Diya Aur Baati Hum 25th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 25th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the terrorist getting Maasa along. He asks everyone to clap and shows Maasa. They all get shocked seeing Maasa and cry. Maasa’s hair get cut. He asks them how is Maasa looking. He reminds them not to play game with them, else he guarantees that they will not like his game. Rocky tells him Sandhya is coming home. He says Sandhya should doubt anything that we are here till she reached home. They all everyone inside the house. The kids cry. The terrorists asks them to make kids quiet, else he will kill them, I m your Gabbar. PP says if anyone makes sound, they will be killed. PP keeps gas cylinders there. The terrorist says if anyone makes sound, we will blast these cylinders, everyone will die.

Sandhya enters the gate and walks inside Hanuman Gali. The terrorists

hide and look on. Rocky hides inside dustbin. Sandhya throws to put junk in bin, and Sooraj stops her. She asks are you still awake. He says yes, I was waiting for you. She thinks Sooraj looks worried. Sooraj says I will throw junk and puts in bin. He asks Sandhya to come. They enter the house. The terrorists hide and look on. Sooraj thinks in what Dharm Sankat I m, if I agree, I will put Sandhya in danger, else Ved is at risk. Sooraj and Sandhya see the shadow of gun. She looks at him.

He signs her. She thinks the terrorists are here in my house, police is finding them in entire Pushkar. Sooraj asks her to come. She says I forgot my tiffin, its my car, I will get it, else Bhabho will scold me. Sooraj thinks she understood my sign, I hope she finds some way to catch them. She goes out to call police.

Rocky stops her. She aims gun at him. The terrorist say you are very smart, brilliant, you got to know we are hiding here. She asks him to surrender. He says one will die here and we will kill your entire family and Hanuman Gali residents. She asks what do you mean. He shows everyone captured by them. She gets shocked. He takes away gun from Sandhya and lets her meet her family. Sandhya unties cloth from everyone’s mouths. She hugs Ved and Bhabho and consoles them. She says nothing will happen to you all, I will make everything fine. The terrorist ask Sandhya to hear his offer, if she wants to save everyone.

The terrorists beat people and talk to Sandhya. The guy says we were leaving peacefully, you have left police after us, so we had to do self defense, you can save them by saving us, police is finding us in Pushkar, just you can save us, you were using mind for police till now, you will use mind for us now, its not a bad deal to help us and save everyone, tell me, done?

Sandhya says I won’t do anything such, no…. They kill a man. She gets shocked. The guy says this is old sample, shall I give new sample. She says stop, I m ready, you should not shoot anyone now, I will take you all safely out, I need time, there is patrolling everywhere, its not easy work for me to get you out, I have to make foolproof time, it will take time. He says I know, you have one hour. She says fine, promise me you won’t kill any innocent person. He smiles and says we are not so bad as you think. Sandhya thinks to not let anyone get harmed and nab these terrorists, I have to make such plan.

Sooraj tells Sandhya that the exit way from sweetshop’s storeroom. Sooraj goes by the tunnel to inform police.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice Episode
    Tensing Suspense Precap
    Hope everything will be fine soon
    Plzzz end this hostage drama soon
    Plzzz make everything fine
    Plzzz don’t kill SOORAJ-SANDHYA characters
    We can’t bear that.
    It’s a great message of true patriotism if they sacrifice life,but many who inspired by SANDHYA’s character will get demotivated by such climax.Many who aspires to become IPS officer will leave that dream in fear if you make such a climax.
    Plzzz don’t do that.

  2. ruvi fernando

    Sandhya plz capture all terrorists quickly if anything happen wrong you’re family will be punished. So make a genius master plan. I know that u can do it. These episodes are very exciting and interesting. We love DABH!!!!!

  3. Why are you making the end so sad?
    In the first place was it necessary to end the serial?
    There were so many tracks – Vansh being united with the family, Hotel Vedansh and the issues, hurdles and problems that Sooraj and Sandhya face because of that, rehabilitation of Garjana and chhote Raja and others (this would have been an interesting track)
    The Mohit murder track combined with rape could have been depicted in a more interesting manner. Lalima should have been shown as the murderer and not Bhabho. This would have been logical and easy to digest and not Bhabho as murderer. Role of bhabho in saving Lalima should have been shown. Even the India-Pakistan track with Arzoo could have been shown better.
    Will there be a DABH-2?

  4. I hope the police get there on time to save them n sandhya n her family

  5. I got tears watching this episode.
    But anybody noticed? When sandhya watching the shadow of gun she was not wearing her shoes. Immediately when she turned and went outside she was wearing shoes!!!
    But any how the way sandhya reacted after seeing her family was tearfull.
    Hope sandhya will fullfill their expectations of saving them..
    one more thing i don’t understand.. Im garjana track she fought alone and survived after defusing that nueclear weapon.. Now why can’t she survive by those four terrorists.n whether there is any need of ending sandhya’s life?

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