Diya Aur Baati Hum 25th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 25th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sajni telling Sandhya about Shekhar. Sandhya thinks is this Shekhar Chandu. She sits there and sees the dance performance. A scorpion comes and bites Sandhya. She faints. Yashoda asks everyone to cure Sagarika. Chandu looks on and thinks Sagarika has to be alive, till we get all info from here. The lady in white clothes makes some lep for Sandhya. Manjari asks did she die. Yashoda asks her to keep quiet. The lady applies lep. Chandu thinks she can’t die, she is imp for Garjana. The lady says don’t worry, she is getting conscious. Sandhya opens her eyes. The people cheer for Narayani Devi. Sandhya thinks they preach a lady as Devi here.

Yashoda says this is my daughter Narayani Devi, she has removed poison from your body, scorpion has bitten you. Manjari makes

Sandhya keep her head in Narayani’s feet. Narayani says you are strong, I have seen bravery and energy in a woman after a long time. She blesses Sandhya and says some poison is still in your body, come in morning daily, I will make kada and make you drink, you will be fine.

Yashoda says Shekhar has brought Narayani here from far. Sandhya thanks him. Chandu says its fine, show me your hand. He says mum, she won’t do, her hand has long line like a black snake, she won’t die soon. Manjari says unlucky one. Chandu asks for Dakshina, he works as fortune teller in free time, you can pay later, I have good memory. He says unlucky, she spoiled my play…. He says I m saying whats going on in Manjari’s heart, don’t be shocked. They all laugh. He asks Sandhya to go before Manjari gets angry. Yashoda takes Sandhya along.

Manjari asks Sandhya what does she want. Sandhya asks for her clothes. Manjari says its not dry, it will dry till morning, sleep in current clothes. Sandhya rests and thinks about Ved. FB shows Sandhya not getting sleep. Ved says he will make her sleep. Sandhya asks how, by saying any story. Ved says no, stories are for kids, and makes her sleep by caressing her. He hugs her and says I love you. Sandhya cries and says I love you too Ved.

Meenakshi convinces Vikram to bring Sooraj, and its matter of few mins. Vikram asks what will I tell him. Meenakshi says lie anything, he does not figure out lies and truth these days, tell about Ved’s PTM meeting, get ready fast. She sees Bhabho sleeping and prays that Bhabho does not wake up before they come back. She shuts Bhabho’s room door. Sooraj says something is fishy. Meenakshi says no, its imp to go in PTM. Vikram is worried. Meenakshi says nothing will happen, lets leave soon. Vikram says its good the shop is closed since two days. A man asks Sooraj how is he, he has seen him after a long time. Sooraj says I m fine.

Bhabho comes there and stops Sooraj. Meenakshi worries. Bhabho asks Sooraj to come home, where is he going. Sooraj says in Ved’s school PTM. Bhabho says its not today, I will tell you, come. Vikram worries. Bhabho scolds Meenakshi and Vikram for taking Sooraj outside, if anything happened to him, then… Meenakshi cries and says she forgot to shut the door, she went to take ration, and Sooraj came out, Vikram and I saw him, and rushed to him, don’t we know his state, I m thinking what would have happened if we did not see him. Bhabho says I will heal all the wounds given to him by Sandhya, nothing will happen to him.

Sooraj sees a dress burning and shouts Sandhya. Vikram stops Sooraj. Meenakshi looks on worried.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. anu

    But u donts think sandhya is a cheater she is very great person really this tought is unbearable…

    She lives for a country as well as family…

    dont think negetive…

  2. anu

    Sooraj is suffering soo much but use kuch to intimation dena tha…

    really episode ending me bhaboo jo kaha sandhya ke bare me i am upset…

  3. anu

    sandhya jho sacrifice kiya hai family ke liye kai bhool gayi bhaboo only sooraj ka pain dhikra hai sandy ka pain nahi dhikri bhaboo ko

    plz director change the bhaboo’s thought…..

    views unable to see this….

      • See this new Actress Shefali Sharma who was last seen on Sony TV’s Tum Aise Hi Rehna is soon going to enter Shashi Sumeet Productions’ popular show Diya Aur Baati Hum on Star Plus.

        As per the ongoing tracks of the show, after a leap of three months while Sandhya (Deepika Singh) has been kidnapped and the Rathi family is informed about her death, on the other hand Bhabho (Neelu Vaghela) is trying her son Suraj (Anas Rashid) to get out of this pain.

        Our source informs us, “Bhabho will soon be getting a new girl for her son Suraj so that he can move on in his life happily forgetting all his past memories with Sandhya. Here’s when Shefali will make an entry to the show. Shefali will be seen essaying the character of Lalima who will be the new girl in Suraj’s life on the show.”

        When we contacted Shefali, she said, “I am yet to receive a confirmation from the production house.”

        Bt now we can’t say now.when they show in serial that time we see.??

      • Romi

        Yes I also watched in sbs that shefali sharma is going to essay the role of lalima in dabh
        She was last seen in colors serial ‘bani-ishq da kalma ‘
        Where she played the role of bani ?

  4. And that manjri is mad . When that incident happened with sandhya that time she just say sandhya is can die (mar gaye kya wo)????????

  5. That shekhar sister who do treatment sandhya that girl is may be join with garjna sanghtna. Bcoz her behaviour is different.i think something fishly in that.???????

    • Now that shekhar not do anything with sandhya bcoz he want information frm sandhya. He now safe sandhya.That’s very nice that one on harm sandhya.before they not get full information from sandhya.????????

  6. Shaurya

    Sooraj is alive for Ved.He lost own intelligence & normality. And Bhabo in this time take wrong decison (seconed marraige) in help of sooraj’s unwell health. She spoils own son’s life,sandhya was right, is right & will wright.

  7. Minakshi never change. finally she bring suraj out of house.?
    How nicley they both Minakshi and vikram lie that today is ved ptm(parents teacher meeting)??????

    • Suraj also daut that something is fishy.and he is easily believe that bcoz suraj is nt his sence. That’s why they can do anything. ??????

    • That’s good she scold Minakshi for her behaviour. And that Minakshi lie to bhaboo very smartly. And bhaboo also believe that this is emli’s fault. ??????????

      • Romi

        How illogical ?
        Sheker will take sandya for shopping ???? lol
        Will sandya will go with him?
        Will barath sir allow her ?
        It’s a secret mission not NoTANKI!

      • yeah buttt for mission nd for chandu’s truth she would do almostt all possible things and (yasodha) told sandy to go for shopping with his son aqnd chandu can also do anything to make sandy aka safrika to speak abt himanshu…..

      • NS4

        @richa::Your logic and your thought was good………..But… A small correction

        even if sandhya go for shopping with shekar ….how it is possible to sandhya-sooraj meet

        you forgot that sandhya was in kolkata …and sooraj in Hanuman galli …that too bhabu made an eye on sooraj and not even allowing him in hanuman galli street’s

      • @romi itss not abt bharat as she is in no connection with bharat now she has to all alone now……….. nd thiss mission is serious thats y he will do this to make sagrika spit out the truth justt to gaher confidence

      • @ ns4 i got ur point but wen chandu was going to kidnap sagrika the man told them the place is at 7 hr long dist and himanshu also doing work from rajasthan and went for shopping at rathi saari centre may be the bsae iss close to pushkar……… and about sooraj going out v all know meenakshi she wont let out this money easily she will somehow bring sooraj out….. nd promo say sooraj meet lalima when he is out with ved nd she giv jalebi to ved so may b then …….

      • Romi

        Sorry don’t take it serious
        I was just kidding ?
        And now I also think that maybe that girl was sandya! Going out for shopping with chundu ??????
        Thanks for explaining it in detail

      • heyyy @ romi no sorry it was just ur pov nd u just kept it nd mee 2 itss ok we alll r here to share r pov abt d show sooo u 2 dont take it seriouslyy okk nd dabh rockk nd sandy will do her mission nd reunite with sooraj

  8. Dabh new promo see and read
    Promo starts with Previous episode’s scene where Sagrika/Sandhya was standing in front of mirror and imagine Sooraj standing with her in that mirror.. She says that his smile makes her to complete the mission..
    After that, in Hanuman Gali, Sooraj is taking ved to school, a girl/lady come and gives jalebies to Ved.. (They don’t show the face of that lady). Ved takes jalebies.. Sooraj smiles.. Bhabho and Babasa are seeing this.. Bhabho is happy and says that it is happening after 3 months that her son Sooraj smiled because of that lady.?????

    • At least when they do this plan that time they properly care for that for this they properly they care that for this suraj nt hurt.????

      • They really do so much for family. When family want there help they always support. For Minakshi money is important. Bt she always give bhaboo some money for house use.that was so least they know the value of family. ???????????

      • Jeyam

        The character of Meenakshi is delineated as selfish, jealous and sometimes as a weii wisher. She is not steady and there people like her in ordinary common world. She is an unique and strange character.

  9. NS4

    Chandu acting was nice….

    How innocent he behaving like he can’t even harm an ant…too smart acting

  10. Sandhya do her job very well. Now new challenges for sandhya. Sandhya is very breve girl. Sandhya and suraj hope they as early as possible they reunit.I can’t see them sepertion.
    Bt after mission mahabali we see sandhya’s new target bhaboo to manau bhaboo.

    ??Happy birthday to Deepika Singh (didi) God bless you. And ur every dream come true

    Form me to all of u

    Hope that garjna sanghtna nt more harm sandhya.

  11. Dear Deepika,

    send this message to a friend May your birthday and every day be filled with the warmth of sunshine, the happiness of smiles, the sounds of laughter, the feeling of love and the sharing of good cheer.

    • Dear deepika,

      May your birthday and every day be filled with the warmth of sunshine, the happiness of smiles, the sounds of laughter, the feeling of love and the sharing of good cheer.

  12. Jeyam

    Amena has to note that a scorpion will not bite.Only a snake will do bite. A scorpin will sting and the poison ‘ll be injected into the blood atream which will cause excruciating pain and can be relieved only after 24 hours with proper medicine. But we like to get the recipe or formula of the herbal remedy from Narayani (or the director) that healed the wound within seconds.

    • Romi

      Agreed but I know a very simple herb that if you crush it and apply it on the affected area of scorpions stinging then it cures and removes all the poison
      Maybe you have also seen it in some pends ( village) bcoz it’s very common ? I don’t remember its name in hindi but it’s very common in India Pakistan and Afghanistan

      • oh plss try to grt the name of that herb but still this girl who treated sagrika is a arrogant girl and a neem hakeem (doctor quack)……………. and a bigg show offf

      • Romi

        That neem hakeem girl thinks herself as
        The miss world of jungle ?????
        Andho (blinds) mai khana ? raja ???

  13. manil

    when sandhya will back sooraj’s second marriage,sooraj has back his memory by help of fire.

  14. nikhil

    Sooraj should leave Rathi house with Sandhya & Ved.
    Bhabo,Minakshi & Mohit all are no changeable.They spend their life with the help of Sooraj,Ved & Sandhya.
    Mohit’s taunts make Emily have to
    go for suicide. Sooraj will also take
    Pari’s responsibility.

  15. shruti

    new update show that Sandhya will support Garjana Sanghathan. She cheats own country like her family. stupid,b*t*h,terrorist person.
    why Sooraj lost own normal behavior for that type of woman ????

      • If sandhya doing this it means that she join hand with garjna for know all plans of garjna sanghtna that they plan against our country. To flop there plan that’s why may be sandhya join hand with garjna.????????

      • She is honest police officer.she never chit our country. If u remember that bharat sir say for country sefaty do what u want . for this she just know that what there is next plan of garjna sanghtna.??????????

      • i think she will see their pain as govt may hav cheated them and decide to help them or just to gain chandu’s trust to know abt big bang……… main mission of garjana……..

    • NS4

      Don’t waste your time with dis type of comments…@shruti

      even if she do that was also for country sake only…

  16. happy birthday dipika di may god bless u and may u always be happy in ur life and dabh go on fora long time and gain good trp always…? ? ? ?? ? ? ?? ? ? ?? ? ? ?? ? ? ?onceagain many happy returns oof the day..??????

    • Today (26 June) is Deepika Singh’s birthday (26 June) but the lovely lady is not celebrating at all.
      The fun loving girl, who is known for her strong character Sandhya in Star Plus’ Diya Aur Baati Hum, usually loves to party but this year, due to the sudden demise of their colleague Bhupesh Kholi, they are all in mourning.
      Bhupesh was the Project Head at Shashi-Sumeet Productions (makers of Diya).
      Deepika’s better half Rohit shared, “There is no celebration this year as we have lost a very dear member of our team. Yesterday Deepika distributed food to few poor children near her show’s set.”
      We wish her luck and success.

  17. anonymous

    No rati is not playing that role…shefali sharma of bani serial is expected to play the role of lalima….

    • Romi

      You don’t know anything about duty towards nation
      Duty about family should be sacrificed for the wellbeing of nation
      And that’s what sandya is doing
      Don’t poke your nose in matters that you don’t know anything about it ??

    • geetha

      you pl shut up man @aron ahmer… r not patriotic..I doubt u are not an indian…how can u say that about sandhya who is sacrificing her life for our nation—you r an idiot go and leave this page….

  18. Today They show in SBB sandhya’s birthday celebration with poor people.?????love u didi????
    So sweet of u deepika didi. U did well job.
    God give u all happiness as well as ur whole family.?????
    And u always entertaing us like this. ??????
    Sandhya Hope ur plan will be success.???????

    • Romi

      Maybe but Rahul had killed her and I think she was dead
      Currently charu asopa ( Roma) is playing a character in mere angne mai
      I don’t watch this show but have seen her yesterday
      I like her jodi with Rahul in a positive character ?

      • well rahul is missing too he was last shown calling sandy nd zakir……. nd yeah if roma is alive she can be one of the naxalites……… as she was b4……….. nd romi u mustt watch that mam shw itss good nd funny,…………(till now) lol 😉

      • Romi

        Thanks @richa I’ll definitely watch it and plz don’t pair chavi with our dear Rahul ??
        Chavi ko jawaan hi budha kar do she doesn’t deserve to get married phiir se apni shadi ka outfit chura le gi

      • Actually when ruma take agrima Singh frm camp to kill her. That time sandhya also go carefully that place on that time she warn ruma to nt do anything. Bt she nt listen sandhya then kill her by she shot ruma in middle of head.?????

      • Romi

        No varsha! Roma was killed by Rahul. He shot her in the stomach
        Sandya shot the chief on the head
        Roma called sandya ‘oye chakla bellan tou Kiya maari gee ? goli to theek se chala nahi sakti ?’??
        And then sandya shot the chief after that rahul shot ruma and said to AS’ sir mai ne app ki har baat suni thi ,ajj uss pe amal bhi kiya, duty har rishty har natey se ooper hoti hai, mai ne roma se mohabbat ki thi par uss ko desh pe qurbaan kar diya mai ne app ki har baat suni thi! Mai careless nahi tha and today I proved it’?

      • yeah frndss itss a v sad news and now the death toll has risen to 13+ and the firing is still going on nd granade attacs also there nd it has been 7 hrs since it all started nd spl army from j&k has been calleed there and the terrorists also attacked a bus b4 going to police station nd sp of police also dead(sheed) ………… m feeling v bad …….. nd in this bad time these ppl all doing politics……shame on them……….. but a salut to all who laid their lives for our protection……..nd just pray that all peace get restored soon nd alll get normal………. .

    • anu

      Thank u @varsha sending this link. i am very happy to see like this deepika ji…

      hope fully sandhya ji aur sooraj ji ke e dooriya jaldi katam hogi

      hope fully.

      as early as possible….

  19. seeing surajs condition reminds me of a song….
    judaa hoke bhi tu mujh me abhi baaki haii……….
    palkon m banke aansooo tu chaali aati h,,,,,,,,,,,,,????✌️✌️✌️

  20. Romi

    This show is becoming interesting day by day ??
    I just can’t wait to see all the twists and turns
    How sandya will complete the mission and return to home what will happen at home suraj second marriage
    Emily, mohit and zakir matter
    And suraj ‘s hotel VedAnsh

  21. anu

    Guys what do you think ??????

    sooraj ka second marriage sandhya ka mission compleate hone se pahle ho jayega??????????

    wt do you think guys?

      • anu

        ayisa to sandhya ke saath anayay hoga na

        sooraj usko diya huva promise ko koyi matlab nahi rahega

      • anu

        but spoiler had given that news na on the sooraj second marriage day sandhya will be back that is fake news???????????//

      • anu

        and one more thing ayisa huva to lalima ke saath bhi anyay hoga

        After sandy come sandy ko forgive karne ke baad lalima ka kya hoga uska saadi sooraj ke saath hogaya to Diya aur baate ka meaning change hojayega………….

      • Romi

        Ho sakta hai k lalima diya aur bati mai teil(oil) ka kaam de
        Yani vo inki beech mei vamp ? bane gi

  22. anu

    It happens wt abt sandhy position??????

    we are egarly waiting for up coming episodes how sandy find out chandu and one more thing spoilers are giving news abt sandy she also do fake marriage ??????//

    guys wt is your opinion abt this??????????????

  23. For once there’s a show that’ll truly make you want to come back…
    Of late, while surfing through channels, I often find myself getting stuck on Star Plus, whenever they have Diya Aur Baati Hum going on. Now I’m not particularly a fan of daily soaps. So when I don’t feel like breaking my TV set with a hammer on watching a show, I know they’re doing something right. It’s surprising that I should like DABH because 1. I don’t think Deepika Singh as an actress does justice to the show and 2. I thought it was ridiculously melodramatic prior to the leap. But post the time leap, things on the show have changed and for the better.

    So I quickly jotted down the things that, I think, are actually working in favour of the show…

    Interesting and crisp plot:

    To begin with (repeating myself here), I really like the current track with the whole father-son equation and how the son has made the father realise his dreams and go after them. Of course it helps that Sooraj as a dotting father is someone I can totally relate to. Also, the makers have stopped dragging plots over thousands of episodes. The show gives you a glimpse of little moments in the lives of all characters. Be it Meenakshi’s return or Ved’s embarrassment over his father’s profession or Sooraj deciding to live his dream or the latest track that’ll see Sooraj playing Kabaddi; the show has a lot to offer now.

    Not-so-extreme characters:

    Another thing good about the current track is that it does not reinforce the age-old “modern = vamp” stereotype. Take for instance the entry of Ridhi Dogra who plays an entrepreneur, Aditi, on the show. So Aditi is a business woman who owns a kabaddi team, wears modern clothes and is an independent, stylish woman. But fortunately, she’s not shown as someone who is out there to make everyone’s life hell (something that’s common among most shows on-air). She shouts and yells when need be, but is otherwise a nice, well-spoken, considerate person.

    Emotions in control:

    The best part about the show is that the child artists are very well trained. They are not, in the least bit, over expressed, shrilly or annoyingly loud. Take Jemima Kapoor aka Pari, for example. the time when she was seen arguing with Bhabho (Neelu Waghela) as to why her mother, Emily (Pooja Jain), needs to be remarried. Boy, did the girl kill it or what? From anxiety to tears, everything was in moderation. And the same goes for Reem Sheikh aka Mishri. Ved, for his age, is good but could use some help.

  24. Romi

    This week DABH is going to be very thrilling and full of adventures ?????
    Can’t wait to see sandya in her actionable avatar

  25. I am also wating for sandhya action scene. Bt today’s episode should be very episode bcoz today they reveal suraj condition. And first suspense why bhaboo and suraj behaviour like this.????
    Super excited.?????
    Bt little bit sad bcoz I can’t see suraj like this ?????????????

    • Anu

      Trye say @varsha today they revel sooraj suspense and why bhaboo has changed like that 2 or 3 episodes it will show sooraj situation i think soooooo

      and one thing we cant see sooraj like that hmmmmmmmmmm more exited ….as well as sandhya action scenes also………

    • sad news today in punjab there was a terrorist attack and 8+ ppl died………………and they hav captured manyy ppl and taken them as hostages 🙁 they r said to be police kins …………….. and police and army trying to take control…. par jo loss hua use kon compelsate kar sakta hai?????…………
      it reminded of this show… how sandy fought rk etc…….. i hope may the deceased souls R.I.P. and peace to be restored in that affected area??????
      this show also shows the bravery with which these ppl fight nd risk thier lives for ppl safety………….. and on kargil memorial day i salute those martyers nd pray for them nd thir families nd world peace………… ????

      • True say…. Bcoz all police officers do great job… This our serial also show that how is officers life,how they sacrifices there life for us….. How difficulties in there life when they on duty BT always they do great job… Salute them …??????????????????

      • yeah frndss itss a v sad news and now the death toll has risen to 13+ and the firing is still going on nd granade attacs also there nd it has been 7 hrs since it all started nd spl army from j&k has been calleed there and the terrorists also attacked a bus b4 going to police station nd sp of police also dead(sheed) ………… m feeling v bad …….. nd in this bad time these ppl all doing politics……shame on them……….. but a salut to all who laid their lives for our protection……..nd just pray that all peace get restored soon nd alll get normal………. .

  26. dharini

    Next episide
    Track 1 @ hanuman gaki, where Suraj’s sad scene will be shown.
    Scene 2 – at village, sandhya will get some info in the way, to take her kada from Devi.

  27. NS4

    As shown in precap someone has fired crackers ..then the saree’s burned… When sooraj see that fire he…recall Sandhya…
    Sooraj struggles..
    Can’t see ?????????????

    • Anu

      Ya true say @NS4 mohit will open the main door fire spart will come in to the house then burnt clothes that time sooraj will see the fire then recall sandhya exited ………….but i cant see sooraj like that ………….comeon sooraj be brave your sandhya is alive………..

  28. Anu

    Sandhya is struggels there in between jungle here sooraj is suffering without sandy.

    there chandu is love with sandy here bhaboo is thinking new girl will enter in sooraj life he lives happily what a co-inciedence

    hat’s of the writer kya story banaya…….. inbetween these problem how sandy fight for the nation… sandy all the best……for mission mahabali…………..

    • NS4

      Yeah true say @anu..

      Actually in my opinion… Sandhya death drama not needed… Sandhya can say that she got transferred and then go for mission
      Already she went on transfer ..same as that
      Even it secret saying transfer she can manage that

      • Anu

        Ya true @NS4 un necessarly they put this drama

        i think they want to put some serious twist abt sooraj….it means new entry in sooraj life views ko alert karne ke liye jithna sandhya sooraj struggels utna trp badega thats why they bring this drama.

        But we want to see sandhya sooraj ka shaadi hone ke bad ayegi or pahle ayegi this is the twist.

        In serial they want to do sooraj second marrige sandhya ka death batana hi haina ……….

      • Romi

        But I think sandya death drama was required for this mission bcoz then garjana ppl could harm her family especially her little son ved
        And sandya could have left the mission incomplete!

    • NS4

      Death drama was only becoz to prolong the show
      For that director want to made all negative sense in the show so he made death drama…

      • nooo i think death drama was to the world as if she remain alive as an police officer in wrlds eye there r chances of garjana knowing abt her nd now sandy is dead soo no1 talks abt her nd there is no record of her posting in police record book sooo her identity is more secure

  29. I wish suraj marries that girl for bhabho and then that girl teaches lesson to bhabho menakshi and mohit. Then sandy might get some rest from their nonsense as well. And they will know d value of sandy. Menakshi should b thrown out of d house and mohit should declared nakara and bhabho as selfish sagas by that girl

  30. I think it is high time that Meenakshi and Vikram are exposed for their underhand work.

    In the coming episodes they should be kicked out of the house for good by Bhabbo. Meenakshi thinks she can pull the wool over everybody’s eyes for ever. she should be dealt with severely. it is now becoming a joke at what she is capable and should be reprimanded and thrown out.

  31. xxxx

    Hai varsha did u saw today SBB segment.they showed laalima its non other than shefali dharma.

  32. In SBB they show lalima

    What I m say since 2 days that happened shefali is lalima.

    They show suraj,bhaboo, and emli they go in temple. And that temple suraj see lalima. And he thought she is sandhya.
    Then they show that sandhya in dangers some one of nakshalwadi one take sandhya in some jungal place.

    Then they show lalima interview.
    That she told that who buy suraj shop that person die and after his die his daughter want to open that shop so that’s why she want suraj help for teach some good sweet to that lalima. And then they meet in shop for work. Then both get in good friends.

    Then anas say that he only follow that girl bcoz he see sandhya in lalima .

    • If u remember that scene that some one beat sandhya that also in some episode they reveal

      Bcoz they show in SBB that some one took sandhya .now that scene was flashback.

      and something happened with sandhya and then they show that sandhya look in mirror and see suraj. ??????????

    • Anu

      I have one doubt @varsha e sandhya jo hai sooraj ke shaadi hone se pahle loutegi ya nahi to shaadi hone ke baad

      mujhe ayisa lagra bhaboo shaadi kardegi sooraj ka bcoz she is very angry on sandhya………….

    • NS4

      O God wats that crap????
      How sooraj feel Lalima as sandhya……
      this is enough for bhaboo to proceed for sooraj’s 2nd marriage
      i can’t accept it..
      crap crap crap

      • anu

        This is the twist @NS4 actually they want to put suspense to the views. That’s why she is doing second marriage…. Sooraj is thinking that is sandhya and bhaboo is happy to see this….. 🙂

  33. anu

    See guys sooraj will think that lalima is sandhya we will see both romance in on screen that is happening …lalima will fall love with sooraj and sooraj will think that is sandhya ….wt a twist . 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  34. Actually first suraj see lalima back side BT when suraj see lalima. In front that he get sad. So its means suraj only love sandhya nt other girl or other girl who look sandhya. Bcoz he know his sandhya definitely come back for suraj and ved

  35. KM

    What the hell.why on earth sooraj go behind laalima.oh such an idiot.why did he inspired sandya to be IPS if he cannot bear consequences???????????

  36. Romi

    I think lalima is pretending to be a good person! Maybe she’s also a greedy person who wants to use suraj’s skill of sweet making to raise her business ?
    She wants to marry suraj for her own interest ?she doesn’t care about ved and other family members
    She’ll teach meenakshi and vikram and mohit a very tight lesson that see what is greed and selfishness ?

  37. KM

    Ya laalima should be a person more greedier than meenakshi and more cunning than morhit and more hard hearted than babho

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.