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Diya Aur Baati Hum 26th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chandu talking to Sagarika. Chandu tells Sandhya that she helped him a lot in drama and thanks her. Sandhya thinks she now wants to know Garjana’s plan. Officer Singh thinks there is something wrong here, she has to find Garjana’s plan but first tell Sandhya about my presence here. She throws her wallet and hides as the truck leaves. Sandhya hears the coins falling sound and turns to see the purse. She says such purse is not found here in village and checks it. She sees Officer Singh’s ID card and says it means she is near. She thinks if Garjana gets her, she will be in danger.

Meenakshi asks Lalima what game is she playing with Sooraj, why did she say Sandhya is alive. Mohit asks whats their problem. Lokesh came to threaten us at night and now you have come

to our house holding Sooraj’s house. Vikram asks you want to take revenge from us by giving false hope to Sooraj. Babasa asks her to say the reason to come with Sooraj. Ved comes there. Lalima says fine, I will answer you, but first answer my question. She asks who has written the letter to her, if Sooraj did not write it. She shows the letter to Bhabho.

Bhabho says what letter. Mohit and Meenakshi worry that they wrote the letter. Meenakshi blames Emily. Emily says I did not write anything, and recalls Meenakshi’s words. She says I wrote the letter on Meenakshi’s saying, as she told about some ayurvedic centre about Sooraj’s treatment, she made me write Sooraj’s illness. Meenakshi denies it. Emily asks her not to lie.

Mohit thinks his name is covered in their fight. Babasa says but this letter has something else written than his illness, he wrote about his anger on thread tying, he is apologizing and asking for one chance. Meenakshi says we did not write this, its changed. Emily checks it an says this is Mohit’s handwriting. Meenakshi says so Mohit did this, so I was thinking why is Lalima dying to marry Sooraj, and scolds him. Mohit says yes, I agree, I care for Sooraj, Bhabho was sure Sooraj will get fine, and I trusted her, so I did this, she has written about his illness.

She says Meenakshi has changed sticks in havan kund, what was her selfishness in this I don’t know. Meenakshi says you wanted the motor cycle Lalima was bringing. Mohit says this is lie. Meenakshi sais I heard him. Mohit says fine, I wanted the bike, what was your selfishness. Meenakshi says nothing. Bhabho asks them to stop it. She says if Lord says Meenakshi did not do by any selfish motive, I don’t believe it and asks her to say the truth.

Vikram says I will tell you, Meenakshi did not wish Sooraj to marry, as she would have not got Sandhya’s pension. They all get shocked. Lalima cries and asks Bhabho how is her house and family, where brother is not of brother, and Meenakshi is playing bad game on dead Sandhya’s name, they did not think about Sooraj, they risked his life and happiness, now I feel my decision was right to come in this house, I understood Shiv ji’s sign, to be with Sooraj and save him from his own family.

Bhabho cries and says I m ashamed, and scolds them. She says Rathi family is strong by Sooraj’s hardwork, now he needs you all and you all did this. She gets angry on them. Sooraj comes there and tells Ved that the bandage got loose, he is feeling hurt. Bhabho goes to take care of his wound and he refuses to take her help. He says he is not having any pain, he is fine. Lalima says wound should not be left open, and asks him to forward his hand.

Bhabho cries seeing Lalima applying the ointment to Sooraj and doing bandage. Vikram asks Meenakshi to manage the problem which she created. Sandhya talks to Manjari and asks about food, she is very hungry. She starts crying and apologizes to her. Manjari asks her to go. Sandhya comes out of home and cries. She says I forgot to take money, she snatched my food. Sajni and Yashoda see her and think Manjari has scolded her.

Manjari comes out and scolds her. Sandhya sits crying, and says call Garjana people, they got me here and this happened, they will do justice now. She asks them to call Garjana people. The man says will Garjana solve saas bahu fight. Another man says does Garjana has no other work. Manjari asks Sandhya to come inside. Sandhya argues with Manjari and asks the boy to help her, take me to Garjana, you brought me here, you know where they stay. Manjari says yes get out. Sandhya says they will do justice and goes with the boy.

Officer Singh sees Garjana and thinks her doubt was right, its Garjana’s leader, Sandhya is on big mission and staying here as Sagarika, I will not let her identity come out and save myself from their sight too. Chandu comes to meet commander and brings the chip. The commander welcomes him and hugs him. Officer Singh sees them. Chandu gives him the chip. The commander says you made Garjana succeed, this was our dream, our one man has broken their security. Officer Singh thinks this is the chip they have stolen on 15th august, what do they want to do, I can’t let them succeed and take some action against them.

Sandhya comes running in the jungle while Officer Singh is caught by Garjana.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Supreb episode its very funny when majari and sagarika discussion is going on I am very much excited to see next episode

    1. yeah really nice scene…. .especially….when sandhya tries to eat…manjari pick that from her mouth….then sandhya crying scenes.. are awsome….

  2. Actually day after tomorrow(29th aug) Show going to complete 4 years… will be good for dabh fans… if they ..once again have a………” maha episode”

    Wat u say guys…????

  3. Superb episode……..i cant wait upto 9 pm… exciting and tensing…I think that sandhya will play some trick to save agrima……………lalimas question to bhabhoo was so perfect…what a family bhabhoo yours???????????

  4. Hey good evening guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!! waiting for today episode………..cant wait till 9 pm so exited………….kya baath karegi baboo dono se … well as agima singh…..nd lalimaa sooraj ke best friend bano……..aap ka maan math badlo……….plzzzzzz for god sake… @richa nd ns4 comment r missing………..

  5. Only half an hour left. To reveal that how can that garjna sanghtna catch agrima Singh. Ya really in yesterday episode nt one cmt frm @richa. Miss you @richa @anu @NS4 @romi @jeyam @and all who cmts in this site. If u guys r free then or if possible then plz recmt on my cmt ( that cmt which in that they ask questions that which show is best as long running in star plus) its k. ???

    In today’s night I tell u one good news of u like that good new. If possible they plz recmt on my to night good news cmt. Bt now enjoy the show and after show I tell u the good news.??????

    1. @ varsha I’ve already cmnt!!! DABH is my passion,I love, like and adore only and only DABH!! Its storyline is unique and very touching!! Some people say that this is like parthigya but I don’t think so . Here’s no vulgarity and no disrespect towards the woman education and their jobs!! So I love to watch this show even next 2 years more ?

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