Diya Aur Baati Hum 26th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 26th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

the Episode starts with Bhabho asking everyone to come for mu dikhai rituals. Sandhya sees Arzoo and thinks did Arzoo’s doings a coincidence, this can’t be. Bhabho makes Arzoo and Chotu sit. Sooraj asks Chotu is the gift ready. Chotu says yes. Bhabho asks Chotu to start mu dikhai rasam, lift Arzoo’s ghunghat. Sooraj stops Chotu and asks him to say Chann first. He reminds that Chotu teased him and asked him to say Chann at his time. Chotu lifts the ghunghat and sees Arzoo. He says the Chann. Arzoo smiles. Everyone like the Chann. Chotu gives the gift to Arzoo. Meenakshi opens the gift and sprays the perfume there. She says its good. Arzoo starts sneezing. Sandhya asks Meenakshi to stop it, I think Arzoo has allergy with perfume. Meenakshi says its first gift from Chotu, but this perfume

is bad for Arzoo, throw this. Arzoo says no, don’t throw it, if I can’t use, I can keep it safe, its my first gift. Everyone smile. Sooraj tells Chotu that this is called to respect gift and emotions linked with it, you are lucky to get a wife like Arzoo.

Sooraj gifts Arzoo from Sandhya and his side. He says its mobile, whenever you miss Resham, call her and talk. Arzoo thanks him and Sandhya. She holds her ears and apologizes to Sandhya for her mistake. Sandhya says its fine, forget this. Sandhya looks at Arzoo and thinks of senior’s words. She thinks is Arzoo really innocent and much clever?

Sooraj asks Sandhya are you thinking about Arzoo, I was also thinking about her. He says I wish Bhabho accepts Arzoo with the truth that she is Pakistani. He says just values and nature matters, country and all do not matter. Sandhya thinks whats Arzoo’s true face, what is seen or what Arzoo is hiding. He asks her to go police station and cancel her leave, it will be big success to get place in anti terrorism squad. Sandhya says fine and leaves. Meenakshi also gifts Arzoo. Bhabho says even I want to give you some gift, ask what you want. Meenakshi asks Arzoo to ask, Bhabhi is in good mood. Arzoo says Chulbul. Bhabho says no, I can’t agree, I m scared of dogs, he can bite anyone, I can’t give you this, think and say next time. Ask anything except Chulbul, he can’t come in our house. Meenakshi thinks Arzoo is showing as if she does not want money and jewelry, don’t know what she is hiding in that box, I will find it out.

Later, Arzoo is with Sooraj at his sweet shops. She says I always make Bhabho annoyed. He says its good shagun, when Sandhya came in this house, same things happened with her, she used to do things wrong. He tells the blunders done by Sandhya in past. Arzoo smiles. She says Bhabho would have got annoyed, but now Bhabho loves her, how did this happen. Sooraj says Sandhya’s sacrifices are behind this, Sandhya won everyone’s heart, I have hope that Arzoo will win Bhabho’s heart too, and one day Bhabho will tell everyone that Arzoo is Sarvagunn Samparn. Arzoo thanks her for encouraging her and says I will tell Resham not to worry for me, as my Bhaijaan is with me. Sooraj says you are ahead of Sandhya, Sandhya did not know anything when she came here, you know a lot, always remember, Bhabho likes such bahu who fulfills all responsibilities, you have to do this, promise. She nods and smiles.

Meenakshi checks envelops and counts money. She says Chotu is very lucky. Bhabho thinks what lucky, wife is the gift but he got a Jhalli. Arzoo works to impress Bhabho. Bhabho asks Arzoo not to work, what will people say, Meenakshi will work. Arzoo thinks what to do to make Bhabho happy. Arzoo goes to Bhabho. Bhabho gets scared and asks what do you want. Arzoo moves back and asks shall I help you. Meenakshi asks Arzoo to play tabla on Bhabho’s head. Bhabho asks Arzoo to take rest.

Arzoo thinks Sooraj said Bhabho will not be annoyed, I will ask Bhabho again. Arzoo asks Bhabho to give her any work, she wants to help. Bhabho asks her to increase wick length for more light in temple. Arzoo smiles and goes.

Meenakshi tells Bhabho that everyone is speaking against Bhabho. She jokes on Arzoo and calls her Mushtandi. She laughs and talks non stop. Bhabho tries to thread the needle and gets disturbed. She asks Meenakshi to stop it now, don’t talk till I thread this needle. Meenakshi sits silent and cries. Bhabho thinks from where is this voice coming and rushes to see Arzoo. Bhabho and Meenakshi get shocked seeing ….

Sooraj gets a call from Sandhya. Sandhya says its very late, seeing my leave application, I could not become part of anti terrorism squad, because of Arzoo’s mistake.

Sooraj tells Sandhya that Arzoo is like her and determined. Sandhya sees Arzoo going in car, and says where is she going, I told her not to go out of Pushkar.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. What blo*dy hell bakwas is this?
    Track is not interesting. It’s irritating. Please end this bakwas track @ the earliest. If possible, before the end of March. We can’t bear this torture for so long.Except SOORAJ & SANDHYA scenes, all blo*dy hell bakwas. End this track.
    If it’s impossible, kill that stupid fool idiot writers.blo*dy hell.

    1. Absolutely right , if it was possible for me I could chew this writer’s pen along with his/ her fingers so that he/she won’t be able to write this kind of nonsense . Also I wanna put water into directer’ camera so that he/ she couldn’t be able to shoot this rubbish any more. Love you bhabo and meenakshi ! You are simply the bestest charecter in this show cuz you guys portray the real life charecters ie vamps!!!

  2. Aarzoo looks so simple and innocent even though she is big and tough. Is it possible that such a woman could be a pro-terrorist?

    1. I think Arzoo is not terrorist….someone is using her coz she is innocent

  3. Wat’s chann means????

  4. Chhand means poem

  5. The way sooraj talk, chee. Earlier he was speaking normally. But now always talking with hiss voice, it’s irritating than this damn track

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