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Diya Aur Baati Hum 25th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vikram coming to Meenakshi while she is cleaning the jewellery. He shouts and asks her how can she exchange the babies and make him away from his daughter. She says no, Kanha is our son. He shouts and says don’t lie to me, I know everything. She cries and says sorry, I made a big mistake. He says is this a small mistake, you kept the baby for nine months in womb and separated her from you. He says Lord will be ashamed of you. He breaks down and says Bhabho will punish you now, whenever Kanha comes to me and holds my hand, I love him. She says I did this for a son’s greed, as son will get all property and daughters don’t get anything. She says she is in neighborhood, we can see her when we want. He throws a glass and it falls. She comes out of her imagination and says

it was a dream. She gets tensed and is worried as someone is blackmailing her.

Meenakshi says if I don’t go there, it will be a problem. She cries and thinks what to do now. She says I will give this jewellery to her and sacrifice this to keep my secret hidden. Chavi comes to Pushpa to talk to her. She says I will help you, but Pushpa refuses to take her help. Chavi asks why is she doing this, I know I hurt your heart, but I m apologizing from my heart, forgive me. Pushpa is annoyed and says you have hurt two families and jokes on their feelings, you lied to Dilip, did you think if he knows this, what will he feel. She says you did all this to take rest, so I m letting you rest.

Chavi says I know I did wrong, but I apologized many times, still you are taunting me. Pushpa says you feel I m doing wrong, fine I will call Bhabho, she will tell what I m doing is right or wrong. I will call her. Chavi falls in her feet and requests her not to tell Bhabho. She says Mohit lied and she kicked him out of house, if she knows this, she will not leave me. She says I will do what you say, but don’t tell her, please I promise you. She cries.

Pushpa says its my mistake to regard my bahu as daughter. She gives her lots of work to punish her. Chavi says what did this happened, my lie made more problems for me. Sandhya tries to cheer up Sooraj. She tries making the envelop and can’t. Sooraj smiles seeing it. They hold hands. Diya aur baati……………plays………. As they have an eyelock. Her bangles come out aand he makes her wear it. She smiles and asks him to leave her hand. He asks why, do you have to go anywhere. She says yes, to bring haldi milk for you. She leaves. Sooraj smiles.

Bhabho and Babasa are upset seeing the shop shut. She cries and thinks of Sooraj’s words, who started working since young age to support the family and did not get educated. Babasa consoles her. Sandhya sees Bhabho crying and sharing what Sooraj did for them, what did this shop mean to them. Sooraj has always supported them, this shop is the witness of his hardwork. He has got his siblings educated and made them stand, did their marriages, and also made Sandhya police officer. She says this shop was my Sooraj’s soul and cries.

She says how can Lord take this from him. Babasa says don’t cry, everything will be fine. She says Sooraj was very young, when he left his studies and started this shop. He did not let my ddecision prove wrong, but today I m regretting, he wanted to make everyone happy, if this shop goes from his hands then he will be broken. Babasa hugs Bhabho. Sandhya cries and comes to his room. Sooraj writes my Sandhya my Power and she hears him saying, but he is unable to write power right. She cries and holds his hand. She says I m with you and will always be. Tum jo sang ho…………..plays……….. They have an eyelock.

She hugs him and cries. Its morning, Taisa asks Bhabho not to worry, as she will give written statement. Sooraj opens his shop and Bhabho asks when is she coming. He says she will come. Sandhya comes there with lawyer and is very sad to break the news to them. Bhabho says we have to go to lawyer now. Balkishan comes and says nothing will happen now. Everyone look at him. He tells Sandhya to tell whats written in this court notice. Sandhya looks on……

Sandhya shuts the shop as per the court orders and locks it. Everyone is shocked.Bhabho and Sooraj cry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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