Diya Aur Baati Hum 25th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 25th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya saying department has many qualified officers to manage this post, you can get anyone, but where I m needed, there is no one to manage that place. Ved asks Sooraj about Sandhya’s pics. Sooraj tells about Sandhya’s training, she used to fail in every test initially. Ved asks really, even then she became big police officer.

Sooraj says yes, the secret is she did not lose to her failures, and did honest attempts again and again, she was dedicated towards her dreams and learnt by her mistakes. Ved says then mumma got best cadet trophy. Sooraj says yes, its not wrong to fall in the path, but not getting up and walking is wrong, Sandhya was a bad cadet, but she worked hard with determination, she struggled and became the best cadet, one day she won this trophy,

that’s why her name is taken by much respect, this trophy was her dream.

Sandhya says Sir, this is my last decision. She recalls her journey of becoming an IPS officer. She keeps the gun and removes her badges. Her hands shake as she removes her cap. Bhabho and Sandhya cry. Sandhya recalls Sooraj making her wear her duty cap. Bhabho recalls taking a promise from Sandhya that whenever her family needs her, she will do her duties towards family and her job will not come in between her bahu’s duties. Bhabho cries seeing Sandhya. Sandhya cries and keeps a smile on her face.

Bhabho recalls how she misunderstood Sandhya after her marriage and scolded her many times. Bhabho says Sandhya, when I got to know about your dream for the first time, I was against it, when I saw you wearing this uniform, my soul got shaken, that’s why I took a promise from you, when you have to choose between your police duty and duty towards house, you will choose bahu’s duties first and then police job, then I understood you are made for this work, when I saw you getting away from this uniform, my soul got shaken, like customers lost trust on Sooraj’s shop, I don’t understand, I can’t see this, I never wanted to see you keeping duty first and house second, but you proved that there is nothing imp to you than your family, for the first time I m seeing my Sooraj in you, Sooraj never thinks of himself, even the sun in the sky burns and gives light to others, my Sooraj is selfless and sacrifices a lot, I did not see anyone better than him, but by seeing your big sacrifice, I feel there is another Sooraj in my family, there can’t be anything comparable with your sacrifice. She cries.

Meenakshi asks Emily about her anklet, its beautiful, did Om give this. Emily recalls Mahen. Meenakshi asks her about Ritu’s inlaws, why are you silent, what happened. Emily says I don’t understand, I m thinking right or wrong. Meenakshi asks her to take advice if she can’t take decision, tell me what happened. Emily tells Meenakshi the way Mahen touched her feet, it was very bad, I felt his intentions were bad. Meenakshi asks did you tell this to Om. Emily says I m not sure, how to tell Om, Ritu got proposal by much difficulty. Meenakshi says maybe you are mistaken, he is rich and can’t do such thing and why will he do this if he is getting related in your house, you are not able to trust anyone, after Purvi’s incident, forget it, don’t overthink. Emily says maybe you are right.

Bhabho and Sandhya are on the way. Bhabho asks the man to stop the car. She tells Sandhya that Sooraj brings you to this place when there are big problems, ups and downs in life, you get peace here, so I got you here. Sandhya says yes, I have deep connection with this place, I get inspiration here. Bhabho asks her to go and get her strength. Sandhya looks at Mahatma Gandhi’s statue. She recalls her father taking her to this place and saying some people are like this, who always make others’ lives shine. She cries.

Sandhya says this is the biggest Tapasya of my life, I will be completing Sooraj’s dream, its my dream now, I will fulfill Sooraj’s dream.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. hai, anyone plz tell whats the meaning of “tapasya”?? Sry, i don’t know hindi.

  2. Too Emotional Episode
    Can’t stop tears in BHABHO-SANDHYA scene.
    Eagerly awaiting for upcoming episodes.
    Hope SANDHYA will regain SOORAJ’s lost reputation.
    Plzzz end this track soon.
    We can’t bear this emotional sentimental track for too long
    SANDHYA is always the best wife.

    1. NS4

      Yeah u r right @AD……. unable to watch this heart heart touching scenes. …plz end it fast and make sooraj fine and sandhya to join in her duty

  3. Salute you SANDHYA RATHI.
    You are great.

  4. Can’t see sandya crying to leave her dream job! Pls maker don’t make her to lose her job for the sake of making her family business successful ! Show some miricle oh God!

  5. Nobody do big sacrifice. But SANDHYA did *big sacrifice* in her life..!! Only for SOORAJ….!!!!!!

  6. today episode is very good & emotional,sandhya is real best wife & best bahu of rati family, and sooraj also best pati ,dabh is very best serial in star plus channel, pls pls pls dont end good serial, i am see that best serial in my life ,telugu & hindi languages see that serials at every day.

  7. today episode is very good & emotional,sandhya is real best wife & best bahu of rati family, and sooraj also best pati ,dabh is very best serial in star plus channel, pls pls pls dont end good serial, i am see that best serial in my life ,telugu & hindi languages see that serials at every day.

  8. NS4

    Emotional episode. …bhabu and Sandhya’s acting was nice. ..

  9. NS4

    I feel that sandhya’s superior officer won’t accept sandhya’s resignation..but he will keep it as long leave and after some time he will re-appoints sandhya to continue her service to the department. …
    I feel it would happen. …
    Wat u guys say ……??

  10. Why is Sandhya so stupid to leave her job and all the respect she earned? If running the house was a problem , she is earning good money to take care of the family. If she wanted to make the mahaprasad, a long leave to set things right was enough. To become an IPS officer and do justice to her profession was her dream, passion and love and she solved so many difficult cases . She did so much for the Rathi family……never got recognized forit …only she was thrown out of the house.She got absolutely no support from her unpad gawar family. She sacrificed her kidney for her loud mouth and domination mother in law, who intereferd in her career decisions . Now this stupidity. The usp of this program is Sandhya becoming an IPS officer and S.P. against all odd. If she becomes a halwai, it is like any other serial.

  11. I think u are missing the point. The sacrifice has been done by both suraj & sandya for each other because they love & respect each other. Forget the rest of the family.

  12. Richa

    heyyy ns4 bro nys to c ur cmmnt 🙂
    guyss plss tell whethrchavi did it intentionally or someone else

    1. NS4

      As per previous episode. ..chavi did it intentionally by doing so she get money(she need to recover loan amount Rs.10 lakhs) from neighbour sweet shop owner so called dipen..who wants to spoil sooraj name and his sweet shop

    2. Richa

      oHHHHHH I SEEE but there wasnt need for resign temporarily with someones help babasa culd hav done it as he is ex halvaai and owner of shop

  13. Suhanya, Tapasya means voluntary acceptance of bodily pains to achieve some higher end of life

  14. Richa

    haha!!! ryt kittu chotuuu is perrrrrrrfectttt for the jobbbbbbbbbbbbbb and chavi never change some or other wrong it’s t like the wolf and sheep story i mean bhaidiya aaya wali chavi may or may not b wrong but is always blamed for wrong shezzz turning like mr Mohit useless

  15. Devga

    Wat is the jist of current track….???? y sandhya is crying….???? For a second i thought suraj is dead… But thank god therr was a phn convo with him….

    1. Devga

      I am watching dabh aftr a long tym

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