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Diya Aur Baati Hum 24th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the man giving a kulfi and a letter to Vansh. He asks Vansh not to tell anyone that he gave this letter to him. Maasa says we should say truth to Vansh. Bhabho says yes. Maasa says Vansh should know his parents’ sacrifice. Vansh reads letter from someone, where a man writes to Vansh that I m your real Papa, I can’t tell this to you, I will meet your real mum first, I don’t know where is she, I will find her and tell her truth. Vansh gets shocked and kulfi vendor goes, saying Vansh will come after me to know truth.

Vansh runs to that man. The man smiles and asks him to come. Vansh hugs him. He asks are you my father. The man says yes, I made you away from me, as I m very poor, I did not have any option, if possible, forgive me, I m very helpless, I can’t

call you my son and I could not give you a good life. Vansh says I m not angry on you, atleast I got to know you are my real papa and love me, who is my real mum. The man says she is in hospital, she is ill, she will die if I don’t give her operation charges, I want to save her, I don’t want to lose her, forgive me, I beg you, save your mum’s life. Vansh says don’t worry, I will arrange money, my Sandhya Bua is good and she will help. The man says no, don’t do this mistake, Sandhya will tell your fake parents then I can’t meet you. He gives his phone number and says no one should know we met, call me after arranging money, then I will take you to your mum, will you arrange 1 lakh for your mum. Vansh hugs him. The man smiles.

Sooraj comes to Bhabho, and says Sandhya will come home soon. Bhabho says ask her to have food on time. Vansh comes home and thinks to arrange money, I can’t ask anyone, how will I get money. Sooraj gives 1.25 lakhs to Bhabho, shop’s earnings and asks her to keep this in locker. Bhabho says I lost cupboard keys in bank locker robbery, I will keep this in your cupboard. Maasa asks her to be careful, people are robbing at homes, they don’t have good values. Vansh hears them and thinks stealing is bad, what shall I do. Sooraj says all parents give good values, helplessness makes person do robbery, if anyone snatches roti, we don’t call him thief, we call him hungry. Vansh thinks Sooraj is right, my real parents are very poor and helpless, they want money.

Bhabho keeps the money in Sooraj’s cupboard. Vansh looks on. Meenakshi asks Misri not to feel bad of Vikram’s words. Misri says its fine. Meenakshi says I know you will feel bounded, its all because of Bhabho. Misri says I did not feel bad of anything. Meenakshi says I know, you love Vikram a lot, but you will feel you should get freedom like your friends, but what shall I do, Vikram does not listen. Misri says comparing is not good, I know Vikram loves me and wants to secure me. Meenakshi says you got mature, but Vikram does not want difference between protection and bounding, I want you to do everything and fulfill my dreams.

Vansh gets inside Sooraj’s room and sees Sandhya’s pic. He thinks Bua is big police officer and I m going to steal in my own house,

Vansh manages to open the cupboard and recalls Maasa’s words. He says Sandhya Bua always taught me that stealing is bad, I can’t steal. He recalls that man’s words and gets in dilemma. He thinks if doing wrong for good cause, then its not wrong, I m doing this to save my mum. Meenakshi asks Bhabho does she remember what was in locker. Bhabho asks do you doubt on my memory. Meenakshi says sit and think, you got old, have these badams and your mind will work. Bhabho says you can’t change, I did not get old, I remember. Meenakshi thinks to record it, as Bhabho can forget. She asks Bhabho to speak, and she will record.

Bhabho tells about jewelry, Ved’s ring and…. Meenakshi asks what happened, was there any imp thing. Bhabho says locker had Sandhya’s letter for Vansh. FB shows Sandhya writing letter for Vansh before giving him to Ankur and Ankita. She says Vansh may get that letter and worries.

Vansh takes the money and says I will call my Papa now. He checks the man’s note and gets another note. Bhabho rushes to Sooraj at his shop, and tells him that big thing happened, Sandhya wrote a letter for Vansh, I kept that in locker with jewelry, when robbers were taking jewelry, I think that letter fell, I m worried thinking Vansh may have got that letter. Sooraj gets shocked.

Sooraj asks Ved about Vansh. Ved says I have seen him going to your room. Bhabho and Sooraj go upstairs and get shocked seeing something.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. It seems Vansh has discovered his parents. All is well that ends well.

  2. Good Episode
    But why there is not even a single scene of SANDHYA for the last 2 days.SOORAJ also have very less scenes.
    Suspense Precap.
    Hope VANSH will know his real parents and don’t get trapped in that evil man’s trap.
    Eagerly awaiting for upcoming episodes

  3. Very nice episode Vansh part was good soon Vansh will find his real parents. Today episode was very interesting to watch

  4. Richa

    holaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa m bak
    welll allllllllawarenwss bringing trackk going on it cud be more precisely and nicely executed and 1 ques diddd that vansh’s fake parent i mean is he the same guy who abducted kanak and kept ker on knife point???
    actually m on updates and read half smtymes
    m sad as cant watch last of ma fav shw as hostelll no tv 🙁

  5. Sandhya took leave for 5 day’s because of brother in laws marriage.

  6. Riyaa


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