Diya Aur Baati Hum 25th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Diya Aur Baati Hum 25th February 2014 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 25th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Officer Singh scolding everyone. Sandhya apologizes to her and says we won’t do this next time. Officer Singh says you all don;t know how much our academy name got spoiled, so I have to take strict action against you, so that everyone thinks 10 times before doing such mistake. She says you will be punished which you can never forget. Sooraj is constantly calling Sandhya. Everyone are tensed at home. Sooraj gets a call and thinks its Sandhya’s call but its wrong number. He tells this to Bhabho. Babusa says call again. Sooraj tries again. Sandhya is away from her phone. She does not take his call. Meenakshi says did she sleep after getting drunk. Vikram says stop your bad tongue. Mihit says maybe Meenakshi is right.

Emily says we can’t

think anything till we talk to her. I think its a big misunderstanding. Mohit says we have seen how Sandhya hold that man’s hand, she is partying with her friends. Sooraj scolds them for talking like this infront of Bhabho and Babusa. Taisa comes and everyone get worried. Meenakshi says what will happen now. She says everyone has tv, they might have seen, what will we answer, Sandhya has not left us to show our face. Lets go and sleep, we will see in morning. Bhabho says go and open the door. Let Taisa come in. She says this is not a big problem, I will not hide my face.

Officer Singh says you all will be severely punished. She says it will be for 8 hours without any break. She says it will be on Saturday and Sunday. She asks them to go to their rooms. Zakir says I m sorry and leaves. Sandhya comes to her room and sees her mobile. She sees Sooraj’s numerous missed calls and thinks about Officer Singh’s words. She says maybe everyone saw the news at home, don’t know what they are thinking, I need to talk. Taisa comes with the locality women and asks Bhabho about Sandhya. She says I did not expect this from Sandhya. Chavi hears this and does not understand as she has not seen the news. Taisa taunts Bhabho.

Sandhya calls Sooraj. Bhabho says I want to talk to her. Bhabho asks Sandhya to come on video chat as she wants to see her face and talk. She asks Mohit to bring his computer. Meenakshi thinks why is Bhabho making an issue infront of everyone. Sandhya talks to Bhabho online. Everyone stand behind Bhabho. Sandhya is tensed. Bhabho is angry. Sandhya greets Bhabho and everyone. Taisa smiles. Sandhya says I know you all have seen the news and got worried. She says what you saw was not the whole truth. First hear me once. She says it was Roma’s birthday today and says we went out to celebrate the party. Few men misbehaved with Roma and us, and this happened.

She says trust me, we did not drink wine. We had only cold drink, all that shown is a lie. Bhabho says enough now, don’t give any explanations. Meenakshi is worried for Sandhya. Taisa smiles. Bhabho says I know that you won’t touch wine. She says I have tested you well. She says I know you more than I know my own children. Sandhya is happy and cries. Sooraj and everyone smile. Bhabho says I know you won’t do anything that would ruin our name. Sandhya thanks Bhabho. Taisa and the women also say as Bhabho says. They praise Sandhya and says we are proud of you.

Bhabho says I know you can do anything for truth. She says we have sent you there for 11 months so that you can fulfill your father’s dream. She says you are away from us now, but not away from your values, our blessings will always be with you. Bhabho says they are biggest fools who doubted on you. She says I m annoyed on one thing. Sandhya asks what. Bhabho says what was the need to get into this things, if anything happened then, don’t forget you are our bahu, my Sooraj’s wife.

Bhabho says we all are worried about you, focus on the training and come back soon. Sandhya says I have your blessings, nothing can happen to me and also huge family there in Hanuman Gali. Everyone smile. Bhabho tells Sandhya that Sooraj has sent your tickets. Sandhya says yes, I got the tickets. Chavi says tell her that she has to dance in my marriage. Sandhya smiles and says I will dance a lot. Bhabho tells Sandhya about Saturday’s plan. Sandhya thinks about Officer Singh’s words and is worried. Sandhya thinks how will I go in Chavi’s marriage. Bhabho says I agreed for two days as you can be with us.

Chavi says I want all my family to do my Bidaai and bless me. Sooraj sees Sandhya’s tensed and thinks what might be the reason. Bhabho ends the video chat. Bhabho scolds Taisa. Taisa says I saw on tv so came to you. She says I believed that Sandhya can not do anything wrong. Bhabho says then go and sleep now. Taisa leaves with other women. Babusa says we will also sleep now. Bhabho says I have explained Taisa, but every relative would have seen it, what will I answer them. Sandhya thinks about her dates problem. She says it means the dates are clashing, what to do now. How will I go in marriage?

Sandhya calls Sooraj and tells him about the punishment. Sooraj says we should not tell this to Bhabho now. Bhabho hears it.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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