Diya Aur Baati Hum 26th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 26th July 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 26th July 2013 Written Update

Suraj asks sandy how did she get the idea. Sandy tells that he bought that jalebi in a newspaper & there she found the news. They show the flashback

Suraj reads that hero heroine came & they got messed up in crowd. School children too were excited. Sandy tells that everyone has that. Suraj asks whether she has done this before. Sandy tells that she has done that with a smile on her eyes. Suraj gets jealous. Asks her to concentrate on studies. Sandy asks him to listen to that name. Suraj tries to leave. Sandy stops him & tells that he is the only hero of her life. Suraj & sandy smile..
Flashback ends

SurYa share a big eyelock & smile.

Momily room
Mohit asks emily to follow his nstructions … Adds that let sandy do all the preparations

but she will be the winner at last. Mohit gets a call & tells the person that they must be careful this time & calls him to RM. Mohit asks emily whether everyone slept in RM> Emily nods. Mohit tells that he will be coming within half an hour. Emily is confused

Surya Room
Suraj is disturbed while sleeping. Sandy is reading. Sandy asks him whether he is not getting sleep. Suraj tells that yes. Suraj tells that he is disturbed by the thought that what would be the next round. Adds that sandy must sleep as she has to concentrate tomorrow. Sandy tells that she will … Adds that both are not getting sleep & they can play carrom. Suraj nods. Says that Rani is his. Sandy goes on to get the carrom

RM aangan

The helper comes in & informs about everything. Meanwhile sandy passes the balcony. Mohit asks him the answer sheet. The person gives emily the answers for the first part. The helper tells that he will be giving the info as and when he gets the info. Mohit asks him not to take tension & asks him to inform him first. Emily sees sandy getting down thro stairs & they quickly send him off & close the door. Sandy otices mohit closing the door (she only listened to the voice of the door) Emily hides the answer paper in the carrom board hole. Sandy asks mohit what happened whether worried about the competition & adds that Suraj & herself were also like that. Mohit says that they just wanted to have a walk. Sandy nods & takes the carrom board with her. Momily gets shocked


Mohit asks sandy why she is taking carrom with her at this mid night. Sandy tells that suraj & herself gonna play this to relieve the stress. Adds that they will play for a few hrs & get relaxed. Sandy takes the carrom board & leaves to her room. Momily is tensed. Mohit taunts emily & leaves for Surya room.

Surya Room
Suraj tells that he will get the rani. Sandy tells that he is having more ineterest on rani. Suraj asks why not rani is so important for him. Sandy stares at him. Momily comes in & joins the, Suraj happily calls them in. Mohit sits opposite to at the corner where the paper is in. They start playing carrom. One by one lay. It s sandy’s turn now. Suraj asks her to aim at one back wardshot in which corner the paper is in. Sandy hits the shot & emily correctly picks it up before sandy could. The paper is still inside. Suraj nows aims at the corner & hits a coin too. Emily helps again. Suraj meanwhile aankh maaroing sandy & sandy too. In between gap mohit flips the stricker & suraj goes on to pick it up. Mohit asks sandy water. She leaves for that too… Emily picks the paper within that time


SurYa get back to their positions. Mohit thanks sandy & gives a sigh of relief to emily. Emily signals him to leave. Mohit gets his turn & he makes excuse saying that it is getting late & SanLy should take rest. Suraj tries to speak but he cuts abruptly & leaves. Suraj wonders how abruptly he went. Sandy tells that rani is still there. Suraj tells that rani is always with him. Sandy smiles.
(aankh matkaye pe aankh matkaye haye haye)

Next day morning
Meena is happy wondering that both SanLy will be participating today Sandy comes in with tiffin box. Meena tells that she will take care of that. Bhabo tells that haan sandy will participate in dimag wali competition & herself in food competition. Meanwhile bhabo notices Kanha having bad health. Asks meena to stay back & take care of Kanha. Meena nods.

Everyone in competition hall. Chavi wonders what will happen today.Mohit is confident. Bhabo is worried. Episode ends

Precap: Two two contestants are made stand together (jodi challenge) SanLy together. Abhi tells that there are three godowns there with alike items & they should pick up items from there. Everyone listen to him carefully

Update Credit to: Shobhana_dabh

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