Diya Aur Baati Hum 25th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 25th March 2014 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 25th March 2014 Written Update

epi starts with rahul jumping …rahul hesitates to jump. sirji pushes him…he lands
its zak turn now…he says he feels proud to jump from the highest altitude. sirji says he is mistaken sandy has opted for 15000 ft. zak is shocked ..he is not happy…he says he too wants to jump form 15000. sirji says its not possible and pushes him.

sirji says the pilot to land.

suraj in GG room…is worried that what could be sandy’s situation and he prays for sandy.

sandy comes with the trainer. sandy along with pilot and sirji board the plane…sandy is tensed. she looks down and is shocked and nervous. sirji says sandy to get ready. she says she is proud that sandy chose 15000 ft…she has seen many good officers fearing this task.

sirji says she has opted 1500ft but she has to get back to her den ( her family and that her family is her weakness and hurdle). sandy hesitantly nods…and looks down and is shocked. she has flashback of the locket scene.

she tries to hold it but its not there. suraj is tensed and worried…he is restless and says the locket will save her from troubles. sandy searches for locket.

sirji says to jump…sandy prays and jumps. she is all smiles and feels like bird. sirji says to open parachute but she is not able to. sirji says to open pc again. suraj is praying… he is in tears. sandy is struggling.

sandy is struggling with the parachute. she is loosing her balance and finally her pc opens up. sirji is all smiles…sandy is relieved. her locket is in the pc rope.

sandy lands safely…she thanks sirji. all congratulate her…zak is not happy

sirji congratulates sandy. sirji says again that sandy reminds of the bird which likes to fly high but is eager to get back to the nest…her family is her weakness and her emotions for family stops her . sandy says she would like to clear one thing that her family is her strenght and that dreams chosse the person and person cant chose dream and her family never let her down
and that the family always supported her and pulled her up when she was down. and she is lucky to have her family

sirji unhappy. suraj calls and roma informs…sandy says sorry and takes the mobile. sandy says she felt like a bird while flying. suraj is happy and it was possible because of him.
suraj says he is proud of her…sandy gives the credit to him and says behind the success of hers its suraj. suraj says he could have motivated but still he was restless to get the news about her safety. he says he knew she would be successful she deserves this win.

sandy says when she has husband like him anything is possible for her. suraj asks did it look like the scene they watched from flight to Singapore. sandy says the locket was her strength and she had fb of pc failure but didnt reveal it to suraj. suraj says he will inform sarun…they will feel proud.

precap: sirji says its last taks and they have to come along with her for 7 days and no mobile phones

Update Credit to: thala

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