat will she become………????????????

      1. Richa

        kanka nahi kanak bro lol kanka would b briti9sh accent as they put a at end of every hindi word
        rakhi next mont dunno whether i would b able to wish as hostel mobile only 1 hr 🙁 soooo happy rakhi

      2. Oh….Thank you very much @Richa……….no prob’s dear get in touch ven u get availablity to comment

      3. so sweet of u 🙂

    2. Richa

      yup not gooodb as if sandy comes bak as her daughter it would b awful

      1. That’s was superrrrrrrrrrrrr idea dear i was also thinking the same………..sandhya to come back as daughter toooo

  13. Why are they ending Sandhya-Sooraj track in DABHOL. Everyone liked them. They were the highlight of the serial. We all saw the serial for them. Please bring them back

  14. Hi friends…. Ankita is leader of children kidnapers. Read in spoilers

  15. So sad to no vanch is leaving them n who is the lady

  16. I heard the news that season two will not have sooraj and sandhya , they will be shown as dead and the story will will go on like that . dabh is one of the best serials , end other stupid shows na why this show .

  17. Hi Varsha, Where had you been all these days? We missed you and your special English. There is nothing interesting in this episode to speak. about. The director shoots anything with his camera in order to convey his ideas that are very old and rotten.

  18. I too accept AD’s conversation.. Why writers always involving RATHIS family in each and every track?????

    Election track — All family members
    Bike track — Mohith
    Flight track — Suraj and his maa
    Mishan mahabali — Suraj

    Bank robary – Ved
    now also in upcoming kidnap track – Misri

    1. Richa

      i’ll tel u bcozz rathi’s r the supremo’s more than PM they are on the top alll think ki aam admi se kya panga lena police wali se hi lelo 😛

  19. varrrrrrrrrrrrshaaaaaaaa welciome baccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk well pls ask anu to cm back she isnt using fb anymore

  20. Richa

    dabh team rocksss 🙂 🙂
    varshuuuu tere bin……. yeh page soona soona laageyyyy re 🙂 🙂 🙂 so any reason for dissapearence ??? i neeed solid reason
    missing anuuuuuu u hav her mail id na ask her if shezz alryt m worried @@@@@@ no1 answeredv ma ques yaaar m in hostell non tv just updates nd less datA SO TELLL ME IS THAT MAN SAME WHO KIDNAPPEDKANAK ND MANUPLATED VANSH AND WATZZ CU7RRENT TRAKKK
    @@@ NS4 HW R U TC

  21. Richa

    raaaami bhaai aakhri din gin lo varsha ko repli kia mera kyaa jo inne dinno seee dhund rahi thi u ko 😛 😛 huh!!!!!!
    anyyays ns4 wazzup

    1. Hahaha!! Rakhi bandh do phir gala dabana!!!?? filhal where is today’s epi !!! I’m gonna cryyyyyyyy?????

  22. Richa

    heyyy dabh ke naye members khan hai jo ki hamesha answer karteyyy hai
    missin thm

    1. i think all our frnds were busy in there respective works…………..Or may became silent readers……..because after Neelvish track…. noting shown gr8…….i also keept silent…..just reading updates but no comments……………….

      Anyways…….if my best buddies comments then i will also get energy/encouragement to comment about the show………..keep on commenting guys…………….

      Hey Hai Varsha,,, Welcome back ……………after long time happy to see ur comments………

      1. hmm…. ryt may b busyyy ut atleast 1 stringggg 1 khabarrr wewere they no1 bothered 2 inform nd neeelvish trak se pehle konsa teer mara tha inhone only gud til MM nd mooooohot useless gave a useless death trak with loolima tringle i mean triangle lead to loss of faithful veiwers all rubbish may b in near future b4 d end they giv us the old charm bak anyways after children entry TRP kept on decreasing

    2. Hi @ Richa !! Are u having two ids or what ?? I’m confused!! Is dabh really going off air r it’s just a rumour?

  23. Nice episode. Ved Vansh part was super.

  24. Superb episode…vedansh scene so emotional…

  25. Hi there
    Where’s today epi! Hi @ richa !! Where were u ????? Glade to see all old friends ? I just heard dabh is going to off air so I came here to c all of u ! I’m not happy with this news as suraj sandya were like family members to us ! Pls makers don’t end this fabulous show !! Plzzzz

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