Diya Aur Baati Hum 26th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 26th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Meenakshi writing a letter that she does not have Rs 5000. She ties a coconut and makes an aarti plate. Vikram comes and asks where is she going. She says temple and hides the letter. He says now I understand why are you going to temple, to pray for Sooraj’s shop. She says yes. He starts praising her and says I love you, lets go together to temple. She says no, you can’t. He asks why. She says I mean what will you do going there, you be here, Sooraj needs you here. He says no, I m going for his sake only, lets go. Mohit and Emily too are going to the temple. Meenakshi gets tensed. Mohit says Emily wanted to pray for Sooraj’s shop. Vikram says great, lets go. Meenakshi says why do everyone have to go today. Vikram asks her to come fast.

Emily does the puja

and everyone prays. Meenakshi looks for that blackmailer. Vikram asks Meenakshi to do puja well as she should not place whole coconut. She thinks she kept letter in it and stops him. She thinks her secret will come out and closes her eyes. Emily stops him and says Meenakshi is right, ants will come here if you break coconut here. Meenakshi says yes. Vikram says fine. Emily apologizes to lord for doing this. She takes the coconut which Meenakshi kept. Taisa asks Bhabho not to worry, as she will fully support her. Bhabho asks when will Sandhya come. Soorja says she might be on the way. Sandhay comes there with lawyer. Everyone looks at her.

Bhabho asks her to come with them to the lawyer. Sadnhya brings a lawyer with her. Bhabho asks why is she upset. Sooraj says lets go. Balkishan comes and says nothing will happen now. He asks Sandhya to tell them the truth. Read and tell whats in this legal notice. Sandhya reads it that the court has ordered to shut the shop and give it back to Balkishan. Everyone is shocked and looks on.

Sandhya looks at the shop and vacates the shop. She thinks of Sooraj and the shop. She shuts the shop and locks it. Bhabho cries. Sooraj too cries as he was very attached to the shop. Sandhya too us very hurt after doing this. She looks at Sooraj and feels his pain, what he is going through. She says Sooraj ji……. And goes to him. Someone comes there ringing. They see a man is coming and selling sweet boxes on his movable stall. Taisa says what is this, its Sooraj’s shop name.

Kavita comes there and rings the bell. Everyone is shocked seeing her and puzzled too. Taisa says Kavita? Why did you come here. Kavita asks Sooraj why is he shocked, it’s a gift for him, your ASP wife has locked your shop and this is be useful to you in bad times. She says Sooraj Rathi, this new shop is your future. She rings the bell again. Kavita taunts Bhabho asking how did she like this gift. Bhabho is upset. Kavita says you are proud of Sandhya and see she has shut this shop today, after what all Sooraj did to support her dream and make her ASP.

Kavita smiles and says great Sandhya, sorry ASP Sandhya Rathi, you did your duty very well. Sandhya gets angry. Kavita says you failed as a wife, so sorry to say this. Sandhya looks at her.

Sandhya tells everyone that she will not leave Kavita and will surprise her. She tells her plan to her family and everyone listen to her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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