Diya Aur Baati Hum 25th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 25th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya and Satya seeing Emily leaving from parlor. Satya says come, we will see. They follow Emily and stop her. Emily says you both here… Satya taunts that Emily has started running from now itself, is she going somewhere. Emily says I m going for work. Satya reminds she has to come to lab to give fingerprints. Sandhya says I told Emily. Emily says sorry, I won’t come. Satya asks what is the problem. Emily says she got bridal order today, she has work. He asks who is the bride, who wants to get ready in morning itself. He asks for address. Emily says the address. Satya questions her and Emily gets tensed. Satya says I think you are lying to divert us.

Emily says no, this shop is behind Komal’s house. Satya asks did I hear right, Komal? You said you do

not know Komal, how do you know her address. Sandhya thinks Emily knows Komal, why did she lie. Satya asks Emily to answer, Emily says I did not know that time, I know now as I read in papers. Satya says knowing address is different, tell me which newspaper published her address, we should know. Sandhya thinks what is Emily hiding. Emily lies and says everyone knows about Mohit and Komal. He says fine, I will leave this topic, I give you chance to prove yourself, come to give fingerprints. Sandhya requests Emily to come for her sake.

Komal thinks where did she get stuck, police knows about her. She worries. Sandhya bringa family for fingerprint tests. Sandhya feels bad to call Bhabho and Babasa here, but she has to show truth to Satyadev. Satya asks Bhabho to talk first, they will do formalities later. He asks since when are they staying in Pushkar. Babasa says 40 years. Satya asks did they see the place where Mohit was killed. Babasa and Bhabho say no. Sandhya sas I will take their fingerprints. Satya says yes, I was making them relax, come.

Bhabho gives her fingerprints, followed by Babasa. Sandhya sends them. Satya says everyone has come, not that person who I want. He sings Jiska mujhe hai intezaar. He sees Lalima coming and says she has long life. Lalima goes to give her fingerprints. Satya says your hands have sweat. He gives her tissue and cleans the scanner too. Lalima gives her fingerprints. She asks shall I go. He says ofcourse, I will ask cooler manufacturing company to make such cooler which stops sweat and nervousness too.

Meenakshi and Vikram come there. Meenakshi says we did not do anything, does Sandhya think we family will do such bad thing. Sandhya asks them to keep hand on the machine, no need to worry. Meenakshi asks Vikram to do first. Vikram gives the prints, and then Meenakshi. They leave. Meenakshi asks Sooraj to go, the hands which he always held are asking for his fingerprints today. Satya asks Sooraj to come. Satya says sorry, you guys continue, I have to go for some work.

Sooraj gives his fingerprints. He asks her to check or should he give again, She holds his hand and gets teary eyed. She says no, forgive me, I have called you all here, troubled my family, I did not wish this to happen, but this is last time. She can’t explain how bad she felt calling him here, but this was necessary to shut Satya’s mouth, to show department that her family is not involved in Mohit’s murder, I won’t let this happen now, I know my family, they can fight and die for each other, but can’t think of killing anyone, you all are innocent. He says don’t feel bad, I know its part of your duty, I will go, Sandhya forgive me. She gets stunned.

Satya says great news and is glad. He says they got the biggest proof and also the culprit. She asks who is it,… they go and see a man.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. The domino effect of his misdeeds lead Mohit to inadvertent and untimely death. And the viewers feel underwhelmed as the drama never fulfills the promise of its promise.

  2. Sridevi Vittoba

    As per news If pari has done murder why Emily is avoiding to give finger prints.

  3. Sridevi Vittoba

    Why sandhya is not doubting her family members because everyone is tensed & nervous & they all behave differently it is clear that they have known something about mohit murder why she is not questioning them?

  4. same precap.shit.
    But still suspense is going on.DABH becoming a nail biting thriller.Who will be the murderer?waiting eagerly to know?
    Nice episode

  5. Pari killed his dad! How that possi?

  6. Sorry it will be her dad

  7. i think sooraj will surrender to save his family…especially i think pari did it accidently..maybe she saw mohit behaving worse with emily n wud hav accidently hit him…pari will be one suspect who wouldnt giv her finger prints as no one doubted her.

  8. Sooraj is behaving funnily, as if he wants to run away from Sandhya.
    Did not like the episode. I want Diya aur Baati to be together. lalima is involved

  9. The episode is okay,again sathya’s unbearable nonsense ? But he didn’t ask a question that in our society where people are superstacious; who wants to adore their bride by a widowed woman ? Sorry guys I personally don’t believe in these kinds of nonsense but v can’t change people’s mind!!!??

  10. sooraj hiding something what is that, sooraj Ji tell the troth at lest sandhya

  11. All of them look suspicious n most of all o think is mohit father

  12. Sooraj trying to save baboo and Emily is just misleading them.

    Lokesh caught.

  13. In the precap they show a man as the culprit. That means the murderer is not a woman. The why should Emily be afraid of giving her finger print. As I have told the story has failed to fulfil the promise of the premise.

  14. Suspense increased

  15. Last time Sandhya hide her mission to her family. This time is her her family hide their secrets from her.

  16. Yes Sooraj is trying to protect Bhabho. He was there at the site, so was Bhabho, and he saw Lalima there. That is why he is asking Sandhya again and again about Lalima
    But Sandhya and not satyadev will find out the truth. and she will protect her family

    1. I think she won’t protect her family if they were involved!! Cuz it would be betrayal to her job and duty!!!? Suspenseful track! Some times it looks so unbearable ?

  17. Why sooraj asked Sandhya to forgive? Sandhya really get stunned. I hope she will not get a situation to arrest soon.

  18. What about ved

  19. yes. Sooraj will take the blame on himself to protect someone from the family. It could be Bhabho, or anyone else or even Lalima. Sandhya will not believe it and she will find out the real truth and save the Rathi family.
    But please fast forward the track and don’t drag it.
    We want to see Diya aur Baati together
    Sandhya as always will save the Rathi family.

  20. The suspected man should be sooraj. I think that he try to delete the finger print of culprit in computer and police come and caught him.

  21. I think suraj has killed mohit. And I feel a bit nervous as to what if my thinking comes true.

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