Diya Aur Baati Hum 24th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 24th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with pujari saying it will be decided after 15 days whose Prasad deserves to become Lord’s Prasad. Sandhya and Bhabho go home. Babasa asks what are you saying, she is our enemy, what are you saying, she wants to ruin Sooraj’s shop by joining enemy, maybe someone diverted her, I will explain her. Bhabho says no, what will you explain now, our blood cheated us. Chavi comes there with her bag. Meenakshi asks Bhabho to see, Chavi is going somewhere. Bhabho says go anywhere, Lord should not give such daughter to enemy, she ashamed me infront of Sandhya. Chavi says I m leaving this house forever, I did not have place in this house, the bahus took my place. Sandhya stops Chavi.

Meenakshi thinks today Sandhya will not leave Chavi, Chavi scolded Vikram. Chavi asks Sandhya

to say what she wants, next time she won’t get chance. Sandhya asks her not to go anywhere, its your house. Chavi says you will stop me and then ask me to be according to you. Sandhya says no, you can do anything you want, no one will stop you, but this house’s daughter will not leave, no one will snatch your right, I came to say thanks, you showed me a ray of hope and path, now I know where to go, thanks, go back to your room. Chavi cries. Sandhya asks her to go. Chavi goes to her room. Bhabho asks Sandhya what are you doing, you know Chavi did wrong, you never support wrong. Sandhya says its not me, I m doing what Sooraj would have done, would Sooraj allow his sister to leave, I asked this question to myself, this is not me.

Its morning, Sandhya gets ready and tells Sooraj that she is going to do what he is doing since many years, maybe I can’t become like you, but I realized the work you did easily, it needs big heart and courage, I have courage in your support, I took a decision today. Sooraj is sleeping. She says I would have not taken such decision even in my dreams. She cries and says stand with me being my strength, if I stumble, manage me. She leaves.

Bhabho and Sandhya pray. Sandhya says I m going to implement the decision I took, bless me, that I don’t stumble on this path. Bhabho says my blessing is always with you, but think again, what you are going to do, is this right. Sandhya says yes, I can’t move back now, I don’t have any doubt in my heart, I have belief that I m doing this with good intention, everything will be fine. Bhabho gives her Prasad. Sandhya goes.

Sandhya sees the sweet shop. She looks at her house, and goes back. She holds Bhabho’s hand and asks her to come, I can’t go alone, I need you. Bhabho says yes, I will come with you, think once again, is this necessary, is there no other way. Sandhya says I know is there other way or not, just this way is infront of me, I decided to walk on it, come with me. Bhabho says I m with your belief, tell me where to come. They leave.

Bhabho finds Sandhya sad and nervous. She holds her hand and cries. They reach the police station/headquarters. Everyone salute Sandhya. They meet the commissioner. He asks them to sit, you said its imp work, whats the matter. Sandhya says I want to resign from my post, I m quitting my job.

Commissioner asks what, are you in your senses. Sandhya says yes, I m in my total senses and thought well. He asks what are you saying, I know you are going through tension, when I came to know about Sooraj, I kept your office timings so that you can give time to your family. She says I know, I feel lucky to get senior officer like you, I respect you a lot, but seeing the situation, I took this decision. He asks is this because you are not able to give time to family, I will approve a long holiday for you, you can join when everything gets fine.

She says I can’t see this responsible post vacant for much time, I want department to appoint a qualified officer in my place. He asks did family pressurize her. She says no, they have always supported me. Bhabho looks at her. Sandhya says Bhabho asked me to think again, but I know what I have to do, I took the decision. He says I don’t know the reason for this. She says when I went on mission Mahabali, I did not tell my family why I m doing this, now when I m doing this, the need is something else, I can’t answer your questions more. She gets teary eyed. He says department needs a qualified and brave officer like you.

She says department has many qualified officers to manage this post, you can get anyone, but where I m needed, there is no one to manage that place, this is my last decision. Her hands shake as she removes her cap.

Bhabho says I want to say something, seeing your big sacrifice, I feel like I have another Sooraj in my family.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. today episode touch my heart..**

  2. So Emotional Episode.Can’t stop tears.
    SANDHYA is really great
    Salute you SANDHYA RATHI ji
    You always did all your duties with full honesty.Being a Police officer as well as being a good wife,bahu,mother,…
    Now you are proving you are the “BEST WIFE”
    As Bhabho said you are another SOORAJ of RATHI family.

  3. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    oh my god very emotional episode realy sandya salute for you what a sacrifice really u r not daughter in law u r the daughter of rathi family hatsoff sandhya.

  4. Well done sandhya i hope u bring back the sweet shop

  5. Omg.. till yesterday i jus like the serial. But today i really fell in love with dis serial. Hatsoff to the writer for showing all kinds of emotions,how to respect our loved ones n all. I Really dont want to dis serial to go off air. Sandhya n bhabho acting made me cry . No one can replace their acting in this serial. They both are perfect. Pls dont end dis serial.

  6. Long leave was good. Resign? Hoe many girls can get to even dream to IPS officer.

  7. To make her ips officer was her father’s as well as Surjajs dream, she could have taken a long leave…just unbelievable that anyone can resign after reaching to this level, and finally Suraj is going to become alright ,how much guilty he would feel

  8. Why resign..? She san take leave..even at mission mahabali time she is not there but still pushkar is safe…uffff…
    Hope may be sooraj get fine and sandhya back to his work. I want sandhya as ips officer not as halwai

  9. Richa


    1. NS4

      Yeah u r right. ..y sandhya to resign. ..she can take long leave. ….I too think the same. ..maybe chotu will come. …

      1. Yes chotu is trained in the shop’s matter! And above all , he’s jobless till now ! So he’s the perfect condidate??

  10. Richa

    ramii bhaiii varshu anu wat say about the current trak miss u
    ad hy so wat u think willl someone take advantage of sandy’s resignation?? can chotu stop sandy and enter on tym??
    kittu wat u think will happen??
    @@@ all u can give your answer tooooo your veiws i would like to hear just that i knew those names

    1. Hi richa ! I’m sad and heart broken? Is this tha fate of a girl to sit near the stove and cooker ???? No matter how educated or talented she is ? ! She can take long leave after all she never took break from her job for personall reasons. She’s wasting her true talent , she won’t b able to run the confectionary business ??


    Nice episode no words to say
    Love u SOOSAN

  12. Really proud of u sandhya, need guts to do so.

  13. Really hats off to sandhya. Need guts to do so.

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