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Diya Aur Baati Hum 24th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhabho coming to lawyer’s place. Lalima applies the thumb impression. The lawyer checks papers and says Lalima freed Sooraj from all relations, now no one can point to Sooraj. Bhabho hears this and says Lalima…. What did you do? Sooraj and Lalima turn to see Bhabho. The ladies ask about Bhabho. Meenakshi asks them to wait, Bhabho will bring her bahu. The lady asks what do you mean and sees Sandhya coming there. The lady says so you have come Sandhya, you took much time. Bhabho says my bindni is here and brings Lalima with her.

Bhabho says this is Rathi’s eldest bahu Lalima. The lady asks what is she saying, your bindni is Sandhya, who is this Lalima. She asks Sandhya to say something. Bhabho says Sandhya said whatever she had to say. Bhabho scolds Sandhya

and asks did she think she will stop her way by the divorce papers, she can’t bind her steps by law chains. She says relations are kept by heart. She says you forced Lalima bv scaring her of law. Lalima says no Bhabho… Bhabho asks Lalima to stop, don’t dare to think of getting away from Rathi family, else she will see her dead.

Bhabho brings the papers and asks Sandhya to fix it in frame in her room. She says you can’t change my decision. Sandhya cries. Bhabho says Lalima is eldest bahu of Rathi family from today. Sooraj asks Bhabho what is she doing infront of everyone. Bhabho asks him to understand, whats right and wrong for him. She says Sooraj and Lalima got married, but Sooraj forgot to keep this responsibility, so I took over Lalima’s responsibility. She says enough of this, now we will start mu dikhai ritual. She goes and gets a Lord’s idol. She gives it to Lalima as her mu dikhai. Sandhya recalls Bhabho once gave the idol to her as her blessings. Lalima takes the idol. Sandhya cries and looks on shocked.

Lokesh asks Lalima why did she apply thumb impression on papers. Mohit says she had to do, timing was wrong. Lalima is Devi, its coincidence to be seen by Meenakshi in market, such coincidence is seen just in movies, in real life, its seen when person plans this. Lalima asks what does he mean. Mohit says you are innocent, when a person plans and someone else tells the plan, it looks odd. You wanted Meenakshi to see you going with Sooraj, Meenakshi got Bhabho there, but Bhabho reached late there, you are very clever, Sooraj and Sandhya regard you devi, you got close to Bhabho by making Sandhya wrong in her eyes. Lalima says this is not true, I did not wish Bhabho to come there, ask Sooraj and Sandhya.

Mohit says this is your talent, you don’t let anyone know they are working for you. He asks her to come and see. She looks outside and sees a man. Lalima sees the man at the tea stall, whom she has hired to work in her plan to shower water on the fire.

Mohit asks did you identify the man, it’s the same man who helped you in Agnipariksha, he has made a video too, which is in my phone right now, I did not see Sooraj filling your maang, Lokesh said there is witness, 2-3 women, I did not see in video, it means Lokesh made a story, which I can prove wrong by showing this video. He says I feel I should show this video to family, and end your story. Lalima stops him and asks what do you want. Mohit smiles and says I expected this question from a smart person. He says your mu dikhai was done, give me much shagun that I get busy in shopping and forget to show this video.

Lalima cries seeing her and Sooraj’s pic. She says you went to take Sandhya when I was on hospital bed, you did not think about me, you don’t value me and recalls him. Lokesh says he made this fake story to unite her with Sooraj, and for her respect. She asks are we doing anything wrong. He says no, Sandhya Rathi is IPS officer, she has name and status, she can spend her life, I felt Sooraj will accept you, but no, your love and sacrifice did not affect him. Lalima says she wants Sooraj’s love, she does not want to become Devi, she wants to become Sooraj’s wife, she loves him, but after Sandhya came, he can’t see her love… She says its fine, one day Sandhya will be gone and then he will see my love for sure. She tears Sooraj and Sandhya’s pic and says I will celebrate coming Karwachauth with Sooraj ji…..

Sooraj promises Sandhya that she will celebrate Karwachauth as Bhabho’s bindni. She hugs him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Is lalimaa will separate sooraj and sandhya ??? i am getting tension abt present track

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