Diya Aur Baati Hum 24th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 24th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhabho coming to lawyer’s place. Lalima applies the thumb impression. The lawyer checks papers and says Lalima freed Sooraj from all relations, now no one can point to Sooraj. Bhabho hears this and says Lalima…. What did you do? Sooraj and Lalima turn to see Bhabho. The ladies ask about Bhabho. Meenakshi asks them to wait, Bhabho will bring her bahu. The lady asks what do you mean and sees Sandhya coming there. The lady says so you have come Sandhya, you took much time. Bhabho says my bindni is here and brings Lalima with her.

Bhabho says this is Rathi’s eldest bahu Lalima. The lady asks what is she saying, your bindni is Sandhya, who is this Lalima. She asks Sandhya to say something. Bhabho says Sandhya said whatever she had to say. Bhabho scolds Sandhya

and asks did she think she will stop her way by the divorce papers, she can’t bind her steps by law chains. She says relations are kept by heart. She says you forced Lalima bv scaring her of law. Lalima says no Bhabho… Bhabho asks Lalima to stop, don’t dare to think of getting away from Rathi family, else she will see her dead.

Bhabho brings the papers and asks Sandhya to fix it in frame in her room. She says you can’t change my decision. Sandhya cries. Bhabho says Lalima is eldest bahu of Rathi family from today. Sooraj asks Bhabho what is she doing infront of everyone. Bhabho asks him to understand, whats right and wrong for him. She says Sooraj and Lalima got married, but Sooraj forgot to keep this responsibility, so I took over Lalima’s responsibility. She says enough of this, now we will start mu dikhai ritual. She goes and gets a Lord’s idol. She gives it to Lalima as her mu dikhai. Sandhya recalls Bhabho once gave the idol to her as her blessings. Lalima takes the idol. Sandhya cries and looks on shocked.

Lokesh asks Lalima why did she apply thumb impression on papers. Mohit says she had to do, timing was wrong. Lalima is Devi, its coincidence to be seen by Meenakshi in market, such coincidence is seen just in movies, in real life, its seen when person plans this. Lalima asks what does he mean. Mohit says you are innocent, when a person plans and someone else tells the plan, it looks odd. You wanted Meenakshi to see you going with Sooraj, Meenakshi got Bhabho there, but Bhabho reached late there, you are very clever, Sooraj and Sandhya regard you devi, you got close to Bhabho by making Sandhya wrong in her eyes. Lalima says this is not true, I did not wish Bhabho to come there, ask Sooraj and Sandhya.

Mohit says this is your talent, you don’t let anyone know they are working for you. He asks her to come and see. She looks outside and sees a man. Lalima sees the man at the tea stall, whom she has hired to work in her plan to shower water on the fire.

Mohit asks did you identify the man, it’s the same man who helped you in Agnipariksha, he has made a video too, which is in my phone right now, I did not see Sooraj filling your maang, Lokesh said there is witness, 2-3 women, I did not see in video, it means Lokesh made a story, which I can prove wrong by showing this video. He says I feel I should show this video to family, and end your story. Lalima stops him and asks what do you want. Mohit smiles and says I expected this question from a smart person. He says your mu dikhai was done, give me much shagun that I get busy in shopping and forget to show this video.

Lalima cries seeing her and Sooraj’s pic. She says you went to take Sandhya when I was on hospital bed, you did not think about me, you don’t value me and recalls him. Lokesh says he made this fake story to unite her with Sooraj, and for her respect. She asks are we doing anything wrong. He says no, Sandhya Rathi is IPS officer, she has name and status, she can spend her life, I felt Sooraj will accept you, but no, your love and sacrifice did not affect him. Lalima says she wants Sooraj’s love, she does not want to become Devi, she wants to become Sooraj’s wife, she loves him, but after Sandhya came, he can’t see her love… She says its fine, one day Sandhya will be gone and then he will see my love for sure. She tears Sooraj and Sandhya’s pic and says I will celebrate coming Karwachauth with Sooraj ji…..

Sooraj promises Sandhya that she will celebrate Karwachauth as Bhabho’s bindni. She hugs him.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. richa

    horribl bbooo hw cud she after the papers were signed hw cud she do dat?? wakeel kyaa kuch nhii kr sakta tha??

  2. richa

    mohit hi ho sakte hai aisa tedha deemaag 😛 he can only recognise his nown types but m confused is lalima really a daciot/runaway bride??? seeing her atttitude she is a way being a lover….. 😛
    plsss noooo it cant b possibl lalima as a tyaag ki devi…

  3. Jeyam

    Oh! What a tactical dealing of Lalima thereby proving herself as an able and intelligent criminal! I could not understand why she loves Suraj as to take such unethical and immoral proceedings well knowing that he loves only Sandya while she is there near him. Simply confused.

      • Jeyam

        Hi Richa I understand that you are writing a fiction. Anyhow note the following spelling mistakes. Guesses whether right (not Wright ) Grammar mistakes -and n kept an prisoner —and is kept a prisoner. Haves should be written as have. If you provide your mail I’d I shall offer an exhaustive interpretation. Avoid using short forms when writing an essay or story.

      • richa

        thank u jeeyam sir well i deleted my mail id a while ago as it wasn’t used much…. i will make a new 1 n giv u soon….. nd thanx a lottt….

  4. sri

    Only one person can make Bhabho shut her mouth. And that person is Maasa. Remember? From their family gaon. She had kept Bhabho dancing on her tunes. I wish maasa was here.
    Cant bear Lalima anymore. How can she be interested in a man who is a father, who is an old man. She is a big pagal. When will this track end?
    Where is Varsha? Missing her comments a lot.

    • Varsha

      I m back… Sorry for late cmts… Busy in work..??
      Hope that maasa come….. To support sandhya and teach good lesson to bhaboo…???

    • s.sathyanarayanan

      Massa means Bhaboos Mother in law. She will correct Bhaboo when she comes to Rathi family.

    • Romi

      Let him give some time ! May be this time he came out of his useless avatar and become a useful person!
      He wants to grab lalima’s money and then expose her! Suraj and sandya ne Sab ki liye bohat kuch Kiya hai ! Now it’s their turn ! They should also return the favour by not supporting lalima .

      • Varsha

        True say @romi I also think that…bcoz today mohit say that sandhya and suraj blindly trust her… And she broke there trust….definitely after mohit demands over that time he exposed lalima….?????

  5. seema

    for the first u did a very smart work mohit..applausee…bt use this in right way….u stupid bhabho , words r nt enough to scold uuu …really mad bhabho……..

    • Romi

      Now maybe lalima trying to damage mohit’s mobile phone but mohit would have been sent it mistakingly to someone else and lalima will b caught at last!!! Exactly like that in Shastri Sisters serial where Anu unknowingly sent the video to her sister Devyaani!

  6. Priti joshi

    What sort of a family is this? and what has bhabho taught her children? to lie, for the sake of money to support someone from out of the family and let his own brother suffer? This is what Mohit did? Are these the family values that Bhabho taught her children? Only Sooraj is honest.
    And Bhabho always is crticising Sandhya who has good values and is honest to the core? She will take all the brickbats, suffer in the bargain, but tell the truth. Lalima is a conniving shrew. And bhabho is an egoistic idiot

    • seema

      may b if sandhya was nt there, ur wish cud b considered looolimaaaa…there was no wrong in ur love wen evryone didnt know abt sandy ,,…bt situation has totallly changed nw hw do u love another woman’s husband… hw stupid brother u r lokechhhchhh hw do u spoil another woman’s life by ur sillyyyy lieeeee… there no man in pushkar except sooraj fr ur sister????????………sooraj pls open ur mouth n speak against ur bhabho..y r maintainning silence?????


    me toh kehti hun sandhiya ghar chod kar chalejae jab bhabho apne bête kohar din marte huwe dekhe gi tab sandhiya ki yaad ae gi and that lalima ridiculous how can mohit do this to his brother

    • Varsha

      I also want that sandhya should leave that house… Bt that scene is suit in that character… So that’s why they nt show that…. Bcoz if sandhya leave that house then its give more pain to sandhya nt bhaboo…. Bcoz sandhya love bhaboo as mother…. In first she loss her real parents… Bt this time she nt loss her bhabasa and bhaboo… That’s why they show that…. Now definitely sandhya win bhaboo’s heart once again… ???
      For that just wait and watch…???

  8. Anu

    Thanks amena for updation richu wt is this dr its horrible to see these type of episodes. So lalima cheated hole rathi family. S nd s to find out that..from the starting babo will behave in negitive way with sandhya..baboo is doing wrong. Any way g nt frndz

    • richa

      really dr hrrbl to c this
      waise m happy 4 mohit chaet he gave a reason 4 himself to b kiked out
      and his betrayal wil get him nd loolima caught
      and bbooo who sathiya gayi h umar k iss mod pe h jahan 1 paair ghar m toh doosra kabar m h lol hope no bbooo fans hurt…..
      gn sd tc dr nd gn frndss

  9. NS4

    Nice episode….. Finally showed loolima real face to us….
    How cunning she is….most dangerous than garjana Chandu and himansu…

    • Varsha

      True say..she chit all…how can she lie abt marriage… She only want suraj… Bt she know that suraj only love sandhya… Then also she behave like this…. For her love she sepert one couple…?????

  10. NS4

    Stupid useless waste fellow mohit… U never change….
    How much s & s did for u … u still trying to enjoy with s & s feeling..making it as cash
    Such a idiot u r….such a pig u r… no words to say my angry on u…

  11. NS4

    This time bhabu will die after knowing truth abt loolima and….the real love of Sandhya and how she behaved with Sandhya…poor bhabu ????

  12. Amn

    Now DABH is on good track….Bhaboo will not refuse lalima till she find her guilty…. and there is starts of her badness,as bhaboo will know it soon may be till karwachauth, after that she will let lalima out of family and accept sandhya as her bahoo agian…..

    just see and watch… the serial is going on a right track

  13. shaurya

    Lol. Sandhya became IPS, show took time 3 years, Now SOORAJ HOTEL will take how many time ????
    Acc to SBS, Sooraj starts Sweets making in cart. When hotel will make? yes or no.

    • Varsha

      Nice episode… Finally they reveal lalima’s true face…superb.. Mind blowing… In my style ek dam zakaassssssssss….?????

    • Varsha

      Yeipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee m thought was right…. That thought which I say in previous that something fishy with lalima’s character… ???

    • Varsha

      Once again my thought come true…. Means in previous also I say that in that lalima and lokesh drama… Bhaboo is nt involved in that….???

  14. Varsha

    Mohit was nice that he reveal that lalima plan… Actually mohit suit on only negative character… So that’s why they always show mohit in negative character… ????

    • Varsha

      Mohit do really good acting in negative role…that’s why I like his acting… Sorry for saying this… If any one hurt by my this cmts then sorry if possible….????

  15. Varsha

    Now the real film start… I m wating for that moment… When bhaboo give all responsibity to lalima…. And lalima feel poison against sandhya in bhaboo’s mind…?????

    • Varsha

      Bcoz if this happened which now I say then next few episodes will rock on the floor… Bcoz now lalima’s target is sandhya…???

    • Varsha

      Bcoz when bhaboo know that lalima chit bhaboo ( means lie to bhaboo that suraj marry lalima)…that time definitely bhaboo teach good lesson to lalima…???

    • Varsha

      And bhaboo nt believe on that suraj words… She believe on lalima… And also when that truth come in front of bhaboo then she say sorry to suraj bcoz of lalima she bleam on sandhya when that today’s divorce scene… She bleam sandhya that she send lalima on that court for divorce…???

    • Varsha

      So I thought that hope bhaboo give all responsibity to lalima…. And bhaboo show her love to lalima… And then lalima give one big shock to her….. That of shock…. Bhaboo never say any bad words towards sandhya…??hope Bcoz of lalima’s drama bhaboo get know that how much sandhya respect her…. She never disrespect her…. Whenever bhaboo use bad words that time also she only listen that… She never replay bhaboo…???
      Hope my this thought was come true… Sorry if I say wrong… Then forgive me if possible….????

  16. Varsha

    Some privous episode cmts… Which I dnt do… So I cmts on hear…
    Nicley suraj explain sandhya… That nt bleam u r self… Bcoz if u nt sacrifice ur life then we all nt hear… If u nt fail garjna sanghtna plan then hear no one is present to bleam her… Only present all that sad thing….???

    • Varsha

      So dnt worry… If bhaboo know this really story then sure all of people respect her….. And one thing that u always say that if I with u then u never loss… So don’t worry… We always together now…?????

    • Varsha

      This that suraj and sandhya part was superb.. Mind blowing in my style ek dam zakaassssssssss…. So heart touching that scene… Nice dialogue they give on this scene….??????
      Hatts of to all DABH team… Thank you for everything… Hope we always see awesome and sweet episodes…??????

  17. vaishnavi

    lalima is nothing 4 sandhya compare 2 rk,sekar,she win so many villans in her life…tis lalima is nothing…i think they show lalima tracks 4 so many days…for bhabho she miss anything in her life only.. she can understand tis lalima…and kick her out its my thinking…i dont knw…pls director end tis lalima track…

  18. Varsha

    Can’t believe this all members against sandhya… I thought that at least emli talk well with sandhya… Bt she also say good thing abt lalima in front if sandhya….????

    • Varsha

      How can she and other family members also bleam sandhya…???

      I know that sandhya did mistake that she at tell the truth to at least suraj…. Bt I think in these Sandhya is confuse bcoz this is the secret mission… So that’s why she can’t tell anything to no one… Bcoz if these news leak then its bad that there mission failed..???

    • Varsha

      Bt if anyone on sandhya’s state then they also do that which Sandhya do…. It’s really Sandhya’s bad luck that always all members bleam only and only sandhya…. Sad for sandhya… Can’t see sandhya like this….??????

    • Varsha

      Ved and sandhya scene was superb mind blowing as well as in my style ek dam emotional…. There conversion was heart touching… I can’t stop my tears on that part…??????

      Bt in last and dnt like that ved say I give big sweet kiss to lalima… That part I hate most… How can he say this….. ?????

    • Varsha

      So sad to see sandhya like these…. How much she say sorry to bhaboo… Bt that bhaboo give back beater words… That’s was so wrong…. Sandhya is much hurt by that bhaboo words…??????

      How can bhaboo say that u break relations nt us… Hate u bhaboo… One more that bhaboo dialogue I dnt like when she say that for these its nt ur mistake its over mistake that we love u more… So for this we get punishment….????

      It’s really bad words which bhaboo use… Hate u bhaboo???

      • Varsha

        How can u say these to sandhya…. Why u dnt say these words to mohit???? After all he did so much wrong think… He also misbehave with emli…. That time why u dnt say anything….???? ?????

      • Varsha

        U dnt say anything to mohit Bcoz mohit is ur son…..right ….. And u always say that for u all family members r equal…. U only see others mistake nt ur children mistake… Really hate u bhaboo…????

      • Varsha

        Bhaboo never give punishment to mohit whenever mohit did mistake… First u give punishment to ur children then u give punishment to sandhya…???

  19. Varsha

    Sandhya say lie bcoz for only save country…. This is good thing…. Bt mohit always do wrong thing… Then why u dnt punish him… Why u always forgive ur children… If u really think that all members r equal to u… Then why u nt give permission to emli for marrying with zakir…????

    • Varsha

      It’s nt right to bhaboo to anything say to sandhya abt sandhyas lie…. Bcoz for these question I give u answer….. And the answer is….
      When mohit lie to his own life… And he live life as sant… That time he left his wife and daughter….. For his own selfish reasons…. He run frm his responsibility… That time he can’t see the emli’s pain…. When bhaboo see mohit that time on the spot she bring mohit home…. And told emli that forgive mohit… As well as she also told pari that forgive ur dad… I know he did mistake…. Bt forgive them…. That time why bhaboo dnt punish mohit… After all mohit left house with his own selfish reason… Bcoz he is nt ready take responsibility…. That was really bad reason….. Which mohit take……that time bhaboo forgive mohit and accpet him…. And also told all to forgive mohit…. ?????????

    • Varsha

      And now sandhya lie to family…. Bcoz to only save nation…. For nation sefaty she hide that truth…. This is good reason…. Then why bhaboo bleam her?????….. And also give punishment to sandhya???? Sandhya only lie bcoz of nation sefaty….????

    • Varsha

      On that mohit matter why bhaboo take mohit side ????? Why she can’t see emli’s pain.???? After all mohit did big mistake….. And now sandhya did this small mistake….. Then only she see suraj pain nt Sandhya’s pain…?????

    • Varsha

      Why she can’t see sandhya’s pain?????? After all bhaboo is mother…. Then why one mother can’t see other mother pain?????????

    • Varsha

      When sandhya go for mission that time all family members with suraj to console him…… Bt other side no one is with sandhya to share her pain… Why she can’t see this Sandhya’s pain?????????

    • Varsha

      It’s nt easy for sandhya to live her family…..for that time it’s Sandhya’s duty is to save country… So that’s why she take this big painful decision….???�

    • Varsha

      On that mohit time it’s nt necessary for mohit to take that stupid decision… For his own reason he left emli and pari….??�

      • Varsha

        And one more thing that on that mohit time mohit didn’t come to in that rathi family since 4 to 5 years…..and our sandhya only leave house for 6 mnt…. It’s nt fair to sandhya that only bhaboo see his son pain nt daughter in low….???

      • Varsha

        One more thing is that on mohit time when pari want to do her mother second marriage means emli’s second marriage that time bhaboo nt give permission to pari for doing emli’s second marriage….???

      • Varsha

        On that mohit time there is one side love between mohit and emli… Bcoz only emli love mohit…. Mohit never love emli….???

      • Varsha

        Bt on suraj and sandhya times they both love each other…
        Bhaboo always say that sandhya is perfect for suraj… No one can sepert surya…. ???????

      • Varsha

        Then why she break there relations.???.. Why u sepert them???? Why u take desicion for suraj second marriage…???? If u dnt allowed emli to do second marriage after mohit left her…. Then how can u take desicion for suraj second marriage…?????????

      • Varsha

        It’s really injusties to sandhya… Bhaboo always do partiality… She only give punishment to others not her own children…????
        So that’s why I say that it’s nt right of bhaboo to tell or give any punishment to sandhya…???

        Hope u like my these cmts… And sorry if I hurt someone feelings frm my cmts… If possible then plz forgive me??????and also sorry for late cmts..hope if I hurt u guys then forgive me???

  20. Varsha

    someone ask me on my gmail that which song (taare hai baarati) is that they play on sandhya and suraj marry part?????. ??

    So ans is that song is frm super hit movie virast…. In that movie (lead role anil kapoor and tabu)

    For my friends I again post my one of fav song… That marriage song taare hai baarati…..

    akhiyaan milake channa paave na judaai ve
    deve na taari mainu saari khudayi ve, akhiyan milake
    (Now that our eyes have met, let us never be apart, my love
    Even if someone offers the whole world in exchange, I will never
    take my gaze away.)

    tare hai baarati chaandni hai ye baarat,
    saathon phere honge ab haton mein leke haath
    jeevan saathi hum deeya aur baati hum.
    (The stars are our guests, the wedding procession is led by the moonlight,
    We shall walk the seven holy steps, with hands held together
    We are companions for life, our relationship is like the lamp and the wick.)
    Ganga jamuna se bhi paawan tera mera bandhan
    tera prem hai fulvari aur mera man hai aangan
    (More pure than the rivers, Ganga and Yamuna, is the tie between us.
    Your love is a flowering plant, and my mind is like fertile land.)

    Janmo janmo ka hi sajni tera mera saath 
    saathon fere honge ab haton mein leke haath
    jeevan saathi hum deeya aur baati hum
    (Many lives, we shall live in this togetherness
    We shall walk the seven holy steps, with hands held together
    We are companions for life, our relationship is like the lamp and the wick.)
    tu hai jeewan mein jo preetam sukh nahi mangu dooja
    aarti nayno se karti hoon man se teri pooja 
    (Now that you are in my life, love, I don’t ask for more happiness,
    I worship you with my eyes, and pray to you with my mind.)
    Main to dharm hi samjhun teri kahi hui har baat
    saathon fere honge ab haton mein leke haath
    jeevan saathi hum deeya aur baati hum.
    (Everything you say, is righteous to me
    We shall walk the seven holy steps, with hands held together
    We are companions for life, our relationship is like the lamp and the wick.)

    Hope u like this… ??

    Sorry if I hurt anyone feelings with my cmts… Possible then forgive me…????????

  21. vaishnavi

    same feeling 4 me also @varsha i feel sad 4 sandhya…i hate tat lalima…bhabho scold so harsh words 2 sandhya…she insult our sandhya so much…tis nt a right thing…

  22. Priya

    Kya aap logo or koi kam ni h jo yhan comment krke tym waste kr rhe ho.yhi tym khin or lgaoge to shyd kuch acha kr loge lyf me

    • Why did you waste your time by posting this comment? If you like it take it otherwise ignore it. Please don’t give free suggestions. ?????

    • Romi

      So why are u reading these cmnts? The answer is you like our cmnts, you read it but u are jealous of us cuz u can’t write such nice cmnts! Any ways thanx for liking it ?

  23. Hey Lalima, are you mad or what? Who asked you to help sooraj? Sooraj was mad and in that situation also he clearly told/expressed that he can’t love/marry anyone other than sandhya. But you only helped him by thinking it’s a god sign and your destiny. When you came to know the truth of Rathi family by god grace you should have stayed away from that family.
    Now you are doing a big sin by coming between s&s.

  24. Baboo, do a justice for Emily too. Don’t talk rubbish. I don’t want to hear word justice from your dirty mouth. You always think about your blood relations only. Lalima was living her life happily and you disturbed her. You are also disturbing your son who treats you always as a god.

  25. AD

    I want mohit to get kidnapped by Lalima.Then he “ll reveal truth to Bhabho.
    I want this track to end before Nov 7th.
    Hope Lalima track will end before DABH’s Karwachaut episode as Sooraj promise Sandhya that they will celebrate karwachaut together.Plz end this track soon.This track is so bad.

  26. Phu

    Make a funny scene. Ved and Misri give Bhang laddoo to lalima and she show her negative side to Bhaboo. Ha ha ha

  27. madhu

    bhabho is always selfish she knows she owes her life to Sandhya but no thankfulness so how can mohit b tahnkful. bhabho has a spineless husband who is as a zombie who does whatever is said by madam . so no character there too. so howcan e expect bhaboo or mohit to hav any characters they are selfish ppl who liv on others blood vultures is the right word

  28. richa

    yyy 2 things ignored
    1.sandy kidney prb after sooo muchhh tough wrk….
    2. bullet shots sooraj got….. they dont heal sooo quik
    m i ryt frndss

    • Romi

      Nahi nahi ! Inn problems ko abhi rehne do warna in both cases bhabo sandy ko bura bhala kaheen gi! Kiyonki bhabo ko to sirf bahana chahiye sandy ko tang karne ka!!!?

    • AD

      A person can do any tough work if the kidney donation don’t affect his/her physical fitness.Here Sandhya can do tough works bcoz her kidney donation did not affected her fitness.
      About 2nd point.Sooraj is not shown doing any tough work after kidney donation

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