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Diya Aur Baati Hum 25th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vansh checking two notes. He calls that man and says I have arranged money. Sooraj and Bhabho rush to home. Sooraj calls out Vansh. Vansh leaves the man’s note there and takes Sandhya’s letter along. Sooraj asks Ved about Vansh. Ved says I have seen him going upstairs to your room. Bhabho and Sooraj go there and get shocked seeing locker open. She says I kept money in this locker. Sooraj finds the letter on the floor, and reads the man’s note. He says someone is fooling Vansh, we have to find him. Bhabho says Vansh is little kid, this man can harm our Vansh. Sooraj says don’t worry.

The man waits for Vansh. Vansh runs to him and hugs, saying I got money Papa. The man gets glad and says you did a big thing for a poor father, give me money. Vansh asks the

man do you remember my birthday. The man says I m your father, I remember everything, we will first get your mum’s operation done, then I will answer you. Vansh gives him money. Sooraj comes and takes money. Vansh says this is my real father, my real mummy is very ill, give money to him for her treatment. The man runs and Sooraj catches him. Sooraj tells Vansh that this is not your real father and scolds the man. He asks the man to tell truth, else everyone will beat him. the people get angry.

The man says I will say truth, I did this for money’s greed, when Vansh was talking to Ved, I heard them and took advantage. He says Vansh, I m not your father. The people take the man to police station. Vansh says that was not my Papa, he lied to me, what did I do thinking he is my real Papa, he cheated me. Sooraj says its not your mistake, it was that man’s mistake, he did cheating, come, we will go home. Sooraj thinks matter got ahead, when Ankur comes today, I will clear things to Vansh.

Vansh apologizes to Bhabho and says I did not wish to steal money. Bhabho says no, its not your mistake, forget it as bad dream. She hugs him and asks him not to worry, Sandhya will be coming now. He says I m tired and goes to rest. Sooraj goes to Bhabho and says I did not get that letter, maybe it fell in bank. She says I want you to tell truth to Vansh, he got much affected. Sooraj says yes, I m waiting for Ankur to come, once Ankur comes, we will together explain Vansh. Bhabho prays everything gets fine, and asks him to come.

Sooraj serves jalebi to Sandhya for her success. He makes other have jalebis too. Babasa says I will feed Bhabho by my hands. Meenakshi asks shall I taste some. Sooraj gives her the plate. Ved tells how Sandhya has beaten the goons. Bhabho says yes, when I saw them with weapons, I got afraid, when they people, I had two kids with me and was scared, thank Lord we are safe.

Ved says my mumma is superhero, I love you. She says I love you too, where is Vansh. Ved says he is in his room. Sandhya asks Sooraj to come. Bhabho also goes with them. They see Vansh crying. Sandhya asks Vansh why is he crying. Vansh shows her letter. Sandhya, Sooraj and Bhabho get shocked. Sandhya recalls how she has tied letter to the tree. Bhabho thinks I forgot letter in locker, and Vansh got it, he knows truth now. Vansh cries showing them the letter………….

Vansh asks them did they write this letter, or is this a lie too. He reads the letter and cries. He says you say lying is bad, and we should always speak truth, why did you two lie. Ved, Babasa, Meenakshi come there. Sooraj tells Babasa that Vansh got the letter. Vansh says now I know everything, you are the one whom I came to find in Pushkar, you both have hidden truth from me, that fraud uncle said I m his son, and I agreed to him, when Sooraj stopped me from seeing register, I thought you worry for me, but you were hiding truth, you did not wish me to know that you both are my real parents. Ved gets shocked and asks Bhabho is Vansh my brother. He asks Sooraj are they Vansh’s real parents. They all cry. Bhabho asks Vansh not to think wrong. Vansh says no one told me truth, no one loves me.

Sooraj says we did not tell you so that you don’t fight with Ankita and Ankur, not to keep you away, it was not easy for us. Bhabho says giving away child is not easy, Sooraj and Sandhya did this for Bulbul’s happiness. Vansh says you decided to give one baby to mumma, why did you choose me. He cries. Sandhya looks at him.

Vansh tells Ankur that he got to know who gave him birth and then made him away. Ankur gets shocked. Vansh cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hope vansh will scold or question now bulbul for her greed behaviour.. And making him away from his real parents..
    He should scold ankur and akitha for suppprting bulbulb instead giving guidence in her childhood..

    1. I dnt think they show like this which u think… they show some different story…

    2. No i dnt think they show like that which u think… may be they show some different…

  2. Luv the episode

  3. Thanks amena for fast updating… ??? im back.. miss u all….u miss me or nt?? now adays dabh give different bt nice episodes…???

  4. Todays episode was awesome.. mind blowing… in my style ek dam zakassss….??????

  5. Finally vansh get to know thats sandhya and Suraj r his parent’s…. ?‍?‍?‍??‍?‍?‍??‍?‍?‍?

  6. Emotional Touching Episode.
    Emotional Precap too.
    This ANKUR is a selfish rascal.So,I think he won’t tell the truth to VANSH.
    Hope everything will be fine soon.Plz don’t drag this emotional track for so long.Afterall it’s a copy of YHM’s last track which ended just few days ago.So end this MOM-CHILD separation bakwas track soon.Plzzz……
    We want something different,unique & new.

    1. Definitely they dnt drag this track… they only show how to handle child in this situations… this track is also nice…

  7. Todays vansh acting was awesome… best acting..????

    1. Hats off u vansh… good job… today he cry us frm his acting..????

  8. Wating for tomorrow’s episode.. DABH rocksss.. as usual.. best show… hope we see this kind of nice scenes… as well as new twist..?????

  9. Thank you star plus as well as whole DABH team?? for showing this beautiful show.. bcoz this show is give motivation for handling any bad situations… in every episodes they teach one lesson.. so thats why i like this show very much… love u all DABH entire team…????always entertain like this…?????

  10. Welcome varsha we miss you lot. Today episode was very good. Finally Vansh know his real parents. DABH always rocks.

    1. Now finally the truth is come in front of vd and vansh…

  11. Very nice episode. Vansh asked very good questions to Suraj and Sandhya. Welcome back varsha we miss you lot

    1. Good question by vansh.. bt nw its dam wating for ved reactions on this situations… wating for that..

  12. Wow ! Superb ! Mind blowing epi! Vansh got to know abt surya being his real parents!!! I’m so happy???

    1. Me to happy.. now tomorrow we see ankurs reaction on vansh question.. and also waiting for how he react on sandhya… cant wait for tomorrow…

  13. Hi varsha ! Welcome back after a long time ! I think u left at MM times! Yes u r ri8 dabh always rocks ! Suraj sandya vadansh rockzzz!

    1. Yes.. i m busy in my work.. u r right we see how sandhya and suraj handle ved as well as vansh.. waiting for that…

  14. Vansh has found out his real parents. And Vedansh hotel will be erected soon. Ved will administer the hotel while vansh becomes an IPS officer. And Subham! The End.

    1. Kuch bhi mat bolo.. hope in next episode we see vedansh hotel… waiting for that scean…

  15. Oh god , what’s happening..
    Unite vansh with family and finish this,
    Waiting for season 2, with ved as halwai and vansh as ips officer..
    Enuf of this..

  16. hope vansh unites wid his parents soon and then sooraj and sandhya will live happily , wid kanak , vad and vansh . how nice it would be if this happens .

  17. Superb…acting by emotional episode..vansh so cute and adorable..

  18. Pls unite vansh with his family…i hope soon…

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