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Diya Aur Baati Hum 24th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gul saying I heard Mahabharat is big part of your religion, I read it and got a way, Kauravas made Lakshagrah to kill Pandavas. This town hall security was your responsibility, till your sight is reaching, everything is made up of laak. Sandhya gets shocked and tensed. Sandhya looks at the place and people attending the function. Gul reminds the laak she seized. She recalls…. Gul says this lakshagrah is made of that laak. She recalls how she released laak after the protests. Gul says Basu got to know about this laak used to built this place, and he died, don’t use mind now, look infront. The man says now Sandhya’s husband Sooraj Rathi will be giving the 21st salute to Sandhya. Everyone clap. Sooraj goes on the stage. The Rathi family smiles and claps happily. Sooraj

smiles seeing Sandhya, while she is super tensed.

Sooraj salutes Sandhya and smiles. The Arjun warrior statue’s arrow gets a spark. The warrior shoots the arrow on the stage. Arzoo comes there and sees this. Sandhya gets shocked seeing the fire arrow igniting the stage on fire. The people get shocked and panic. Ved cries and shouts Papa, mumma…. Sooraj tells Sandhya that he will take Ved, Bhabho, Babasa and others towards gate. Sandhya sees Arzoo there and thinks my doubt was right, Arzoo is with Gul, she has ignited fire in Gul’s lakshagrah, no Indian will believe any Pakistani from today.

Gul sees the live video and laughs along his men. He shouts Lakshagrah. He says its benefit to read history, I will see how Sandhya saves them from this fire, all exit doors are shut. Sandhya tries to free the people. Sandhya says all doors are shut. Arzoo hides and looks on. Gul says now there is no way to run Sandhya, do anything you can. Gul’s men also hide and see this happening. Sandhya asks inspector to take everyone to hall, she will see what to do. Sooraj takes Bhabho and Ved, while Chotu and Vikram take Meenakshi and Babasa with them.

Gul lauhs seeing Sandhya running to save people. Inspector says all fire extinguishers are not working. She checks and says even water supply is stopped, all this is made of laak and fire is spreading so much, we have to make water reach here, take care of kids and elders, we have just 5 mins, I will try to reach tanker. Arzoo looks on. Gul asks his men to inform his men present at the place to stop Sandhya. Gul’s men fire at Sandhya and she too shoots back. Arzoo looks on.

Bhabho asks Sooraj from where is this bullets sound coming. She worries. Vikram says its terrorist attack. Meenakshi cries and says where did we get stuck. Sooraj tries best to manage them. Sandhya shoots down the man. Police force shoots the men. Sandhya talks to inspector and says I m fine, maintain peace and secure people.

Commissioner, minister and others try to avoid fire. Sandhya gets alert of fire rounds and carefully goes upstairs. Arzoo follows her. Sandhya goes on terrace and sees the water tanker. She runs towards the tanker. Arzoo comes on the terrace and sees Sandhya. Gul sees the video and is happy. Arzoo stops Sandhya….. Sandhya gets shocked seeing her. She slaps Arzoo hard on her face.

Arzoo defends and Sandhya holds her angrily, pushing her away. Arzoo falls. Sandhya runs to release water from the tanker. Arzoo runs after her and holds Sandhya’s leg to stop her from running on the staircase. Everyone is still dealing with the fire. Sandhya kicks Arzoo. Arzoo gets Sandhya down by a big throw. She holds Sandhya by her collar. Sandhya pushes her away and runs again. Arzoo faints.

Sandhya reaches to the water tanker and checks the water pipe. She thinks its shut from this point, and tries to open the water flow. Arzoo gets conscious…. And holds her head. Arzoo looks around and sees Sandhya trying to open the water pipe tap. Arzoo looks for some weapon. She finds an axe kept and picks it. She reaches Sandhya and looks on. Arzoo proceeds to Sandhya…… Sandhya who is still trying her best to open the tap, turns and sees Arzoo with the axe…..

Sandhya shoots Arzoo….. Arzoo sees her blood in her hands…. And falls down. Sandhya looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. why did Aarzoo cry? What a stupid attempt of Sandya to reach the gate valve supplying water from an unreachable height?

  2. Action Adventure Episode. Interesting. Eagerly awaiting for upcoming episodes.
    Superb precap. SANDHYA Rockzzzz…..

    Good Episode. Enough entertainment.

    I think SANDHYA will be depromoted again to SP rank as GUL worked out his plan in front of SANDHYA’s eyes.Then she goes under frustration. She will be angry on GUL & will be eager to kill him.She will show her full anger as well as her love for her nation by giving a filmy action packed brutal death to GUL & his men.
    Then it will be rocking…….
    We want such a climax for this track. Arzoo should turn good as she is RATHI bahu.

    1. SANDHYA’s action scene (fight) with ARZOO was simple & good.
      But I want a movie making power packed action scene of SANDHYA with GUL in the climax of this track.
      End this track sooooooon……..

  3. Why Sandhya stood still for such along time? She listened to Gul wasting precious time. She should have immediately sprung into action. She is solely responsible for the fire as he did not go deep into the matter and she did not ponder.

  4. Arzoo is from pakistani anti terrorist squad

  5. Oh!No Arzoo’s is a good girl. I still believe her.

  6. Amazing yaar! Sandya u rocked today!! Arzoo ‘ as you sow , so shall you reap’
    Rathis didn’t spare mohit so what thing are you! Stupid girraff ?

  7. I dont think arzoo will die but she will lead sandhya to gul n his men

  8. Arzoo should not be as terrorist. When Shandhay was in Pakistan…she called as an unknown and alerted her once..and now all on a sudden she became a terrorist?

  9. Arzoo is terrorist stupid

    1. No she is good only. And dont use any bad / unwanted words in the chat

  10. There must b petrol in water tank….so arzoo must be stopping sandhya

    1. Me to have the same doubt. Already bhaboo have fear so this will be a medicine for her

  11. Why the whole Police department went for Holi event ? This makes the Police looks so stupid.
    Writers you need to do a better job to make the episode more convincing.
    All Sandya had to do is call the Fire department . Or did they close for the day as well.
    This whole terrorist plot is done under the nose of the police and they have no clue.
    That Arzoo is with Terrorist group her acting is so bad. she does not move fast enough.
    She is too busy thinking what should i do next. Whether she is good or bad makes no difference the whole episode is written by a 10 yr old person.
    No thought or intelligence put into it.
    Star-Plus you should give production ultimatum to improve story or end the serial. wasting public time and money. Most of your serials are not worth watching anymore. Giving the service provider our input of getting rid of the channel.

  12. Arzoo gud r bad?sandhya won’t shoot her but another…end this pakistani track soon its enlarging day by day like elastic though it has limit but this track has no limits in dragging……..

  13. Full action episode…….sandhya and Arzoo fight scenes are good…
    Thanks amena for the update..

  14. Actually i have a doubt……why should police function not postponed…….
    its really out of reality….
    sandhya knows that Holi day was a threaten day by Gul Mohummad…….that to sandhya got clues that Arzoo is in india, Mr.Basu missing, swami also missing, and that Town hall maintance bill(its clear showed written laak in bill) did sandhya got blindness about these things…….why should she postponed or changed the function hall

    Day by day writers gone mad of making audience fools….

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