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Diya Aur Baati Hum 24th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Avinash telling Sooraj that he has got his family and a friend too. He hugs Sooraj. Ratan thanks Sooraj for boosting his confidence. Prem says he has got double happiness and tells them that his marriage is fixed. He blushes and they tease him. They all hug him. Prem invites all of them in his marriage. Aditi comes and asks will he not invite her. Prem invites her and she says she will come even if he does not invite her. She says she is proud of them, the Rajputana club is shown by their names, they proved they are true champions and wishes them all the best. Prem says lets have a selfie. They take a selfie together.

Sooraj, Sandhya, Bhabho, Babasa and kids are on the way walking. Ved talks to Sooraj and asks about Vedansh. Sooraj says it will be made for sure.

Sandhya walks ahead alone recalling Bharat’s words. A car plays horn and was about to hit her. She falls down on the side and everyone get shocked seeing her. Sooraj runs to her and sees Sandhya hurt. Bhabho asks is she much hurt. Sandhya says he is fine. Ved says Zakir said that brave soldiers die grand way for the country.

She thinks and Sooraj takes her. Sandhya is treated at hospital. The doctor says she will be fine, its light wound. She sees all her duties and roles, and every duty would have left behind if she died, no one can guarantee life. She thinks will she die anyway or die for the country, to make her family proud on her. She recalls Ved’s words. She decides to take up the mission and all her roles of her wife, bahu and mum give her nod. Bhabho and Sooraj come with everyone. Sandhya says she is fine. Sooraj says lets go home. Sandhya says she hs imp work, she will do it and come.

Bhabho asks her what work, she is saved from a big accident. Sandhya says she got lesson that life has no guarantee, so all work should be done in time. She leaves. Emily comes to meet Zakir, to do the makeup. Mohit sees her and thinks why is she going in this infamous bad named small hotel. He argues with a man and goes after her. Emily goes to room. Mohit says where did she go and why did she come here. Emily does makeup to the police officer. Zakir says he can leave for raid now and thanks her. She says its fine. Zakir sees tv show in which a man is lost in woman’s eyes. He says is person mad in love that he does not realize dreams and reality. She says love is magical and says more on it. She says he will realize when he is in love. Zakir says no chance as of now. She says her work is done, she will go. He says he will drop her.

Mohit looks for her and hides seeing her. He gets angry seeing Emily with Zakir and says so she was here with Zakir, she has to answer infront of everyone now. Sooraj comes back to Hanuman Gali and everyone give him a warm welcome. Bhabho does his tilak and aarti. Meenakshi says everyone was saying Sooraj is going nuts to go for kabaddi, see what he did, he has won and see this trophy. She says where is Daisa. The ladies praise Sandhya and Sooraj.

Bhabho taunts Meenakshi for getting shop on her name. Meenakshi asks her to forget all this. Bhabho says she has to give a good news to them, she was waiting for Sooraj to come, where is Emily and Mohit. Chavi says Emily went for parlor work and Mohit went out somewhere. Bhabho says she has seen a good guy and wants to get Chavi remarried. Meenakshi asks her to tell about the guy. Babasa asks who is he. Bhabho says you all know him, Chavi has chosen Zakir. They all get shocked. Chavi smiles.

Sandhya talks to Bharat on videocall and says sorry, I took time to decide, but she will go for mission, he was right, its her duty to serve country. She requests him to send her name to ministry. He says he has already given her name, he knew she will not move back from her duty, she will come back, but not so soon. He says prepare to leave for the mission. She asks what. He asks her to spend time with family and do her responsibilities, don’t know she can meet her family again or not, she has 10days time, so live all moments by heart. She says yes Sir. She sees Satyamev Jayate board and salutes.

Sandhya asks Sooraj to fill her Maang daily. He says fine and asks is everything okay. He fills her maang and she smiles seeing him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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