Diya Aur Baati Hum 25th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 25th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya turning and seeing Arzoo lifting the axe to hit. She shoots Arzoo. Arzoo sees the blood on her hands, and drops the axe. She falls down. Sandhya takes the axe and tries to open the water tap. She releases water and faints. People are seen running around. The water flows and Sandhya gets conscious. The water blows off the fire, and relieves everyone. The people thank Lord. Rathi family members smile. Ved faints by shock. Bhabho says he is scared, Sooraj take care of him. They look for Sandhya.

Inspector comes and asks Sandhya is she fine. She says yes, did fire get blown off. He says yes, its because of your bravery, and salutes her. He says people are taken outside safely. She asks him to take Arzoo and other men outside for formalities and to take their

statement. Gul gets the call. The man says Sandhya ruined our plan, it will be good for you to run away. Gul throws the phone and laptop angrily. The man says we underestimated Sandhya, she alone made all of us bite dust. Gul slaps him and says we have to leave soon, prepare for it. Sandhya comes to her family and asks are you all fine. Bhabho hugs her and cries.

They see the bead bodies. Bhabho asks Sandhya who are they. Sandhya recalls shooting Arzoo. Bhabho says whoever did this are not humans, we can’t even call them animals who wanted to kill innocent people. She asks Lord to punish them for their sins. Sandhya thinks what will Bhabho go through when she knows Arzoo is one of those animals. Sooraj talks to Sandhya. She asks him to take them home, she has work. He says fine, don’t worry. She asks is Ved fine. He says yes, and leaves with them. She thinks I can’t tell truth that Arzoo’s name is also in terrorists. The doctor says all of them have died, just the girl is alive, she is critical, we can’t say will she survive.

Sandhya sees Arzoo and says she has to be alive, do anything, call best doctor’s team, she is last link of this plan and make us reach the root of this plan, I want her alive. Doctor says we will try our best. Sandhya asks the inspector to tighten security for Arzoo, she will take us to Gul, check her phone records and give me all details. He asks what to write on charge sheet. Sandhya says note down, charge number 1, she has stayed in Indian illegal against visa rules, charge 2, she got permission to go Pakistan, she has come back to Pushkar and stayed near townhall, charge 3, she used to give tiffin to Gul, and helping him, charge 4, she is involved in fire officer Basu, we got his mobile from him, charge 5, she run away from police custody on program day and ignited fire, charge 6, when I went to open water tanker, she tried to stop me from releasing water and failing Gul’s plan, based on this, its proved that she is also a terrorist and helping Gul. She asks for stamp…. She applies the stamp on it…..

Chotu thinks about Arzoo and worries. Emily tells Bhabho that Ved is fine, I will sleep with kids, call me if you need anything. She goes. Bhabho worries and asks Chotu why is Arzoo’s phone not connecting, is she fine, she was alone there…. Chotu cries. She says we have to tell everything to Sandhya, is Arzoo is any problem. Chotu says Arzoo was adamant to come to program, and I gave her passes, don’t know she came there or not, then we could not talk, will she be fine.

Sooraj tells Vikram that thank Lord we all got saved. Vikram says yes, I heard that fire was lit by Pakistani terrorists. Soroaj thinks if Bhabhi knows this, her fear can get high, I can’t tell her Arzoo is from Pakistan. Bhabho comes to Sooraj and says I have to talk to Sandhya. Sooraj says she is in townhall, she said she will come later. She says I can’t wait, come with me. He makes her sit and calls Sandhya. He says call is not connecting, I will call police station. He asks about Sandhya. The man says Sandhya is in colony opposite townhall. Sooraj tells Bhabho. She asks him to take her to Sandhya. They leave.

Police checks Arzoo’s place. Sandhya asks them to find any small clue. She sees tiffin and says she used to send this to Swami, seize it, she would send laak by it. The people gossip. Bhabho and Sooraj come there. Bhabho worries and thinks Arzoo was staying here, why is police checking this house, is Arzoo fine, did anything happen to her….

Bhabho and Sooraj get inside and ask what are they doing. The constable says you can’t come inside without permission. Sandhya says you go, they are my family. Bhabho says I have to tell something. Sooraj says Bhabho wanted to talk to you. Inspector says we got this diary, it has some Pakistan and Pushkar’s message, I think Pakistani terrorist Arzoo and Gul’s members numbers are there. Bhabho and Sooraj get shocked.

Bhabho shakes up Sandhya and asks Sandhya where is Arzoo. Sandhya says she has attacked on me along with Gul’s men, she got shot. Bhabho gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Always India sab kuch Mein Pakistan & Muslim ko keu bura dikhati hain?Sab pakistani toh bura nehi hain.Pakistan kabhi hamari indian ko lekar kuch banaya hain?Sab kuch Mein India kuch jaada karti hain.Like Bollywood movie”Gunde” Mein dikhaya hain Ki Pakistan & India Ki yudh Mein Bangladesh naam Ki desh janam liya.But this is totally lie.True is, Bangladesh 9 month yudh kiya apni freedom Ki liye.A lot of young boys gave their life & lot of young & old women were rapped by Pakistani army for this freedom.At the end time of war India helped Bangladesh.But my question is India hamesha keu yeh bolti hain Ki un logone hazar hazar army khoya iss desh ko azadi dilane k liye?Keu Haar jagah Pakistan & Bangladesh ko nicha dikhati hain?BD bohot sector mein hamari desh se upar hain.Even ICC ko bhi India control karti hain.Bowling action sehi hone Ki bawjuth keu Bd player Taskin Ahmed ko bowling karne se rokh diya?Taskin Ahmed Ki bowling illegal nehi uski bowling test kerna illegal hain.ICC koi bhi rule follow nehi kiya taskin & arafat sunny Ki baari Mein.Yeh sref mein nehi full world keh rahi hain.Just one time saab kuch chor kar only iss baat par diyan do.Hum indian Ki 16 crore bd people ki sath injustice nehi kar rahi hain?2014 Mein bhi world cup a hum loog injustice kiya bd player Ki sath.But iss baar phir se…Keu esa karke hamari desh Ki badnami karti ho. As a indian mujhe bhi kabhi kabhi sharam aati hain India Ki yeh sab activities Mein.Keu playing ground par politics lekar aati ho?Hamari desh & bd friend country hain na?Toh keu baar baar hum loog hamari dost Ki sath esa karti Hu?Mein meri desh ko bad nehi keh raho.Mein sref sacchai Bata rahi Hu.

    Kisi ko meri baat pe bura laga toh i m sorry.I m telling truth & my intention is not hurting anyone.

    1. thanks fr ur thinking

      1. thank you kishan for supporting us please pray for taskin ki o jaldi team me bapas aa sake

    2. I completely agree with u kishan. ……such a nice thinking in an Indian for Pakistan and Bangladesh. ….I salute u .keep it up .God will bless us alot for this thinking only

      1. For this thinking and alot for more

    3. Hi Kisan, You have put it in Hinglish and I could not totally understand what you have written ?

    4. You are right , but why are u not asking this question to haseena wajid , wo kameeni to bohat khush hoti hai jab India usko … Karta hai !!!
      Cricket mai ko cheeting kare ga , usko saza mili ge! Rules are rules
      Otherwise you are write! Media shouldn’t insult Muslim community!

    5. You are right! Look before this story some indian terrorist attack stories has been shown but sandhya never said no one will belive indians now. But in last episode sandhya said that shit words. Thats sooo rude. That proves indians are indians they are not going to be change.

      Our entertainment industry itself is increasing the rivalry b/n the two countries..
      Infact if you had’nt mentioned in ur comment that u r an Indian, instead of getting appreciating replies u would have got comments that u r a pakistani frn..
      That is the thinking of majority of indians..
      i am an NRI having many pak. collegues working without enmity..this rivalry is a political stunt..
      i still hope they show aarzoo as innocent by any way..
      then only there will be some good moral to common man

  2. Why did Sandya get swooned? So it was Aarzoo who helped Sandya to open the valve. What is the future of Aarzoo?

  3. Superb Episode. Superb precap.
    Will BHABHO blame SANDHYA for shooting ARZOO or will she trust SANDHYA.
    Eagerly awaiting for upcoming episodes.

    1. I think Bhabho will blame Sandhya as she heard Sandhya & Meenakshi conversation about Arzoo & misunderstood that Sandhya is jealous of Bhabho loving Arzoo.
      Whatever gonna happen, eagerly awaiting for that. But please end this track sooooooon……………..

      1. Yeah your estimation is [email protected]…But i really don’t want this happen…..its really stupidity of Writer or Director ..that always showing sandhy to struggle with family by doubting her or insulting……..its not fair yarrr….don’t show this again……

        It won’t matter that once insulting and re-consoling again..with sandhya
        why should sandhya to be insulted by her own beloved family……

        NOT fairrrrrrrrrrrr don’t do the same thing again and again………………….

  4. Cud be Arzoo grandma got kidnapped by Guls men n. Arzoo is much obliged to work for them

  5. Thank you kisan for understanding us I am from bd

  6. I think arzoo will help sandhya reach gul n his men

  7. What is the purpose of this confusing episode? As if India Pakistan matter is some family matter. Showing government agencies in poor light. First rising the blood pressure and then cooling it with revelations. Full of bloopers. Gul is a bragging fool. No smart person will reveal his plan when execution is taking place. No doubt, our neighbours must be sniggering watching this serial. Sandhya thinks keeping a face like that amounts to being a strict officer. She should watch real IPS officers like Kiran Bedi.

    1. Yeah you are right , Gul is a big idiot! It’s not a big issue to hoist a flag in other country! So why Gul is making a big issue out of nothing!
      Sandya is very careless officer! Why didn’t she think that Basu was a fire fighter , he was kidnapped so there could be any possibility of somethings wrong with the building ! Sandya has to be equally blamed for her carelessness !

  8. I would lik to recommend u all a serial guys..kuch rang pyaar ki aise sony tv at 9.30 pm..shaheer nd eric r da stars..a beautful one..u all wil defintly luv it.if u get tym, just watch it guys..btw shaheer is da one who actd as arjuna in mahabharat

  9. Sandhya can’t be blamed for carelessness. But the stupid writers are to be blamed.

    1. As per latest spoiler Arzoo turn innocent & Sandhya will be blamed by her family.

  10. In this India pak episodes, the writers made sandhya a fool and her thinking power …. they made arzoo innocent but as per a character of an ips officer ,she could not identify a single clue till the end, and. On top of that she will be blamed by rathi family. At least arzoo should have opened her mouth when they are fighting to open the valve…To just to prove her innocence she thought she should open the valve To save Everyone… no one is fault but writers made this drama a clear bullshit but showing an ips officer a dum

  11. Kitties plz mind your language.U have no right to use this language against any countries pm.
    Modi & hasina Ki galti Keya hain?Un 2dono ko koi fault nahi hain.Fault hain toh sref hamari soch pe.Aagar hamari soch develop karenge toh koi bhi problem nehi hoga.

    1. Here nobody is blaming pak. As in Pak all country too have both good and bad mentality. We indians totally respect all innocent pakistanis to the core. We really love them. Thats what showed even in Bhajrangi bhaijan. But we need to notice the fact that the indigeneous terrorists of pak are the disgrace to their country. Despite knowing this their govt are not trying to supress those terrorist groups like Iss. That is a country where their own daughter Malala is so much punished just for the sake of her wish and right to education. So u cannot blame simply that indian media and their soch is bullshit. Coming to cric we were always supporting pak. Afridi’s statement is an example. And coming to Bangladesh we Indians and BCCI are the ones who first supported them for getting a test position to ICC. We went there and played tests to just improve them. And now they are blaming us for ban of Taskin. What a crap!!!! Even after their silly photoshop of making severed head of Dhoni our team players didnt spoke a word badly. Even after the recent Wt20 match dhoni just supported Mahmadullah. But their fans are treating us like rivals and creating unnecessary scenes. We indians will never over/ underestimate any country bcoz afterall its our culture and customs.

  12. Hate this serial

    Bul shit what the hell why r they targeting Pakistan Pakistan can also make thing like this targeting India but diya aur bati him always target Pakistan its not right how can people expect good relationship between Pakistan n India when they r showing things like this hate this serial till core

  13. Hate this serial

    Me as a Pakistani didnt accept this I thinks beeter relations can never built between Pakistan n India when this kind of people r in India v can also show Indians as terrorist but v have standard

    1. Sandhya is best nyc epi

    2. Hate this serial

      U should understand this that wrong is wrong

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