Diya Aur Baati Hum 26th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 26th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhabho agreeing with Arzoo. They send their pics to their husbands. Arzoo sends the pics to Chotu. Chotu says see Babasa, they are enjoying a lot, I don’t think they are missing us. Sooraj and Vikram also receive the pics. Babasa says its time that we give them an answer, we will send them such pics that their face will get pale, we will show them that if they don’t care for me, we are not upset that they leave. Sooraj says I feel we should go there. Babasa says no, they will make us dance on fingers, we will win and show. He send video of enjoying samosas. Babasa thanks Daisa for samosas.

Bhabho says what did we think and what are they doing, I don’t care. Meenakshi says we should go and have icecreams, come. They wear shades and go to the icecream stall.

Arzoo, Meenakshi and Bhabho get icecreams. Sandhya sees a lady taking their pics. She goes to that lady and asks why are you taking our pics without asking us, show me your camera. She sees Bhabho’s pics. Bhabho sees Sandhya with the lady and goes there. Sandhya asks what do you want. She asks Bhabho to see this lady. Bhabho says I know her, what she wants. Emily makes laddoos. Om looks at her as her hair disturbs her again and again. He pulls down the curtains to block air.

He says tell Maasa that I will have lunch at home. She says but Maasa…. He leaves. Chandni comes and talks to Emily. She tells Emily that Maasa keeps Prasad in silver plate. Emily says I did not get silver utensils everywhere. Chandni tells about the cupboard where silver utensils are kept, here are the keys. Emily says its not right to open cupboard without asking Maasa, Maasa is not at home. Chandni says I want to have laddoos soon and Emily agrees. She takes the keys.

Maasa and Dadusa are attending Mata ki Chowki. Maasa sees the keys missing in her purse and tells Dadusa. She says if Emily gets that keys, it will be problem, she will know the secret, I have to go home. The man asks her to sit, leaving Mata ki Chowki like this is inauspicious. Meenakshi asks who is this lady, they look childhood friends. Bhabho pulls her friend Chutki’s ears and they laugh. Bhabho says this is my childhood partner, your Maasisa. The lady says Binny Maasi. Binny says you did not change in 50 years, but time is running very fast.

Bhabho says I will not change, and roots should be strong, else good tree can fall too. Meenakshi introduces Sandhya, IPS officer, I m Meenakshi, Rathi saree centre owner, she is third bahu, Arzoo, now doing nothing. Bhabho asks why did you come here. Binny says after my husband’s death, I came here to stay with my bahu and son. Bhabho says I came to enjoy with my bahus. Binny says I have my house nearby, come. Bhabho says give your number, we will come later. Binny asks them to be with her at her house. Meenakshi says I want to come. They agree.

They leave with Binny. Sandhya finds the place strange. A boy has an axe and looks on with anger. Sandhya thinks this place looks strange. A person is brought in ambulance. Ved asks for water. Sandhya says there is no water, and asks driver to stop car. She goes to get water and asks Ved to come with her. She sees that person covered in the white sheet.

Ward boy says madam, if you gave more time, doctor would have done more tests. Lady says its no use, why don’t you agree doctor can’t do anything now, see his state. Sandhya asks what disease he has, what happened to him. The lady says nothing, we did mistake and we have to pay for it. Sandhya asks what mistake did you do, tell me. Binny asks Sandhya to come. The sheet from the man’s face moves. Sandhya turns and sees the man, whose face is blue….. She gets shocked.

Sandhya asks Binny what disease did the man have, tell me.. Binny says leave it. Sandhya asks her to say.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Wat going on n i think the lady in the ambulance is purvi

    1. who is purvi

  2. New characters are introduced for furthering the serial. Emily’s unanticipated and unwarranted marriage has stilled the story without any expectation and interest.

  3. Hi guys I’m from Brazil but I live in England.who is this men ?

  4. Whi he is blue face?

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