Diya Aur Baati Hum 26th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Diya Aur Baati Hum 26th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone fooling Meenakshi. Babasa says no, Emily can do anything. Meenakshi says she won’t do anything. Sandhya says we don’t have any way now. Meenakshi says Emily is selfish, don’t support her, its wrong. Sandhya says you also became selfish, you made her leave from home. She says if Emily did this, whats wrong. Vikram says Emily has slapped you in your way, the house will be Emily and Mohit’s, pack your bag, I will find a rented home. She says how can I go from here in rented house, let her come, I will beat her and make her truth out.

Sandhya says its going on like we planned and smiles. Bhabho tells Emily that no one found about her, and then they saw her pic in Pushkar’s newspaper and we came to meet you. Emily says she had to pay a big price

for a small lie, I wanted to do my course and get your forgiveness. Sooraj says lie does not benefit anyone, and Lord is punishing you for your mistake. Emily says yes, I lost 6 years for 6 days happiness. She says she wants to meet Mohit and Pari. She asks Bhabho to take her home.

Bhabho asks Sooraj to call and ask when will Emily’s mum come, so that she can go her home. Sooraj says yes. Emily is shocked and says don’t say this Bhabho. Its 6 years and I want to see Mohit and Pari, take me to them. Bhabho says its very late now, as its fate, Pari’s responsibility was big and Mohit could not handle it, and he remarried, what would I do, I also got old, Meenakshi has two children and Sandhya is always busy in her work. Emily is shocked and cries.

Bhabho says Meenakshi explained me and I felt this is right. Emily says what, she told to get Mohit remarried. Bhabho says yes, the girl is Meenakshi’s younger sister Sudha. Emily says how can she do this, she advised me to run and leave a letter, she broke my family behind my back. Bhabho says Meenakshi did this, she did not tell us anything. Sooraj says yes, she made Mohit marry against his will.

Bhabho says yes, she convinced Mohit. Emily says such a big cheat. Emily’s mum comes and hugs her. She says she was waiting since 6 years for this day, thank Lord she got conscious. Bhabho says now we will leave. She asks Emily to take care. Emily hugs her mum and cries. Her mum consoles her and says she is glad that she got conscious.

Emily says why did I get up to lose my family, it would be better if I was in coma. Bhabho talks to Sandhya and this day will be tough for both Meenakshi and Emily. Meenakshi thinks what to do now, she has sent Emily to do parlor course and get this house, what will I get. Sandhya says yes, Meenakshi is dying to meet Emily and getting angry. I m hurt seeing her state as she is pregnant, but tomorrow everything will be fine.

Bhabho says she is fine, they will meet and then it will happen what we want. Sandhya says they will realize their mistakes on holi day and our family will unite. Its morning, Sandhya says she will make papers on Emily’s name and Meenakshi gets angry hearing this and throws a toy to go out by excuse. Bhabho sits calm. Sandhya says we have to stop Meenakshi, Emily did not reach yet.

Bhabho stops Meenakshi and asks where is she going. She says I know you like holi, but Emily did not come till now. She says she is brining the toy. Chotu brings it and gives her. Meenakshi thinks to do anything. Sandhya says she will see if Emily came. Emily is on the way with her mum and cries. Her mum asks her to forget it as bad dream, her age is young and she will find a Catholic guy for her and she will get settled.

Emily asks how can she think about second marriage, she wants to meet Mohit. Her mum says whats the use now, your worry will increase more, I don’t want you to talk to them, forget him. Emily thinks to meet Meenakshi who ruined her life, once she sees her, she will not leave her. Her mum stops the car and says she has some work, be in the car. Emily’s mum calls Sandhya. Meenakshi finds excuse to go out and shouts fire in kitchen. She burns a cloth and everyone rush to her. She thinks to run. Sandhya asks Mohit to let her go. They all go after her. Emily says how can Meenakshi do this, I will see her. Meenakshi says I will not leave her. They bump into each other and confront each other.

Meenakshi tells Emily that she will tell her truth. Emily says leave me, and Meenakshi reminds she is pregnant. Emily says she was in coma for 6 years and she is doing family planning again. Meenakshi says you went 6 days before. Emily is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. again bad gona win over gud very easily as meenakshi told emily dat 6yrs was not true bolke

  2. nice episode…bhabhu rocks day by day….on holi day the rathis are very happy with all their family members…..sandhya going to drink baang and confess her love to sooraj in front of all family members…then the big goodnews will come as sandhya s pregnent…checkout with METROMASTI.COM.

  3. very execellent episode today. Eagerly waiting for next episode. All rathi family members are rocks today.

  4. Sandhya’s plan working well. Now the 2 evil’s fight with each other and realize their mistakes.
    Good news from sandhya on Monday.

  5. Let’s wait & watch.Can’t predict what happen next?

  6. Good episode!

  7. Hurray… Sandhya will give good news tomorrow…

  8. Jeyam Ramachandran

    So the Rathi family will get united and I hope a happy ending is going to take place thereby relieving the viewers from this torture.

  9. It is clear that sandhya is already pregnant.
    In this episode sandhya feel lite unconscious and when bhaboo asked, she think for a vaile and smiles.
    so i think she is waiting for right time to tell the “good news” to family members.

    1. Yeah u r right, that is y sandhya dance like mad on holi festival.

  10. i don’t believe it sandhya become a mother and suraj become a father very nice. i am waiting for upcoming episodes……..

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