Diya Aur Baati Hum 25th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 25th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Meenakshi talking to Emily. She sells the saree to her and Misri reminds how she got free facial from Emily. Meenakshi says yes, I will give this for half rate. Emily smiles and thanks Meenakshi. Mohit brings Pari there and Pari hears Emily asking for the saree and blouse on 25th, as she needs it for 26th. Mohit asks Pari to see and think is he lying. Pari goes. Mohit stops her. Sooraj tells Bhabho that he will give monthly expenses late. Meenakshi asks did I hear this wrong, this will happen for first time.

Soroaj says yes, I kept some money for Ved’s birthday party. Meenakshi says oh, you will not feel if I say, what will we get to keep party in hotel, we can keep in hotel. Bhabho asks her not to ask her, do Sandhya and Sooraj ask her when she buys jewelry.

She says she will adjust and want everyone to pay on time, Sooraj can pay later. Sooraj says I want our family to come. Meenakshi says we will come. Bhabho says no, its kids party, what will we do there.

Pari asks Ved to do something to make Sooraj happy, as he is doing a lot for him, don’t do anything to hurt Sooraj. Ved says I know, but what to do. Golu asks will Vansh also come. Ved says no, he is leaving school and going Jaipur. Misri says if your lie is caught infront of his friends. Ved says nothing will happen. Sandhya gets a call and says yes, I m Ved’s mum, party will start at 5pm at Sooraj hotel, send your kid.

She comes to the kids and Ved asks for his best friend’s gift, Sooraj. She says she got gifts for all the kids. He says papa is my best friend, he is not a kid. She gets glad and hugs him. She says I got the gift for Sooraj, and calls his teacher to request the essay copy which Ved wrote for him. Ankur wishes happy birthday to Vansh and asks what does he want. Vansh says he wants to be with them. Ankur agrees and hugs Vansh. Vansh thanks him and smiles.

Bhabhi ties two threads to Ved and he asks the reason. Babasa says she loves you double. Ved touches their feet and takes blessings. Bulbul calls Aryan and makes Vansh hear them. Sooraj wishes Ved and says happy birthday, we have a strong bond with you with respect, I love you. Vansh says thanks, I love you too. Sandhya asks is this Vansh. Aryan says yes, court order is for Rathi family, I m not from this family, no law can stop the parents blessings to reach their son. They smile.

Sandhya tells Ved that she got the gift for his best friend dad and its very good. She asks him to go school. Bhabho asks Meenakshi to think of any way. Meenakshi says yes, its Vansh’s birthday too, it would have been good if he came to our house. Vansh and Ved give chocolates to everyone. Vansh says he is not going Jaipur now. Ved says he is worried. Vansh asks why, your dad’s hotel is good. Vansh says its surprise from his dad. He sees his hand and two threads. Ved says its protection thread tied by my Dadi.

Vansh says he does not have Dadi. Ved asks him to have one and ties the thread to him. Vansh smiles. The teacher comes and asks Ved to give the CD to his mum, she asked for it. Meenakshi asks lawyer what did he think to get Vansh back. He says he got a way, to prove that Vansh’s parents did not care for him well and then we can take him back saying he is unhappy with them. Meenakshi says this is right and Bhabho looks on.

Ved and Sooraj get ready in black suits and Sandhya takes their pic. She thinks she will play Ved’s essay in the hotel, and smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Jeyam Ramachandran

    It’s high time to put an end to the serial.

  2. The serial is really doing very well. The kids act so well especially ved and vansh. There is lot of maturity in Pari and Mishri. Aryan adds a lot of colour and I hope the TRP has gone high and it is a real pleasure watching this drama. I watch evey episode atleast twicr

  3. I really hope dt evry1 must die in an accidnt excpt aryn, bulbul, msri, pari, golu, ved nd vnsh cuz evry1 else is so irritatng fr me

  4. Its time to change the doesn’t relevant to the storyline anymore.more onto kids story.not interesting anymore.change the storyline or change the title. ….

  5. it is great serial

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