Diya Aur Baati Hum 25th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 25th July 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 25th July 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Meena saying that she won the trophy with kanha. Surya gets elated. Bhabo is shocked. Babasa is also elated.Meena tells that her friend informed her at the last moment & couldn’t inform her earlier. Bhabo is surprised. Meena asks her whether she is happy. Bhabo tells that she is very happy & kanha has got his first award & made her mother proud. Meena looks at misri with a sad face. Bhabo asks chaturi to make sweets. Chaturi tells that she knows that meena must have done some kaand this time too to win this trophy. Vikram tells that meena didn’t inform her. Meena tells that there will be no surprise left then. Meena tells chavi that it is not a trophy from eating competition but it is real & also adds that there is one big tooth holder competition

& recommends her to join that. Chavi goes off. Bhabasa tells that meena was just kidding. Asks SanLy to prepare for the next round. Bhabo gives kanha a toy. Meena looks at misri & gives the toy to her. Feels sad.

Chavi asks bhabo whether she is going out??? Meanwhile hanuman photo breaks. Bhabo feels worried. Bhabo takes it to reapir that & asks chavi to clean the place.

Bhabo in the market gives the photo to be framed soon. The person asks her name & cell phone no. Bhabo tells that everyone knows Rathi mishtan bundar. The man also feels proud of suraj’s sweets. Also adds that her DIL came one day morning with a photo & he gave her back within two hrs. Bhabo thinks that meena can’t afford this much & ems has no reason & also sandy??? The shop keeper tells that she came & informs her that she gave only two hr s time. Bhabo remembers sandy’s words saying that she went on night. And asks the shop keeper not to lie. He replies that his shop is only open from 9 to 5. Bhabo thinks then why did sandy lie for such a small matter. Bhabo leaves. She thinks that without reason sandy would never lie to her & wonders how did she did that. Meanwhile she looks at meena gossiping abt a neighbour. Bhabo thinks that meena is the right person to find out sandy’s truth. She calls meena inside.

Break: Meena blabbers that it is the kiyadar of devrani

Bhabo tells that she bought badaam for her & meena thinks that she doesn’t know how good she is in escaping from work. Bhabo tells that she must eat badaam to remember everything. Meena tells that she can remember even the things hwich occured 5 yrs back. Bhabo asks one by one like what food they made, milk’s price six months back. Bhabo tells that she will give the money for sandy’s saree which she gave free of cost if she answers this right. Bhabo tells that suraj lost one lakh in the shop last month. Meena tells that she Sandy went the night to get the photo frame right.
Bhabo tells meena that she is getting memory loss these days… how come sandy get the photo framed at night when the shop is closed. Bhabo tells that Meena tells that it is not sandy’s fault but it is the work of Devrani Emily ji. Blabbers out everything includding how emily made the oil for bhabo. Bhabo is shocked. Meena for a minute stops & meanwhile kanha cries. Bhabo asks meena to take care of kanha. Meena thinks that bhabo didn’t hear those & feels happy that bhabo failed.

Meena leaves. Bhabo remembers the words of meena & also the words of meena. Bhabo is on ire.

Break: Surya scene

TV room/ GG room. Sandy is spreading the bed sheet but it hits suraj. Sandy apologises. Suraj says its ok. Both smile. Suraj repeats the same (hits sandy with bed sheet while spreading it). Suraj tells that may god help emily like this & was surprised & happy to see emily like that. He adds that sandy too did a good job. Sandy tells that it is his idea. Suraj asks what?? Sandy tells that he has got memory loss & must eat badaam self. Sandy tells that once he gave jalebi. Suraj laughs & asks her the reason. Sandy smiles wide.

Bhabo in her room:
Bhabo remembers how sandy lied to suraj when he asked for proof & babasa also telling that he has seen the photo & emily in tears when bhabo was breaking the second matka. Bhabo thinks that sandy knew the fact that emily did the mistake & even after knowing about the same she hide the truth from her … Adds that sandy clearly knows that it would be considered as the second mistake of hers which is very valuable for. Bhabo wonders why did she do so??? Bhabo in deep thoughts…

Precap: Mohit tells emily that the person will be coming soon. The person give some chit & meanwhile sandy comes down. Emily was quick enough to notice the same & alerts them.

Update Credit to: Shobhana_dabh

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