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Diya Aur Baati Hum 24th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Balkishan insulting the Rathi family and calling them a thief. He says I will come back to take my shop, I will not leave anyone, I will go to court and drag you all there. He leaves. Everyone is shocked. Bhabho cries and faints. Sooraj and Babasa hold her. Sooraj makes her sit. Bhabho says what did he tell us. Babasa gives her water. Bhabho says no, how can he tell us he will drag us to court. Sooraj says don’t worry. Babasa says shop won’t go anywhere. Taisa says don’t worry, everything will be fine. Vikram says I remember we gave Rs 2 lakhs to him.

Sandhya asks Bhabho about the papers. Bhabho gets worried and looks at Babasa. Sandhya says we can show him and prove him wrong. Taisa says Sandhya is right, even I went there, I signed as witness. The people

say we remember everything and are with you. Bhabho says the papers burnt in the fire at our home some years ago. Everyone is shocked. She says your Babasa was not well and Sooraj was also young, I did not make papers again. It is my mistake. Taisa says her shop can go by this, I m worried. Mohit asks will our shop go. Sandhya says no, there will be copy of those papers in registry office, we will get it from there.

Bhabho asks can this happen, yes we will get a copy, Lord can’t do this with us, lets go now itself. All of them go together. Balkishan calls Kavita and says you should have been happy seeing this, I m ruined their respect. Kavita says great, now see we will get benefit by this. Meenakshi talks to Vikram as she comes. He tells her about Sooraj’s shop which is closing. She says then all expenses come on us. Msiri comes and Meenakshi wants to take her. Vikram notices this. Misir’s mum leaves her there and asks Vikram when is new stock coming. She says you keep sale, I want to buy new sarees.

Vikram says new designs will come. Meenakshi goes to Misri and kisses her. She plays with her and takes the phone from her hand. She sees the pics and says she is looking so beautiful. Misri’s mum takes the phone.

Meenakshi asks where did Misri go, in any marriage. She says no, just to take pics, she likes to get well dressed. Vikram says Misri is so fair and does not match with her mum, I can think wrong, as our son is also dark, not went on you. Meenakshi gets tensed and says Misri is like her mum, she is very beautiful. She says see how she took the mobile. He says what were you doing, be at the shop now. Meenakshi thinks that something is fishy. Sandhya and everyone come to the registry office and try to get the shop papers copy.

The man reads the details and says application is right, but its 15years old, so its tough to find those papers. Sooraj says yes, you are right but its easy for you. The man says we did not have computer that time, and made files. He says we don’t have files now, we can’t say anything. He asks his clerk to bring tea for him. Sooraj says if you allow us, we will try to find it. The man says go there, check the old records. Sooraj and Sandhya start finding it. They don’t get it and are sad.

Meenakshi is busy at home, selling papers. She talks about Taisa. He says they have more junk than you. She says why did she get so many sweet boxes. Emily also comes and sells some junk. Meenakshi does small cheap tricks with Emily like taking her money Rs 50 too calling herself the owner. Emily sends a letter to her scaring her again. She asks her to come somewhere and put Rs 500. Sooraj and Sandhya come to Bhabho and Babasa and tell them they did not get the papers. Bhabho gets sad and says what will happen now.

She says how will we prove this shop is ours. Sandhya says we will find some way. They go home. They talk to everyone near the shop. Sooraj says the lawyer will meet us at 1pm, we want you all to come and favor us.Taisa says we all will come, whats there to do a favor. Taisa asks Bhabho not to worry as everything will be fine. Vikram comes to Meenakshi in anger and says I know everything now, its sins pot is broken now. She gets tensed.

Meenakshi says she did a big mistake. Vikram breaks down. She says what I did is for you. Both of them cry. He says come with me, I will tell his to Bhabho now.

Update Credit to: Amena

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