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Diya Aur Baati Hum 24th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yashoda saying that her son Shekhar does the play, he makes costumes, Garjana makes him do this, everyone come to see it. Sandhya asks does everyone come. Yashoda says yes, you also come along, you will like it, you have just bear Manjari’s tortures, you will get to see something new. Sandhya recalls Bharat’s words to meet Chandu, and thinks she can get him today. She says maybe Manjari won’t allow me to come. Yashoda says I will see her, and go to buy come clothes with Shekhar. Sandhya says you are really good. Yashoda leaves. Sandhya says Chandu will be infront of me today, the mastermind of Garjana Sanghatan.

Mohit says he has to do good marketing. Babasa says he made Emily sit at home. Mohit says many can do that work, I was thinking to do marketing well.

He asks Bhabho for few lakhs rupees. He asks shall we break the FD we did for Sooraj’s hotel. Bhabho says you said this today, don’t repeat it, else you will pay for it. Mohit says you got annoyed, Sooraj won’t use the money, I m asking money for parlor. She says Sooraj has earned that money by his hardwork, you also work hard and then buy anything. She says don’t see Sooraj’s money. Meenakshi asks Vikram how does he like this plan. He asks did she get mad, if she sees Sandhya’s pension money, Bhabho will kick them out.

Meenakshi says I m not doing this for myself. She says she can’t see Sooraj like this, if they get money, they will also get benefit. He says you don’t know how Bhabho will punish, I will not come in your talk. She says you will lose lakhs if you follow Bhabho, Sandhya died and she will be happy if her family uses the money, I feel she told me to take money and I will do this without letting Bhabho know.

He asks are you sure, will Bhabho not know. She says yes, just you agree. He says fine, if you say. She praises him. The Garjana Sanghatan does the play. Sandhya comes there. Sajni says she will make her meet her husband. Manjari keeps an eye on Sandhya. Sandhya thinks who can be Chandu. Sandhya stops a boy and says Himanshu used to tell about Chandu, can you say who is he. He says yes, I know, shall I call him. He calls Chandu and a man turns. Sandhya thinks so its him, Chandu, the mastermind. The man and the boy address each other as Chandu. Every man and kid name each other Chandu. Sandhya gets shocked and sees around. Sajni says don’t worry, this happened with me too when I was newly married and came here. She says everyone call each other Chandu, as people call Dada/brother. Sandhya thinks who is the Garjana’s Chandu.

She thinks its tough to reach Chandra, everyone is saving him. The play starts and kids pledge to become Garjana member and fight with enemies. Everyone clap. The boy says our enemy…. And they all aim arrows at Sandhya. She thinks how did they know I m police officer.

They bring a police officer dummy in between and she gets relieved. The kids say that police officer is infront of us, and hit the dummy. Everyone claps. Sandhya looks on shocked. Sajni says about Garjana, they are their Lord, their protectors, else police would have ruined them. Sandhya thinks they hate police and regard Garjana a Lord, who are they, and where is this Chandu. Chandu/Shekhar comes there and plays the dhol. He sings Aye meri zohra jabeen……. Sandhya looks at him. Yashoda tells Sandhya that this is my son Shekhar. Sajni says he is hero of our village. Sandhya thinks is this Shekhar the real Chandu? No, he can’t be, as he manages play and can’t be a mastermind. Chandu thinks Sagarika won’t know about us, even my family does not now my truth, so what will she think. Sandhya thinks to bring Chandu’s truth out.

Meenakshi and Vikram plan to take Sooraj’s sign, and close Bhabho’s room door, seeing her sleeping.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. i hope yasoda mausi g dosnt turn against sandy after knowing d truth nd get bak to normal life with a new reformed shekhar …………….

  2. alll cahndu’s in d village haha funny as well as cunning this shows how cunning garjana is……. nd sandy shud marry chandu (fake marrig) to teach all splyy bhabho a lesson ……….. nd lalima shud turn evil ? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?

    1. Sry stop this thinking..don’t want this track(fake also)

      1. Richa (titli)

        M sory if it offended u @ ns4 bt as a matr of fact it cant hapn as in police eyes chandu is a vilan (criminal) and he wil b arrestd aftr mission and sandy wud nvr do dat nt evn in dream nd she ws very reluctant to do fake marig wth himanshu too so dont b agry 😉

  3. itzzzz getting interesting day by day…………. 🙂 😆

    1. Yeah very interesting track…???????

  4. there was a scene in the precap were sandhya was beaten up and locked in a room were she sees sooraj in the mirror???? did they show d scene?? if not were did it dissapear???????????????? ?????

    1. That scene is sandhya dream. In dream she sees sooraj smiles and she think you smile is my strength.

  5. Guys spoiler release the news abt sooraj and sandhya read it……….

  6. Richa (titli)

    Oh ok igot it anu thnx fr info bt was it shown?

    1. I am getting tension abt sooraj. Bhaboo is thinking another way… Bhaboo don’t do like that that is injustice..for ved.

  7. More 50 mins left to see today episode…..

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