Diya Aur Baati Hum 25th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 25th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with women taunting Lalima. Lalima cries. Daisa says such girls should be locked at home. The lady says she has her own home and stays in other’s home. Daisa says see her crocodile tears. Sandhya holds Lalima. She says you did not do anything wrong, come with me. She asks everyone did they get out their anger, did they get peace. I m ashamed on your thinking, an incident happened with Lalima, it can happen with anyone, if this happened with your sister or daughter, would have taunt her, does that man get ashamed who did wrong, or this woman, why is this her mistake, her mistake is that she is a woman, its taught that a mother, sister, daughter and wife should be respected, you should understand her pain.

Sandhya scolds everyone and says respect is just for woman,

its for men too, how did you all blame Lalima without knowing anything. She says I regret women are pointing to Lalima, who should have supported Lalima, no one did this as its tough, if a man insult a woman once, you all insult her thousand times, whats the difference between you all and him, you are also disrespecting her, I request you not to make fun of any girl, respect her as your daughter and sister. She asks Lalima to come. Lalima says wait, I have some imp work, I will come.

Sooraj is with Bhabho and cries. Lalima goes to Pramod’s house. She tells Pramod and his family about the incident which broke her down, but I understood today that it was not my mistake, why should I be ashamed. She cries. Pramod sits speechless. His mum says you are right, but its also true that people are talking about our to be bahu,. What shall I tell them. Pramod says I don’t care what they say, I want to say I m proud of my love. Lalima gets glad. He says I respect Lalima more today, this marriage will happen, because Lalima can get a better guy but I can’t get a better life partner. His mum says but… he says Maa, if this happened with your daughter, what you sav the same, I want to salute Lalima and Bhabho who punished her son to save Lalima’s respect, I pray to Lord that court also respects Bhabho’s decision, who has taught the difference between wrong and right to the society. Lalima smiles.

Everyone see the news at home. The reporter says court will be giving decision tomorrow, people are curious to know what will be the decision. The college girls support Bhabho, who is inspiration for women power. The reporter says we will ask opinions of well known personalities today. The woman calls it wrong what Bhabho did, its shameful for their society, it gives wrong example, she hopes that Bhabho gets punished. Meenakshi takes remote to switch it off. Babasa stops her and says let it be. They see others also blaming Bhabho to be wrong for killing her son, this passed wrong message, violence is not a solution in any situation, Santosh Rathi should be punished. Dharm guru says right or wrong is in Lord’s hand and court will decide, I want to say to know the motive behind anything, Mohit was drunk and did not know what he is doing, wine was making him do that, why did the girl go there alone, she was careless, I think Santosh Rathi and Mohit Rathi are not wrong, that woman who have free mindset is wrong, those who are responsible for such incidents.
Another lady who is a dancer by profession, says I want to ask what can a mother do, when a son gets drunk and ruins woman’s respect, what will she do, that son has broken a mother’s trust, she had no option that this to save that innocent girl. Meenakshi says see Babasa, an illiterate woman understands this, than educated people. The lady argues them to think if this happened with their daughter. She says wrong is wrong, even it its her son. The other three argue with her. Meenakshi switches off the tv. Sandhya comes and Emily asks her to get justice for Bhabho, she knows Bhabhi is right.

Babasa asks Sandhya will the laws do justice with Bhabho. Meenakshi says we are worried, do something. Sandhya cries. At night, Sandhya checks few law books, while Sooraj reads Gita. Sooraj cries and says Lord knows my Bhabho is innocent, do justice with her. Its morning, Sandhya gets ready and looks at her. She recalls Bhabho’s words. She says truth will win for sure.

The judge announces punishment of life imprisonment for Bhabho. Bhabho cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Oh my goodness ! Precap for almost three days!! So irritating
    Marry Cristmas for those who are celebrating it today?

  2. 68% of the spectators have voted to end this justice drag abruptly. The public opinion may differ but each and every one has his own views and that do not affect the judgement. But as I have already told the crime is culpable and the preview shown again and again is simply absurd and disgusting.

  3. world culture festival kaa mazza aa gayaa aajj to—–

  4. This writers thinks that public is idiot . Those who had done innumerable crime are free to roam and if are caught it took years for the verdict to come and though they have criminal background very less punishment is given. If by mistake correct judgment takes place then they appear in high Court and then supreme Court. The years that have passed in such a long process till that time either the criminal died or had freely romed here and there for innumerable years or are freed due to absence of proof. Now talking about bhabho, firstly she is not a criminal and nor has a criminal background, secondly her intention is to save Lalima not to kill Mohit,thirdly Mohit’s death was an accident not a planned Murder so this simple points does not allowed life imprisonment. Pls writers before writing such scripts pls go through real life circumstances at least once

    1. You are right. It’s not a murder, it’s just accident. Baboo has no option to stop Mohit doing wrong thing and to stop him she threw a stone and he died. But it is not even sure that Mohit died because of that.
      The judgement looks like immatured judgement. Before giving judgement is it not necessary to consider person background and motive behind this.

      I guess Sandhya will take the case to Supreme Court for more episodes.

  5. Last year same time hijack drama and now this drama. Now I think whole Rathi family blame Sandhya again for the judgement.

  6. i hope Rathi family does not blame Sandhya and I hope Sooraj does not throw her out of the house for the third time. I think rathi family does not deserve bahus like Sandhya.
    What has lalima done. She has only been selfish,. While Sandhya has always been selfless

  7. Who’s that judge who awarded life sentence to Bhabu. First of all he should be hanged for having himself proved to be a fake. What made him to pronounce a hasty and hurried sentence? It’s a sorry state of affairs that the director is totally innocent about criminal procedures.

  8. yeh star plus ka bhut he zabardast serial hai diya aur baati hum main sandhya ka character bhut he acha k kis taraha us ney educated hony k bawajod bhe aik uneducated badny se shaadi ke aur phir hard struggle kr k apni family ke help ke

  9. i wont think bhabho will get punished

    shadhya will not let this to be done

  10. ಥ_ಥ khatam karo is bkwas track ko.disgusting logicless making mockery of the law , irritating and fooling veiwers etc etc 😡 all rubbish naam dbo dia itne achey serial ka.\ (•◡•) /
    LOL no ofens just pov (ง︡’-‘︠)ง ☺

  11. Bhabo is guilty if she deliberately killed Mohit and is not sorry. If she hit him to knock him out only to protect Lalima and is sorry that is different and she is not guilty of murder. But they are all guilty of lying, and Lalima had done wrong trying to steal Sooraj and Sooraj is a twit if he thinks his mother is not guilty, and he deserves punishment for treating Sandhya so badly. In fact I am disgusted with the lot of them. Even Sandhya should be more aggressive as she lets them walk all over her. Finally what did Mohit do? He was drunk, he hit Lalima and was blackmailing her, but he didn’t actually do anything else. What he did that was really really bad was be unfaithful to his wife and hit his daughter, but everyone is fussing about blasted Lalima, and her presence is entirely due to stupid Bhabo, so ultimately that dreadful mother is totally guilty for everything and I hope she and her simpering nitwit son get locked up.

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