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Diya Aur Baati Hum 25th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mohit and Bhabho coming to the hospital. Mohit is disappointed by Emily’s lie and says how can she leave Pari and lie to us by leaving the letter. Sooraj pacifies him and asks him to see Emily once. Mohit sees Emily. Bhabho says I could not imagine Meenakshi and Emily would play such a big game to do 7 day parlor course, if they asked me, would I refuse, if I could send Sandhya for 11 month training, why would I stop Emily. Sandhya says they did not do this for course, it was just an excuse, the main reason is they wanted to get your forgiveness, they felt if they do this, your heart will melt and you will forgive them.

She says this is the truth. Bhabho says if mum pulls ears, it does not mean she is wrong, its for their good, they don’t know the value

of family and prays for Emily. Sandhya says she has a way to explain them, and their way will go wrong and explain them their big mistake. Meenakshi takes care of Pari and says why is Emily not coming online, Pari is crying a lot. Sandhya, Babasa, Mohit and Vikram see this from window and hear her. Sandhya says Meenaksh made Emily talk to Pari daily and managed her so well. Vikram says I will teach her a lesson that she will remember this day.

Sandhya says not this way, I have a plan, and tells them. Babasa says I understood, lets go and start. Emily gets conscious and the doctor asks how is she feeling now. Emily says she is fine. He asks her to tell about herself, who does she stay. Emily says she is Emily from Pushkar, and asks him to make her talk to her family. He says good you remember everything, don’t worry, I called them here. Bhabho and Sooraj come and Emily is shocked seeing them.

Emily says Bhabho I know you are much annoyed with me, I did such work to make you angry and cries. Bhabho holds her hand and cries, asking her not to apologize, as she is not annoyed with her, and thanks Lord that she is fine. She says I don’t know to be happy to meet you or get sad seeing your state. Emily asks did Mohit and Pari come with you. Sooraj says Mohit took Pari to school for her PTM. Emily says what, she is just 2 years old. Sooraj says don’t get tension, how to explain you. Bhabho says Pari has grown up and Emily is shocked.

Babasa tells Mohit that Emily called and she is coming back. Meenakshi hears this and thinks how can this happen. Mohit hugs Babasa. Babasa says Meenakshi took good care of Pari, but her duty is over now. Emily is coming back, Sooraj took Bhabho to hospital, else they would have been happy. Sandhya says I will tell them, but what did Emily tell you, where is she. Babasa says she is coming tomorrow. Sandhya says great she is coming back. Babasa says but she kept a condition. They ask what.

Babasa says its good she is coming, we will agree to her, if she kept a condition, we should say yes by open heart. Vikram says yes. Babasa says I know Sooraj and you won’t have objection to give this sacrifice. Meenakshi asks what did Emily ask. Babasa says Emily said we should name this house to her. Meenakshi gets angry and says how can we give her the house, I did all the work and she is throwing me out, I won’t let this happen. She says don’t do this, and everyone look at her. She gets tensed seeing them.

Click here for full spoiler punch added today

Sooraj says we came to mete you after 6 years. Emily says no, this can’t be true. Bhabho says yes, 6 years. Emily cries and sees her medical file. She sees the date and is shocked. Meenakshi tells Babasa that Emily went to Delhi for doing parlor course. Babasa scolds her for lying and playing game with them. He says how can she leave 2 year old daughter and you did not tell us and kept having fun seeing our tension. Meenakshi says I m ashamed and regretting, I did not do this being selfish, but just to get forgiveness from Bhabho. She says Emily is so greedy, that she asked for house.

Sandhya asks what is she saying. Mohit says Meenakshi is lying, I know Emily well, she can’t do this. Meenakshi says you are innocent and don’t know your wife. I know her and she is double faced. I can prove that I use to talk to her daily. Sandhya says then call her and we will know who is lying. Meenakshi says she is not coming on phone and online. Sandhya says fine, give me that number. Meenakshi gives her phone. Babasa says she is saying her truth herself, just see. Meenakshi gives the number to Sadnhya and says she is not taking my call.

Sandhya calls on number and says is this Emily, sorry I dialed wrong number. Mohit says see truth is out, Meenakshi is lying. Meenakshi says no, I m saying the truth, I used to talk to her. Babasa says leave it now, I don’t want any problem, I m ready to sell the house to get peace, when Bhabho comes back, we will make papers on Emily’s name. Meenakshi says how can you do this, this is injustice. Babasa says no, Emily can do anything. Meenakshi says she won’t do anything. Sandhya says we don’t have any way now.

Bhabho and Sandhya talk over phone and are glad their plan is working.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. So the drama hasn’t gone 6 years ahead it’s a plan to change Emily n menakshi can anyone tell

    1. Leap is there… Next week Sandhya will give a good news and then leap starts….

  2. so sad the leap did nottake place in real 🙁

    1. Yeah,now the leap is fake. But i think leap will be taken in real. Becoz it’s not good to cover sandhya’s pregnancy days on screen.
      Just sandhya’s pregnancy news revels and leap will taken.

      1. leap is just postponed to 1000th episode. Y becoz “leap” is awaiting for sandhya’s good news.

  3. good trick sandhya!!

  4. nice episode………great idea by sandhya.
    But with dis idea emily and meenakshi will teach a lesson.
    What about two brothers(mohit and vikram)

    1. But Meena and Emily will give a big twist to the family…. They are very much familiar with Sandhya’s tricks….

    2. Mohit and Vikram are with Sandhya in the plan

  5. Nice episode. Sandhya, sooraj and bhabho done a good job.

  6. Dabh will going to leap it’s sure from coming week we r going to watch the holi festival episodes..after the post holi sandhya become pregnant and the leap will take over.

  7. Guyz’s read spoiler punch of DABH. It’s very intresting…………….
    i think nxt week sandhya gives a good news to family.

  8. Director plays a clever game with media.
    Emily is not wake up truly after 6 years. why fake news are published ?

    1. It’s all for TRP and money.

  9. Nice episode…..

  10. bhabhu rocking…she looks sosoooooooooooooo beautiful in this episode…good plan…

  11. Guys,pls tell me the chrctr name of sonam lamba who plays ashu’s wife in hijack track…pls

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