Diya Aur Baati Hum 24th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Diya Aur Baati Hum 24th October 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 24th October 2013 Written Update

epi starts with bhabho saying to bhabhasa yes surya have made a huge difference for the RP
she is bound to return back their favour
she thanks surya and says to sandy that she has given her jewellery at the right time

sandy says she didnt sacrifice it was her duty
bhabho says that she made a loss of 5.5 lakhs and she doesnt want to burden it on sandy
and gives her kamar bandh ( waist chain) {sandy is having a mobile looks like deepika’s mobile}

bhahbo says that she call sell this WC and make 3 sets and if money falls short seh will give
sandy denies the WC
but bhabhao says that if she makes rules she has to follow it

she had to compnesate for the loss for sandy its her duty
sandy again denies

bhabho says

that she has given now thay have to decide to take or throw it in HG

bhabhasa says their gesture was very much touchy
suraj says that he is proud that he couls save bhabho from the insult and says that now bhabho is upset when she cools down they will return the WC

they are to leave
chavi says why should they leave and after this incident she thought bhabho would tell them to stay back

suraj says not worry very soon they will get back
sandy says she is taking chavi’s mobile( iam a tube light) and will give teh info to police

meena says she will get a DIL just like sandy who sacrifices for kanha
vina discuss aangan drama
meena says that she thought bhabho will pacify
but she was still stubborn and says bhabho will never get them back to RM

sandy in police station she shows the pic of the girl in the mobile and the inspector says to get the copy printed and paste in every corner of the city

police inspector says he has 15 to 20 such complaints of FJ
suraj reads the list of the other people and they happen to be his custormer who have given him sweet orders

inspector thanks sandy for the info and assures that FL will be caught soon
dhaisa and bhabho purchase things for dussehra in HG
suraj says to sandy to study as she is left with 2 more days

dhaisa says bhabho has to buy new clothes for surya as thier 15 days is going to be completed tomorrow

break: sandy purposely bundles all the old closthes and says loudly( bhabho is watching) that she is going to put them in the sun

dhaisa is provoking bhabho
saying its nice that surya will get back toRM as its dussehra tomorrow

bhabho doesnt respond and leaves dhaisa smiles
sandy is studying in SSM and hears bhabho saying to emily to put the clothes in sun

she takes all the clothes and says loudly (bhabho is hearing) that the clothes have musty smell and she has to dry them

sandy loudly says she is putting the clothes in teh sun
in RM terrace bhabho and emily are doing the same

sandy asks emily how is she and didshe have lunch
what was made in today’s lunch( kd question)

sandy says she did a mistake in a dish by pouring more water( may be to get sympathy from bhabho)
bhabo leaves sandy too leaves

meena says that bhabho should buy clothes for kanha from AC shop
for dusehhra

the carpenter comes and says that he fixed the window glass( the one which broke last week)
and asks for the payment bhabho says to get it from the person who is sitting in the saree shop

precap: everyone are dressed for the festival suraj comes with teh multicolour towel and vests, sandy too in a saree , meena says why they have come in this condition

Update Credit to: ramasuresh78

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