Diya Aur Baati Hum 25th May 2016 Written Episode Update


Diya Aur Baati Hum 25th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya and Meenakshi having a talk. Meenakshi says I will make Golu disco dancer, I m making efforts for him. Sandhya says you are Misri’s mother too, she came here to share her happiness with you, you did not see her success and happiness while preparing for Golu’s annual day. Meenakshi says no, Golu did not prepare, I can’t see him crying. Sandhya says yes, but Misri got sad by your behavior, she was smiling for us when I made her smile, but she wants her mother’s attention. Meenakshi says you made this little thing such big, Misri is not a kid, she is a girl and go to inlaws tomorrow, if she gets hurt by anyone’s talk there, will that be good, she is eldest in all kids, she has to be mature. She goes as Golu calls her asking for food. Meenakshi worries as Golu

is hungry. Sandhya gets thinking.

Sandhya goes to Sooraj and says Wo aini Sooraj ji. Diya aur baati hum….plays….. Meenakshi looks on. She says they are evergreen lovers and smiles. She goes to check what else is going on in their locality. She sees a woman taking sweets from Sooraj’s shop. She calls Bhabho and asks her to look there. Bhabho asks who is she. Meenakshi says she is thief. She catches the woman and takes her out. She asks who is behind this ghunghat. Bhabho says that woman is pregnant. They all stop that woman and scold her for stealing. Bhabho says if mother does this, how will it affect your baby. Bhabho asks who are you, show your face. Meenakshi says see her attitude like queen Victoria.

She lifts the woman’s ghunghat. Sandhya and Sooraj look on. They all get shocked seeing Daisa….. Sandhya says Daisa…. Meenakshi says Daisa is pregnant……. I have seen many miracles, but this is miracle to get baby in this age, someone pinch me. Arzoo pinches her. Meenakshi laughs and jokes on Daisa’s pregnancy. Bhabho asks her to stop it. Arzoo says sorry to say but this …. In such age. Bhabho stops Arzoo. Sandhya asks Sooraj to come along.

Daisa says I know Bhabho would be shocked but…. Bhabho asks is this true, I don’t understand to congratulate you or what to say, you are very courageous. Daisa cries. Meenakshi and Arzoo laugh. Daisa asks Bhabho to understand. Bhabho says I understand it well, you used to say I break all traditions, this time you raised the flag, it is new tradition now, mother in law gives invitation for bahu’s godh bharai, this time your bahu will give invitation for saas’ godh bharai, this does not suit in this age. Daisa says you are making fun of me. Sandhya says I have pity on Daisa, she is getting red by shame. Sooraj says I will go, what will I do between ladies talk here.

Bhabho says what can Daisa do now, but see Sandhya and Meenakshi, they are mature and does not think of child in this age, Arzoo and Chotu have still time for baby, but you in this age, its fine, I will send Ved’s toys for you, you won’t need to buy toys, money will be saved. Daisa gets vomit and runs. Meenakshi laughs and says I want to know will it be boy or girl. Bhabho asks Sooraj to look after his shop, can anyone come and take sweets.

Meenakshi says I will tell this to everyone. Sandhya tells Sooraj that Arzoo’s face got strange when Bhabho told about her and Chotu. Sooraj says I think there is nothing to worry between Arzoo and Chotu. She says I have to explain you, things are fine, but that did not happen which should happen, husband and wife’s relation. He says oh, you can tell this straight, how do you know. Sandhya says I understood. He says you know everything, I m holding ears, I will not get in this ladies talk, if this matter started, then I will explain Chotu, you explain Arzoo.

Sooraj talks to Chotu about balance in marriage. Chotu says I did not understand. Sooraj explains him, that Lord made us driver of our life, we have to fulfill duties. Sooraj tries to tell Chotu to make a family. Sandhya explains Arzoo how Bhabho has came in this house and become mother, then saas and now Dadi, I also came as bahu and now became mother, every relation has promotion, did you understand. Sandhya says your relation will get strong. Arzoo says I understood, I have seen that movie Khamoshi. Sandhya says you are smart, you should take a step ahead. Arzoo smiles. Sooraj asks Chotu did he understand well.

Emily takes police to Maasa’s room and says Purvi is in this room, she is fine, take her statement, take action against those who played this fake game. She sees Purvi gone. Emily says I made Purvi sit here, where did she go. She asks Om where is Purvi. Inspector asks where did Purvi go. Emily says I left Purvi in this room, maybe they have hidden her. Maasa says Emily has seen a dream and believing her dream. Emily says Maasa, you are lying to hide your crime, I have proof, there is room behind Maasa’s cupboard, where they have hidden Purvi, she was in coma, and Om was treating her, when Purvi got conscious yesterday, I got to know this. She sees the door and recalls the secret passage. She sees cupboard kept at other side. She opens the room and gets shocked seeing the storeroom.

Sandhya washes her face and worries. Sandhya tells Sooraj that she is pregnant. Sooraj gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. They said bhabho gave birth to suraj at now sooraj is 35(he was 34 in kabadi track)so now babho is daisa looks much younger than babho maybe about 46-47.she has chances of being pregnant.???

    1. Riya,i think the age mentioned in kabaddi track was also wrong coz earlier during the track dhowing sandhya requesting sooraj 2 join d competition bhabho initially opposed it that time she said that soorsj has been working hard 4 this family from the age 16 n 4 the past 15 years which means his age was around 35 at that time itself then he should b around 40 to 45 now bt we cant look int these things n all minutely bt showing sandhya preg all of a sudden is nt acceptable
      Also daisa is elder to bhabho coz bhabho used to call her as didi(elder sister)

    2. I think SOORAJ is 42-45 yrs old as he got married 14 yrs ago @ an age between 28-30.SANDHYA was 20 yrs old when she got married.Now her age is around 35.
      Bhabho’s current age is around 65.It was mentioned by VIKRAM in an earlier episode which Meenakshi misunderstood Babasa cheating Bhabho

  2. No surya scenes and sandhya became pregnant.past few days sandhya was chasing after dwimukheshwari.and soon as she return home she is pregnant.I hate dabh writers when it come to pregnant tracks.they are rushing it

    1. May be they had intimacy on the day which SOORAJ reached Binny’s home(the day which VED acted like suffering from Neelvish)
      But your point is right.
      They should have shown some intimate scene between SOORAJ-SANDHYA before this pregnancy track.

      1. Will think so??.hope sandhya doesn’t sleepwalk this time

    2. U r right…just b4 d day of her return to their parivaar she was shown fighting this that bt now all of a sudden hw did she bcom pregs seems it was due 2 dui mukeshwari s blessings ???funny wont u think atleast once b4 u make the scene any how pls dont drag we all r fed up seeing lots n lots of trouble in d rathi parivaar plspls we want sm funny tracks atleast bw bhabo n babasa

  3. Emily is still in trouble and she is advised to refer the case to Sandya.

  4. Why SANDHYA worries knowing pregnant?
    Why is SOORAJ shocked?
    Whether she got raped by Rishabh that day when she tried to catch him while suffering from Neelvish.
    Please don’t bring any bakwas in this pregnancy track.Plzzz….

    Anyway Good Episode.
    Eagerly awaiting for upcoming episodes

    1. Plzzz don’t give us any wrong messages through this show.
      We want SANDHYA’s pregnancy to happen only bcoz of SOORAJ.
      Plzzz don’t insult the purest relation between SOORAJ & SANDHYA by bakwas like SANDHYA got pregnant bcoz of getting raped.
      We want only happiness due to this pregnancy of SANDHYA.

      1. SORRY if my comments hurt anyone.
        I just checked gossips.I came to know SANDHYA is shy to reveal about her pregnancy as everyone teased Daisa when they came to know about her pregnancy.
        Plz don’t bring any bakwas like SANDHYA sacrificing her baby this time too.Plz…..
        We DABH Fans want SOORAJ-SANDHYA to be happy always.We want some romance too.Plzzz……

      2. Sandhya is worried about her pregnancy because babho said to daisa that sandhya is mature and doesn’t think of child at this age

    2. Plzzz reunite VED with RATHIS soon.Plzzzz…

      1. Not VED but VANSH

    3. Even I was thinking the same but had no courage to say !! Why was suraj so shocked , rather it is a happy moment for them . If they didn’t wish so , why didn’t they use contraceptives?? I think when she got missing in arzoo’s track for a couple of days than might b somethings went wrong?
      I hope everything will b fine and directer won’t creat any stupid bakwas track!!?

  5. How Come??????? Daisa, sandya and may be arzoo too?‍❤️‍??‍❤️‍?‍??‍?‍?‍?
    Last time sandya , meenakshi and sadya’s sis in law were pregnant , I think this time again directer will make one baby abort and then again sandy will donat her own baby to them!☹️

  6. Wow…….nice episode

  7. Aujoudhui epi est tres interessente quelle belle seriale!J’aime beaucoup le couple sandhya suraj je la regarde tout les jours….je suis tres lucky parceque i happend voir cette soup pendent ma sejour en inde et anas deepika ATB!!!

    1. Vous parlez français ça fait plaisir ????

    2. Enfin une personne qui parle français ça fait plaisir ????

  8. Oh God it’s surya’s own baby !! They are just feeling shy to share the news with the family as bhabo made fun of daisa’s pregnancy earlier!!
    The family will be in fun mood after knowing about sandy’s pregnancy

  9. Y is sooraj shock to no she is pregnant n emily is behind wat going on to get to sandhya but y

  10. Not sorry purvi

  11. Dont worry gys i saw in sbs that firstly sooraj was shocked becz of the sudden news but befor that he was so happy to know about that sandhaya was pregnent….

  12. All of you please shut up

    1. And u 2 ?

    2. What’s your problem preeti? You are so vulgar. Get a life and learn politeness!!!

      1. Tu est raison!

  13. Amoula vous etes tres raison!

    1. What is this languagelanguage?? french??

      1. Hmm,its french

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