Diya Aur Baati Hum 25th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Diya Aur Baati Hum 25th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with a man selling sindoor in the market and saying its significance. Sooraj buys the sindoor box and pays money, giving him extra 50rs. Sandhya passes by and sees Garjana men. She thinks to get saved by their sight and meet Bharat. Sooraj thinks he is sure and have high hope that he will get Sandhya here. Diya aur baati…………..plays……………. Bharat wishes to meet Sandhya and looks for her. Sooraj feels her presence and says Sandhya… this air is making me feel your presence, I know you are near me.

Bharat thinks to find Sandhya, as she wanted to give some message, it can be something very imp. Sooraj does not see Sandhya. The trio roam in the market without coming face to face. Sandhya sees commander and thinks he should not see me, I have to inform

Bharat soon. She hides her face. Commander thinks Sandhya will try to come here today, I won’t leave her. Sandhya collides with Sooraj and goes ahead. Sooraj does not identify her. She sees Bharat there and rushes. Shekhar holds her hand and pulls her. He gives her injection and she faints.

Shekhar covers her face with ghunghat and takes her. Sooraj asks some people about Sandhya. He stops Shekhar and asks about the woman. Shekhar says she is my wife, she is pregnant, I told her not to come here and now she got dizzy. Sooraj asks him to help in finding someone, he has pic too. Shekhar says ask anyone else, I have to take my wife. Sooraj says one min… and sees Shekhar leaving. He thinks why is he getting restless suddenly. He turns and asks Bharat about his wife Sandhya. Bharat holds him and takes away. Sooraj’s phone falls.

Bharat asks Sooraj what is he doing, Sandhya has done so much and risked everything, your one mistake can ruin everything. Someone picks Sooraj’s phone. Sooraj asks him about Sandhya, did you say about mission, you said Sandhya is alive. He says I know you knew everything, when did you meet her last time. Bharat says come with me, this is very dangerous place. Sooraj says just tell me once, that my Sandhya is alive, please… and folds hands getting teary eyed. Bharat says yes, your Sandhya, Officer Sandhya Rathi is alive. Diya aur baati…………..plays………… Sandhya sighs relief. Someone walks to them with the phone.

Sooraj says I had this belief that Sandhya is alive, diya and Baati does not break like this, I will inform Bhabho. Bharat says no, you won’t tell this to family, listen to me carefully, everyone here hates police and govt, Sandhya is here as commoner, stop showing Sandhya’s pic, if they doubt her truth and your relation with her, her life will be in danger, so I was sending you back to Pushkar. Sooraj says I understood, I was putting her in danger unknowingly. They get shocked seeing Sajni. Bharat thinks this woman knows Sandhya as Sagarika, the people here live dual life, is she with Garjana. Sajni sees Sandhya, Sooraj and Ved’s pic. Sajni asks Sooraj is he Sagarika’s husband, is this their son? Sooraj takes the phone and says this phone… Bharat nods no. Sooraj does not say its his phone. Sajni says I m Sajni, I m Sagarika’s friend, she has saved my son, I will not tell anyone.

She says Sagarika’s life is in danger. Sooraj looks at Bharat. Sajni says Garjana caught her knowing she is police officer, but Sagarika is very brave and has run away, if Sagarika is fire, then Garjana is volcano. She tells them everything. Sooraj believes her and asks her to do a favor on him, he wants to meet Sandhya, she is in danger and needs him. Sajni says she can’t help him directly, but there is some way. She tells about Garjana taking some men inside the village and asks Sooraj to come inside village, then maybe she can help him.

Bharat tells Sooraj to keep this camera with him, they will see his location by this. Sooraj reaches Garjana village and steps in there. Sandhya is held captive at some dark place.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nyc epi bcoz no rathi bakwaas

  2. So, it seems that mission Mahabali will not end in a specific time as the director has decided to drag the story until the doom’s day.

    1. Ya @really jeyam drag drag drag………… bad

  3. Sooraj spy haha

  4. really very upset with things going on from few days…
    feeling disturbed with sooraj will die?anas will leave the show?
    hope everything will be fine.. happy eid friends @anoo @varsha @romi @luvdabh and all

    1. Happy Eid to all my friends as well!! Today’s episode was awesome but m sad for sandya! Thanks to sajni she did her job well
      If god forbid something happens to suraj then bhabo will start dancing again and this time she will do breakkkk dance ??
      By breaking sandya and Bharat sir necks ??

      1. Ya @romi well said abt bahoo if it happens sandhya kho mar degi…pahle se hi sandhya kho blame kari abhi sooraj kho kuch huva ham soch bhi nahi sakte

    2. Ya @annu deepu i am really upset with this news bt hope it will not happen ……… hero will leave this show.???these spoilers r very much irritating…………how himanshoo will come i am really wondered abt this news …actually he is in police custody na!!!!!!!!!!

      1. yes anu..if this happens no one wil watch this show further…..pls end this track or the show as a whole….irritatingggggg …

      2. but spoiler says that they will reunite………….hurrayyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lets seeeee

  5. Bullshit.Sandhya again gets caught.Why this stupid writers always bring family in between Sandhya’s mission.I don’t like that.Especially in this mission,it’s too bad.Nice & thrilling episode.
    Today Bharat rocks.Sooraj is nice.

  6. Ya ryt jeeyam they’ll drag till doooms day of the wrld the dooms day of serial is also nearing if writers & team don’t change their attitude

    1. @richa these people will never change their attitude

  7. Super episide.come on kill the garjana men

  8. Now sooraj time … owhk but tiz time im hope tat something gud things wil happen.. Sandya be strong sooraj u too.. 🙂

  9. Pl anyone confirm whether sooraj wil die in this track..varsha anu or richa tell me..i am nw to ths page

    1. @rsr our hearty welcome!!!!!!!!!

      we dont no dr its fake news or going to be real ….for that we will wait for upcoming episodes….hope suraj and sandhya will return home safely bcoz of ved

  10. now suraj will save sandhya. that’s perfect.

  11. I am still unable to understand that how sooraj recognized Bharat Sir from his voice when he forgot Lalima

  12. Thanks amena nice episode … no family bakwas yipeeeeeeeeee

  13. Pl reply anyone

    1. I replied check it

  14. Nice episode. It would be very nice if sooraj helps sandhya this time. Sajini you are awesome, did a great job. It is also good that Bharat got some information about the situation.

    But we can’t bare if anything happens to sooraj and if writers create new family bakwaas. I am restless after seeing the news about Anas.?

  15. This Sekhar is very smart and sandhya should be more careful and sooraj too. Sandhya should have hidden in that secret place for some more time.

    Don’t know how and when writers are going to end this mission track but we want happy ending.

  16. Upcoming episodes are very hard to see.

    1. Yes that’s true @ riya ! We have to borrow sandya’s heart ? Coz that will help us get some courage to bear all this thrilling drama!!

  17. Hi & varsha & @ ns4 valuable cmnts !!hope they will mark their entry soon in the morning!! Bcoz DABH & MM are going through its critical phase!! Pls makers bring the show on its right track sooner ?

  18. the final track

    IF Sooraj will temporary leave, I can bear it. Sandhya understand how does Sooraj spend without her? But new entry will come in Sandhya’s life like as lalima in Sooraj’s life. But if Sooraj’s character permanently leave. Then this is my final track till Sooraj & Sandhya’s reunion ( before separation).

    1. I agree with you….my opinion also same ….i am already decided

      i am really upset with this news

    2. No way new man entry in sandhya’s life it never happen…….sooraj and sandhya are diya aur batee

      do log saath rahe ya na rahe sandhya khe dil me sooraj rahega aur sooraj khe dil me sandhya rahegi

      this is my opinion

      views kho confusion create kare ….spoilers plz dont do that

  19. sooraj acts so well…real affectionate husband…pls dnt do suraj death sequence…v expect sandy ll finish garjana mission well with the help of suraj…pls reunite suraj and sandhya

  20. I am really not understand that why anas want leave ?????

    since 4 years he is working with dabh serial

    why he want to leave ???? this is suraj desecion or writer desicion??? i am really confused!!!!

    or this news will be fake like in hijak track (bhaboo death) (sorraj and sandhya divorce)

  21. actually we have so much relation with sandhya and sooraj character plz dont do that

  22. DABH always rockzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    varha ns4 come back and join us we miss u r comments

  23. Spoilers in the now is a serious lack of labour more and more like anas will leave the show for that another man will appear in the sandhya’s life. Personally I don’t think anas will leave some manufacturers may give the rumours that in order to increase the interest of the public especially as the film has low in audiences wt do you think guys???????????

  24. If sooraj leaves the show no one will watch it
    Dnt make him die there is no need of thi tragedy.
    Reality is I’d sooraj misses from the show we r nt goin to watch it seriously

  25. If Sooraj dies no one will watch it. I don’t understand why is killing of the main characters so popular now. It always hurts the show, yet they keep doing that. I hope it’s just a rumour or this is the end of the show.

  26. Actually what ever story line is there we should accept this bcoz for this track personally deepika is suffering a lot….hat’s off to deepika she is acting very well….we should personally appreciate for that!!!!!!!!!deepika we love u very much…i hope mm ends with reunite S & S…

    i trust ssp prod team….they will take care abt fans…..itna asanise hame disappoint nahi karenge……….

    i love ssp prod and sooraj and sandhya keep going all the best

  27. NOT a big fan anymore

    Hey where the heck is my comment

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