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Diya Aur Baati Hum 24th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ved running to the cliff while recalling Mukeshwari’s words. Everyone try to find him and call out Ved. They all get shocked seeing Ved standing at the cliff’s end. Sandhya shouts Ved and runs to him. Bhabho shouts Sooraj…. Vikram asks Ved to stop. Ved jumps down. Sandhya shouts Ved…. And looks down. Ved falls in some bushes and hangs to the tree. He gets scared and shouts to Sandhya for help. He then falls down from that tree, and Sandhya catches him in nick of the time, while she is tied to the tree by a rope. The rope opens up. Sandhya and Ved start falling. Sooraj catches the rope and holds it tight, to save Ved and Sandhya. Bhabho shouts Sooraj….. Everyone hold the hope and pull Sandhya and Ved upwards. They save Sandhya and Ved.

Ved hugs Sooraj and

says sorry, mumma and you all saved me, you know what happened. He cries and tells them everything. He says I always ask mumma before doing anything, this time I did not tell you anything, I was wrong, I should have heard you, if you were not here today, I would have died. She says no, we are here, we won’t let anything happen to you. He says I m sorry, I understood there is no miracle and Dui Mukeshwari Devi. She says its fine, sometimes mistakes make you learn, mum and dad are first teachers, I will not let anything happen to you. He calls her best mumma. She hugs him and cries. Bhabho cries and thanks Lord.

Its morning, Emily cries recalling Purvi and Chandni’s words. Om comes and asks her not to worry, Maasa will come home, why did you stay awake, sleep for sometime. She slaps him. He gets shocked and asks what was this. She holds his hand and takes him to Purvi. Om gets shocked and says Purvi…. She got conscious….. Emily goes. Om goes after Emily and says listen to me, don’t get angry, I will explain you everything. She asks what will you explain, the secret has come out breaking that wall, such a big cheat and lie, what did I do to you, why did you do this with me, I was leaving in guilt that Purvi’s accident happened by my hands, but I did not do it, I trusted you, all that trust shattered. He says I understand your state. He says you lied to me at every step, you don’t have any heart, you and Maasa made joke of relations, you told me I snatched Sparsh’s mum, I did everything to give mother’s love to Sparsh, but you snatched everything from me, I did not know this marriage was a cheat. You made joke or Purvi’s life. She scolds him.

Everyone come home. Ved says I feel glad coming back my home. Arzoo asks Meenakshi to come. Vikram says I know she won’t come easily. Bhabho says she won’t change. Vikram holds ears and says sorry, I will sit upset if you go anywhere. Meenakshi says nothing will happen by saying this, do something different to bring Laxmi ji in home. Sooraj says she is right, Vikram you welcome your Laxmi. Vikram lifts Meenakshi and takes her. Bhabho says I can’t see all this, is this over now, Meenakshi would be happy. Meenakshi asks about Babasa, where is he. Bhabho says I know he loves me, and is worried for me. Arzoo says you both have such love even after many years, Babasa went out to give you surprise. Meenakshi asks will he get necklace. Vikram says Babasa proved he is our father, he went to get surprise. Arzoo says even I have a small and cute surprise for you all. Chotu signs her. They all ask where is the surprise.

Misri comes there and everyone get glad. Misri hugs all of them. Meenakshi asks how did you come from hostel. Misri says I have a surprise for you all. Golu says I forgot about annual day function, I did not prepare, I participated in dance. Meenakshi goes to Golu and says I will make you prepare, come. Misri gets sad. Sandhya checks the certificate and tells Sooraj that Misri won this crown and title of Miss L M school. They all try to cheer her up. Misri is sad. Sooraj asks where did her sweet smile go. Vikram asks what happened. Misri says nothing. Sandhya says you came here and left smile behind. Ved asks her to smile. Misri smiles. Sandhya and Sooraj find her sad.

Emily asks Purvi to come with her to Pushkar, Sandhya will help you. Purvi thinks I wanted to meet Sandhya, this Emily made my way easier.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. All the riddles and suspenses were solved except how Ved walked on water and the name of antidote for argyria.

  2. Now don’t know what track will start :3


  3. is binny really a gud person becoz she slapped rishab….can someone tell me

  4. Ved Is Save

  5. Purvi seems negative character

  6. Very very super episode. Sandhya and Suraj part was awesome. Today episode was very very interesting. Compared to other serial DABH always best.

  7. Hmmmmm….the track ended……now we will be seeing sandhya pregnant again?????

    1. Shut up bakwas talking

  8. Good track.misri is back.loved her in ashok samrat.eagerly waiting for upcoming tracks

  9. One mission after another! Upcoming track is Mission pregnancy !!! What about vadansh? And why purvi wants to meet sandya!!?

  10. Awesome Episode.
    Mysterious Precap.
    Awaiting upcoming episodes.
    Why Misri sad.
    SANDHYA saving VED scene was simply superb.
    DABH is always the best.

    1. What Purvi meant by thinking EMILY made her way to meet SANDHYA easier.
      Does she have any hidden evil motives?

    2. mishri is sad because , meenakshi went to golu even without seeing her certificate

  11. First 10 mins was awesome..loved the episode…keep doing well guyz..:-)

  12. @hema.thanks??

  13. I think binny knows about his doing n thank god ved is save

  14. Awesome closing… Only one thing not clear, How Ved walked on water? Am I missed any thing about this??

    1. And also what happens to the snake?

    2. Dear!! @ ad explained it really well in some previous updates .
      According to him it might be b some glass surface under the water controlled by remote or any other device!! But the directer should have made sandya reveal that too!

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