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Diya Aur Baati Hum 25th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone being shocked knowing about Chavi and Zakir’s proposal. Babasa gets glad. Sooraj blesses Chavi and says Bhabho you thought good, Zakir is a good man and I m sure he will keep Chavi happy. Babasa says Zakir is already part of this family, its good news. Meenakshi says yes, he is on big post and earns good, its good that Chavi will settle, but other religion, what will people say. Bhabho says she has thought this, but Sandhya taught me that we should decide for our home on right and wrong basis, not about people.

She says she is able to give Chavi happiness by Sandhya, and blesses her. Sandhya comes home and gives towel to Sooraj. He says I have taken it, I got habit to do my work, by staying in camp. She teases him and says I think you remember your bachelor

days. She says she will make him wear kurta. He says I can play kabaddi with one hand so I can wear kurta too. She says fine. She gets stuck and asks her help. He asks her not to taunt and asks her to help as she does justice always. She says fine, just admit you can’t walk without my help. He says this is not right. She says I will go. He says he can’t do anything without her help.

She helps him. He says he missed her big eyes, sweet smile a lot. She hugs him and he rests in her lap. Diya aur baati…………plays…………..He says he will be making Vedansh, all this became possible as he has wife like her. He asks her to be always with him. She cries and thinks she has just 10 days time with family, then she is going away from them on the mission. He asks is she thinking anything. They hear Mohit shouting and rush there to see.

Mohit says he has bear a lot, he has told them, but they did not agree before, as Emily did acting to be ideal wife and helpless woman, but she did not get permission to have such fun, ask her Bhabho, what relation she has with Zakir. They all get shocked. Emily cries. Pari looks on and gets shocked. Meenakshi asks the kids to come. Pari says she won’t go, she wants to know what her dad tells about her mum. Meenakshi takes Misri and Golu.

Mohit says he has seen the truth today, that’s why his relation is not getting fine with Emily. He asks Bhabho to ask Emily what was she doing with Zakir in hotel room. Bhabho asks is he mad, what cheap thing is he saying. He says she was with strange man for hours, is this any pure thing. Chavi comes with Zakir. She says she has the answer. She says she told Emily to go, she was helping Zakir. Emily asks Chavi not to give any explanation, as this man does not deserve anything.

She says whatever he told till now, she has bear his taunts and did not ask him anything, her patience ended today, he has crossed the limit of their relation. She ends her relation with him and says she refuses to regard him husband and asks him for divorce. Everyone get shocked. Zakir asks what is she saying, wait a min, I m sorry but… Mohit listen… Emily says no need to apologize Zakir, I should thank you, I can’t bear now, I will live my life for myself and my daughter, we don’t have place for Mohit, I have decided, I want divorce from Mohit. She hugs Pari and cries.

Mohit asks does she think he will be scared if she wants divorce and asks her to be alone for few days, she will get sense. He asks her to get lost from this house, she is staying here as this house is his, and the parlor is also his. Emily takes Pari and starts leaving. Bhabho stops her. Emily says no Bhabho, don’t stop me today. Bhabho says she is not stopping her bahu, but her daughter, she has this right.

She says she is still alive and she will decide who will come and go from this house. She says you are like my Chavi, my daughter, I free you from Rathi’s bahu for your self-respect, this is your home, I will see who will kick you out. She asks Chavi to take Emily and Pari to her room. Mohit asks Bhabho why did she favor Emily over her son. Bhabho slaps him. She says she has not slapped her son, but to that cheap man who has dared to put wrong blames on her daughter, she does not have place for such man, get out of this house.

Mohit angrily looks at Zakir and asks about him. Bhabho says she has fixed Zakir’s relation with Chavi, how can he fall so low to link Emily and Zakir. She says Zakir is becoming her son in law. He gets shocked. She asks him to go. She kicks him out and shuts the door. Sandhya says Bhabho…. Bhabho says I m fine, I took a right decision today, no one will talk about Mohit in this house from today. They cry. Bhabho says no one will cry for him.

Its morning, Sandhya recalls Bharat’s words and thinks she will spend time with her family and live every moment. She wants to take memories with her and sees sindoor. She asks Sooraj to fill her maang. He asks the reason. She says I want you to fill my maang daily. He says sure, but whats the matter, is everything fine. She gets stunned.

Sooraj says I don’t know whats going on in your mind. Bharat calls her and asks her to leave home and come. She comes to a house and sees around.

Update Credit to: Amena

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